Protests continue to rage on in Hong Kong

Lawmakers have delayed the extradition bill debate as protests turn violent.
3:20 | 06/13/19

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Transcript for Protests continue to rage on in Hong Kong
In Hong Kong a second wave. A demonstrations turning violent yesterday with police firing rubber bullets. And using tear gas people were taking to the streets to fight a bill that can extradite criminals. Back to mainland China's I want to go to James long man on the ground there James a little bit calmer today yes. Get us right committee of lassie come out to all the TV in a minute. A view of the BC give Hong Kong all quiet today I think it day Brady for people to take stock. All of what happened yesterday and gets indeed tell rainy all of just what went on the police say. That tens of thousands of people are on the streets yes there wouldn't be surprised if it was in May hundreds of thousands Wear hearing some more deets alum. Just the kind of five how they were using a 150. Rounds of tear gas. We use that's about double what was used in 2014 at the umbrella movement. You mentioned that rubble bullets we understand at least now 79 people and injured an eleven people were arrested the injured ranged between. Fifteen year old and the 66 year old individuals he could see the depth of feeling here is a cross generational movement Hayek in Hong Kong against this extradition will. Today. There was a press conference held by the police commissioner under local journalists turned up in. Anti riot gauges to show that are upset at the level of force that was used people hey feel that he was. Unnecessary levels of force that he's particularly against say many young people. But there was a small victory us posted a protest is because both yesterday and today and tomorrow at the debate. Was aspiring to on this noodle it may go ahead next week it's on certain of the moment. They could be a march on Sunday house the next month that's being planned certainly people being often went black in solidarity with those who injured. And and by the strikes possibly for businesses next week. The mine and Hong Kong is holding its breath waiting to see what happens next. Yeah and I know that's in the protests were sparked by this. Extradition bill but this is also about maintaining there autonomy right. Obscenity. You know this is the the the identity ready of Hong Kong that is that state come all the people hay field the very system on which this place is built is being undermined. You have a one country two system. All you know kind of idea here way you have a Hong Kong which is. Faced. Control over its political system it's an economy if business is judicial system. And say initially. Hong Kong is still that is being chipped away and its international reputation as being damaged as a result I wanna say just in the last. Few moments we've seen the front cover was of some international magazine the economist. How the an image of Hong Kong written that with handcuffs for the two as. Asia time magazine an umbrella in the street. We take gas around it. You know these are not images that the administration here in Hong Kong wants the world to see is that you know images that the Chinese and the main on want anyone to say they haven't been reporting. The prices paid after cool rainy and so it's that kind of international pressure the protest as they hope. Could build perhaps even on businesses to levee the government to change tack. But it's unlikely they will they Albin adamant from the very beginning this more is gonna go ahead they have the numbers and in the assembly to do it and so we will see if votes which is both scheduled originally for next Thursday. Does go ahead. All right James Longman right there on the ground in Hong Kong thanks for joining us today we appreciate that.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"Lawmakers have delayed the extradition bill debate as protests turn violent.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63690886","title":"Protests continue to rage on in Hong Kong","url":"/International/video/protests-continue-rage-hong-kong-63690886"}