What does Putin’s constitutional referendum mean?

ABC News' Patrick Reevell explains what it could mean for Russia if Vladimir Putin remains in power until 2036.
5:51 | 07/06/20

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Transcript for What does Putin’s constitutional referendum mean?
Good morning. It's indicative of that he has complex there and you can go live with the with the sort of capital. Tonight. Big I'm happy certainly would you please let my. Vladimir Putin this week held a referendum on constitutional changes that would allow him to remain in power. Until 2036. And lose the critics have described as a constitutional coup. The referendum produce a huge result for the Kremlin including the official count 78%. In Clinton's back the amendments. People want to students referendum means for Russian. Reasons been in kind since 1999. When Boris Yeltsin passing the presidency. He's now on his fourth presidential term even though Russia's constitution limits presidents to two consecutive terms. 2000 nation in the end of his seconds. Who passed the presidency to his allied Dmitry mitigating. You know most unless it's still so this is. Meet got to spilling out what makes it easy and nice easy because he didn't see this delusional. Still you knew little of the DC she needs to just. Always late says he came back. We mean business. It is no accident inauguration it's coronation. Minutes of the game and twenty team. It was once more in his final term recordings the constitution in 20/20 four he should leave. That created a problem. There are legion and he's just doesn't mention I started finish please. A witness in the song is written yeah. As well as asks us to zero when you. Yeah still analyzing an annual. What's important I'm year. And our national news and ascending GM. Always made me yeah. I hate bush. Right next door look easy and many years I knew they mean there are. Nothing dish seen them doing was immediately remind you. Fictitious jobs and cutting. Do you still go when you wouldn't believe she's doing just my. It is not remind me. He DISH Network and emotionally healthy when it was still an initiative senator stimulus thing was it was looking beyond. The constitutional changes resolve the question by resizing students and an account to zero. It means he can run for office twice more from 20/20 four or the referendum was meant to legitimize the news. Degrees DEB offices because in the past two years whose popularity has been slowly slinking. Our. Instead they may buy a state polling agency actually just under twenty cents a Russians trust Putin an additional pool in two years. And polling suggests well many Russians still support groups and that doesn't mean they support his decision to allow himself to run again. The decision itself was very controversial. It's 5058. But the list of fifty. Hui who are against. This a decision 50%. In favor of its. And so with the announcement of his decisions. It made his rating. Go Don Sobel some more. Facing those numbers authorities pulled out all the stops to get out the blues this plane crash is still growing corona virus and the dimming. Russians Boston blew another 200 amendments and some with social wealth that guarantees. Others were affirmations of conservative values including a ban on same sex marriage. In the week long boost authorities removed no siege guns that normally prevent electoral fraud. People were allowed to vote from home and work election observers say admonishing the loot effectively was impossible. We'll consider futures for. Falsification. Of bubbles phone yes that it was there and national red coats before we'll listen to you. Bonuses like who don't say they've received hundreds of these articles of possible fraud including views of alleged ballot stuffing and reports of pressure on public sector workers. You have Douglas thumbs up you can. But that won't stop if you hear them come welcome to vaulting favor. Opposition activists who held their own exit polls in Saint Petersburg and Moscow claim they shouldn't and then he went against the amendments. The push woods the Kremlin got the huge results it was seeking. The problem is that ironically having worked hard to prove how much support prudent as it may actually have undercuts its. The scene. I don't. Actually he isn't. An except. But you Beckham and AM the dumbest. Which in. It's bringing my aunt and now we don't mind that it didn't valuable. This Rushdie's. Address city. Either but it should I store at the she's needs it could add an additional witches and that Sydney. What that means she believes is treated and is now on a course where he will have to become more authoritarian. If he wants to maintain his grip. We can shoot down. Just quit bashing opinion yet this edition tradition continues future it wasn't. Just moved.

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{"duration":"5:51","description":"ABC News' Patrick Reevell explains what it could mean for Russia if Vladimir Putin remains in power until 2036.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"71613046","title":"What does Putin’s constitutional referendum mean?","url":"/International/video/putins-constitutional-referendum-71613046"}