North Korea summit's impact beyond nuclear weapons

Bishop Garrison, the interim executive director of the Truman Project, says North Korea could do damage without nuclear capabilities.
5:05 | 02/28/19

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Transcript for North Korea summit's impact beyond nuclear weapons
Hey Aaron well you know and they lead up to this is summit we were talking a lot about the cessation. Of nuclear and missile testing by North Korea but the threat of course. Still looms large for the United States I'm joined now by bishop garrison he's the interim executive director at the Truman national security project. Worked. Formerly in the Obama administration the Defense Department and the department of Alan security also a former army officer in Iraq War veteran. And and national security analyst Greg bishop great to have you with us want to get your take on the threat how serious the threat is North Korea's steel right now. And does it extend beyond just nuclear weapons. Thank you for having me absolutely extends beyond nuclear weapons and that's something that. We need to make shares the American people understand this wall denuclearization. Continues to be. A number one priority within. With North Korea. They have the ability with conventional weapons with conventional munitions. To actually reach South Korean do you a great deal of damage in a very short amount of time should any connect and kinetic activity actually take place. So while we're focusing on this and is important to focus on their nuclear capabilities we need to continue to maintain the ideas they can do damage on. And chemical biological weapons yeah well part of that stockpile. Bishop garrison here executive director at the Truman national security project and bishop. To give us a sense of would Wear the allies how the allies are viewing this we haven't heard a lot about Japan South Korea China. They don't have a seat at the table at the summit. Yeah and that's a part of the problem in China with as always gonna have some type of interest within the region especially whenever you talk about North Korean they'd. Been someone that we've I'll leaned on to be a rational actor with in the space we have our own issues which are and are now. As you see with wobbly with a continued on their agency was happening products the electronics giant and I the issues that we've seen with DOJ press charges against them. When we talk about the terrorists and potential trade war that we continue to have with them and we talk body type of eyed peas cyber issues we have with him over the years. But at the same time we have relied on him and continue to rely on them to ensure that North Korea remains a rational actor with in this space so it's important to ensure that we keep lines of communication. Opened with them as we're going through this in terms to pay as you mentioned to they have a vested interest and see what happens with the actual people outcomes are. Our bodies bilateral talks of the the president and John Boehner entry into North Korea was shooting. Missiles over Japan out action panel monitors there but is there angst right now by the Japanese that they don't have the seat in these negotiations they are not. You know they're not helping to it to solve this problem. Yeah absolutely and I and I can tell you you're gonna have you know many more that are well versed in exact experts in North Korea and India. Specific and I am both from what I've read from what I see from what I hear. There absolutely would naturally be any yanks if you are having these major discussions that are going to affect everything from your military stance here economy. Within that area and you don't have to see the tables automatically going to give you some type of concern within that space and in another country it just quickly that we need to continue to remember here. Is South Korea and how they feel about all of this yes they are part of these talks have been. Apart this Africa and they do have a vested interest in C potentially indeed nuclear I may even unify Korea bullet. Where where are they in these talks him what are art changeable goals and. All of this is country. And bishop garrison executive director at the Truman national security project here with us obviously. In giving your military experience bishop you can speak to what what the troops are feeling 28000 troops. On the Korean Peninsula right now hot what are they thinking as they watch their commander in chief. Head into these negotiations in just eight months ago suspended those military exercises that have been so vital for security in the region aren't. Does that make them nervous. Well absolutely and it because it the question becomes what else are we willing to give up in this anti get what goals what he doable outcomes are we still trying to achieve. It affects readiness and affects more morale it affects our ability for force projection it makes China incredibly happy if we continue to talk about. Taking away any type of military presence with in the region strategically works out very well for them. Whereas our troops have trained. Before this threat and are very interested to see how the president how this administration continues to engage. Bishop garrison executive director at the Truman national security project thanks for having for joining us here Aaron could terse you back to you ABC's Devin Dwyer there in Washington would bishop garrison and of the Truman project as. President trump and chairman Kim Jong-un. Continued their. One on one dialogue with hopeful words a casual stroll and warm handshakes. At the start of the second day of their summit.

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{"duration":"5:05","description":"Bishop Garrison, the interim executive director of the Truman Project, says North Korea could do damage without nuclear capabilities.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61374965","title":"North Korea summit's impact beyond nuclear weapons","url":"/International/video/north-korea-summits-impact-nuclear-weapons-61374965"}