Across the Pond: Sri Lanka faces new terror threat

Plus, Kim Jong Un meets with Russian president Vladimir Putin, and new details on the next James Bond film.
4:26 | 04/25/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Sri Lanka faces new terror threat
Let's go across the pond to London bureau where a Lama has sign is keeping an eye on the biggest international news good morning Lama. Let's start in Sri Longo where there are new details in the investigation into the Easter bombings. What are we hearing it from our team on the ground there. Yeah I'm good morning to you guys well a few headlines coming out of Sri Lanka this morning according to a police spokesman. There was another explosion this time. Taking place and a small town east of the capital. Colombo this was not a controlled explosions which explosion which is what we have being seeing over the last few days. The police spokesman saying it was a blue laws they are investigating fortunately. No one was hurt switched. Probably explains the partial lockdown if you like that's taking place in the capital Colombo today we spoke to off a producer Bruno roper who told us. That's police all on the hunt for. Possibly even more bombers and more bombs out back. And that's why that's a lockdown I've lost people to stay in jewels so that they can conduct serve its search says Bruno also outing. That there's a real fit the something else might happen the situation is pretty tense that's about the latest that we hearing. From all producer on the ground that in Colombo. Kate think of that Obama and let's get to Russia and back or more to the eastern most part of Russia where Kim Jung un is being with Russian president Vladimir Putin. I'm who says he welcomes Kim's efforts to normalize relations with the US so what else are they saying. Isn't this is an interesting meeting that between North Korea's. A little under a two hour was. They basically said they exchanged pleasantries as well as a few opinions. On the a new kid dispute on the new Kia. Issue. The Russian president basic he's saying that they exchanged opinions again and that says scary prospect. For improvement but no really giving any more details. Or talking about anything concrete which is why some I'm Melissa really talking. About this describing it as more about the optics this meetings more about the optics while the than the substance. And let's not forget about when this is taking place this meeting the timing of this. This is taking place two months oft the talks broke down with the US so this is North Korea essentially saying. We've got up up up powerful allies in Russia. Deathly show of force there and all right this next story I'm excited about what they announced it is expected today on the next James Bond dom believe Seles source those find out. I love are they bring you back pierce Bronson or something else going on he is now. So listen I've gotta just tell you trust the elbow a huge James Bond found so please excuse me. I will try to give you as many details those Ike had so yes brace yourselves. James Bond fans because today that 25 official bond movie will be lowest apparently the north's is taking place. Out one of double those sevens most iconic locations we were discussing this near at the newsdesk. I I said maybe Buckingham Palace how the Houses of Parliament and had a way do you think. This Norwich will take place we do know that's double 07 will be played by none other than Daniel Craig other details. About the Carrick says. Will be also revealed that today the car that apparently double those seven will be driving have to let the sop Aston Martin rap PGE. Which is apparent in electric costs one about produces it Rasheed who do he's sitting behind me said may be James Bond is going green for this installment it seems you're not old important to you tune. While patty do it leap up. Is Thompson is as singing about all of this study questions will be revealed to today and I know you guys call ways. I cannot. Obama and his I can't because I'm permanent wow what Lama not be a fan. Somewhat optimistic woman not only half an alcoholic who drives they whose. Davis Lee kill people. There I can I. I don't know anyone you have a pro teams Vonage when in nineteen yeah. That he might show up in a pretty stunning 11 AM from a NASA NASA lots and I Hamas and but the sort of the green kind eyes and really got. And part of a hybrid but at that they make those are maybe I'll maybe change his ways and when he nineteen. Let's look but don't get it married than a serious relationship now wolf that yeah her nose and we'll find out aces today a lot about that you write for we appreciated it was the year.

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"Plus, Kim Jong Un meets with Russian president Vladimir Putin, and new details on the next James Bond film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62622304","title":"Across the Pond: Sri Lanka faces new terror threat","url":"/International/video/pond-sri-lanka-faces-terror-threat-62622304"}