Ottawa Mayor: 'A Sad and Tragic Day for Our City'

Mayor Jim Watson comments on the fatal shooting incident at the National War Memorial of Canada.
1:51 | 10/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ottawa Mayor: 'A Sad and Tragic Day for Our City'
Today is a sad and tragic day for a city our country. I'm sure a speak for all residents personally when I spent my heartfelt condolences and profoundly of the individuals. Lost his life this morning while standing guard at the national war memorial in the heart of downtown off. I also want to conveys shingles were injured today the Boston here's city. And the neighbors are with you fall saving real notable was days of meetings on their hero and there's no pain greater than losing a loved one. Out of Providence and circumstances is this morning is beyond expression. And underlined by a saddened angered when my arms. Will not let that anger rule. Our city auto while a couple of our country has seen and lived through tragedy. We're doing is always there today. Different sort of tragedy. Or juices get off fully known. Causes not yet fully understood we all want answers not more muscle pain and social to their ovals. Those answers will come from are dedicated to policing forces yours dim view general save all of these services and no no other forces as reconstruction. This tragic course of events. They're very murderers all my fellow residents the fate of the individual standing right guard this morning. More it. Remember how about that one person's life has been taken from us profoundly from friends from the future that was beat us. Don't know memo I'm while sales are good season were vulnerable citizens presidency. I want to thank the great news men and women are first responders. RC MP. House of commons security police and paramedics for their compassion professionalism. And dedication. Nelson it.

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{"duration":"1:51","description":"Mayor Jim Watson comments on the fatal shooting incident at the National War Memorial of Canada.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"26380521","title":"Ottawa Mayor: 'A Sad and Tragic Day for Our City'","url":"/International/video/ottawa-mayor-comments-parliament-shooting-26380521"}