Across the Pond: Swiss avalanche rescue, abuse victims at the Vatican

Plus, a look at the remote South African restaurant voted the world's best.
2:29 | 02/20/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Swiss avalanche rescue, abuse victims at the Vatican
London bureau or Jennifer Axl said is keeping an eye out of the biggest international. So morning Jennifer allows we know there with an avalanche in Switzerland what's the latest on this rescue efforts. Yet that avalanche barreled through a ski run actually injuring several people and now we're learning killing one. It took place at the Krenz Montana resort yesterday. You know thousands of skiers were out enjoying the peace during this week because it's the long winter ski break for your peace schools. Because of those crowds there are fears that many more skiers could have been trapped under the snow also a massive search and rescue operation. Continued for hours overnight. It's suspended now and authorities believe everyone has been accounted for. Weather monitors said there was a low risk for avalanches this week so authorities there are scrambling to figure out what triggered it. No and Jennifer there's a big meeting at the Vatican today what's going on there. Yeah all eyes now on Rome at the Vatican where victims of sexual abuse by priests. Are calling for accountability. And results Aaron Rome for meetings. Which the Vatican officials ahead of Thursday's historic protection of minors summits that summit was called micro Pope Francis. To address the global abuse crisis Pope Francis you know he's come under increasing pressure to do more to fight clerical sex abuse. And punish the perpetrators. Abuse victims say they are looking for more answers from summit attendees. Who knew what within the church when did they know it. And why did they fail to act. He has so many abuse victims who deserve answers and action. Jennifer before you got a much lighter note I heard you about a restaurant restaurant recommendation for us. Absolutely changing gears just a little bay take a look at this amazing restaurant in South Africa. The tiny but braves breathtaking beach eatery wolf got condition that it's located in an isolating fishing village it's been crowned the world's. Fast it opened just last here and the chef he learned how to cut eight years ago. Quite an amazing achievement they claim highlighting why you should always follow your passion. Wallace's. Like from beach or farmer something to table that it looks pretty natural looks for goods. Had to sign us up. Have they did Jennifer where they should it get any air haven't gotten wind.

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{"duration":"2:29","description":"Plus, a look at the remote South African restaurant voted the world's best.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61187306","title":"Across the Pond: Swiss avalanche rescue, abuse victims at the Vatican","url":"/International/video/pond-swiss-avalanche-rescue-abuse-victims-vatican-61187306"}