Prince Harry champions climate and wildlife conservation efforts in Africa

The royal is scheduled to meet with anti-poachers in Malawi as he continues the 10-day royal tour in Africa.
4:05 | 09/30/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Prince Harry champions climate and wildlife conservation efforts in Africa
All right guys and moved to South Africa and the royals are still on their ten day official family tour with baby art she showing the country lots of love. And our Maggie really has been there the whole time and she's used some of her spare time to go on. A safari tour so basically just living her best life right Maggie. Thank you really EMI. Yeah right not everything and you know where your money came wrangling that has safari park in south. Johannesburg. Thinking it's mr. right now and it is. Just insanely beautiful and is in London yesterday they claimed it was a green screen size punish you would move means that everything can really business real life. We are now finding out there upfront and it and it died ranger here and I mean he's not that my dad got another guard it. He's been awesome so far so that the reason why we're out here besides the fact that it's just. That is because today Prince Harry is all about conservation of prince had been attending concerts so long as. Business for years now and today on the royal tour isn't the main focus in Malawi right now he's unhappy full. Dave focus on the line. Different areas concert. So I'm first time he's gaining against him. UK militaries were. Laughing and to fight against. One national National League on he's also going to be thank dedicating a park when it right here I'm national forest. Com. And it goes on all the commonwealth. Three and that. Dedicated land during his tour to Australia the last year as well they're trying you may incorporate that conservation throughout the stories across all. Comment on possible so the initiative and I'm just a theory but. Crowning swelling carries plenty of times often dedicate a lot of these places. So you casinos Harry and anything can happen. Hearts that this isn't a huge deal for okay explained was to get why we're so far away from. State so why it's important. Then things like African counterparts on the I think I'm beautiful why should hear about it. There's an importance really part important part of the ecosystem and everyone's care it's honored to Jewish or should be proud of and in particular there are some things individual members see anywhere else and so Judy is very important to protect the animals. And yesterday you. We were driving anytime you player in the background. I've been one big problems here you know besides just. People's earnings encroaching on the land deal that people and animals besides coaching is also climate change and environmentalists are telling us how. A life here. The rain coming later you can still hear so around the easy. Stephen players like Matt I'm getting losses in Atlanta on these animals are realizing how. Scary thing is you really think about my. Slam dunk I think mentioning yesterday briefly anything Prince Harry. Can make it different in attempting to protect this land. Yeah for sure I mean he's he's obviously a very important god. So. It's very cool that is involved it's gonna get a lot of attention and that's what we need you need people to focus. On nickel we need some important to get some people just focus on the issue. I'll pose a question movers and I think a lot of people are aware of a serious situation really is. So called clean and the goal is and brings everything use celebrity to raise awareness about. He's in Malawi today but again it's really any issue throughout Southern Africa and around the world. You really it's a beautiful drive up being yeah she really didn't want to bring your cellular everything they can't Harriet as there. A lot of people here fighting for also finals here. Maggie it's absolutely beautiful thank you so much Prince Harry for the win right.

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"The royal is scheduled to meet with anti-poachers in Malawi as he continues the 10-day royal tour in Africa.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65958859","title":"Prince Harry champions climate and wildlife conservation efforts in Africa","url":"/International/video/prince-harry-champions-climate-wildlife-conservation-efforts-africa-65958859"}