Rescue diver's death highlights dangers of cave rescue

ABC News' Joohee Cho gives a tour of the village supporting rescue workers with donated food and supplies.
4:38 | 07/07/18

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Transcript for Rescue diver's death highlights dangers of cave rescue
I'm cheering throwing cash and in you're watching ABC news burden gopher. Lunch this is actually very good part is being out here this case we think have aimed heels here for the last five days and it was amazing. And the chicken like I had yesterday was the best to get right I've ever had. Let me show you what they have this is the food truck from the king of Thailand may tenth yet. What it what if and one. Like your preference. It looks good. Bob Kerr that. Wild boar. That's the name of that's fifteen. The boy the twelve voice while board is set. His mom or very popular. It. By the way this is Trent Barrett translator for ABC news thing Siberia. I listen look I have in the next term. That's going on here. Did. They have great. There as well. Actually. I needed three. And it did yeah. Canyon in an agency. With the US food. Her aches and let us do we have here. Hello. What is it they hear things that thinking on this long live the king. Boat there's now been NN news rice with chicken and triple. Only that it did little while twelve. And they have little custer's finished. Pound cake. Coffee is happy hello and thanks to me June. So everything hair is created and have. Confidence. Came at a time. And here's the supply area. Yeah tissue paper. I intend. And Yankee game thank you so they have mysterious Kelly and has been. That and you're. Free underwear a few months. This yes you can get wet is very sweaty here. Toothpaste. And he says just medicine way. I think. So parties are free and this is also courtesy of king of time and and this tenth. Is. Kevin what this is how. IBM I administration thinks it may take in. Donations from around the country and help distribute these good. There. These men though didn't loose cool. By. My cameraman he's one. Instead. Do you have food for my cameramen. Know. And he ran out no wine. Okay thank you know. Not what I tried. The and of course. Espresso I think n.'s Chris machine and copy here hello. And lastly. Right there inside this house. Is also. Another area. Let these families and relatives of the twelve ways there's being waiting. Her big news. I'm Judy Cho in Thailand's. In Chelan lying regions for ABC news.

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{"duration":"4:38","description":"ABC News' Joohee Cho gives a tour of the village supporting rescue workers with donated food and supplies.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"56415318","title":"Rescue diver's death highlights dangers of cave rescue","url":"/International/video/rescue-divers-death-highlights-dangers-cave-rescue-56415318"}