Saudi Arabian Ministry of Defense reviews evidence after attack

The Ministry of Defense held a press conference on Wednesday reviewing drone and missile fragments, accusing Iran of attacking a Saudi oil facility a few days ago.
4:07 | 09/18/19

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Transcript for Saudi Arabian Ministry of Defense reviews evidence after attack
All right we begin in the Middle East where the president announced new sanctions on Iran this comes after the US and Saudi Arabia both say Iran attacked a key Saudi oil facility. And this is an attack that Iran denies I want to bring in Louis Martinez at the Pentagon. Louie get the CI just want to explain what is evidence that he Ron was in fact behind this attack. In morning Kimberly Laurie have here is a news conference from the Saudi Arabian government. To the international press corps in Riyadh where they've laid out. Oh everything that they recovered from these attacks at these two oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. I EC their images of an intact cruise missiles. You see images of some of the mini drones are bundled launched directly but at these targets are good and the saudis say that there's no way. These weapons could've come from by Yemen hasn't been claimed by the with the rebels I and is Iran has denied that they were behind the attack but they say that the what they see is that these weapons are all fired toward sees. Saudi facilities from a new north to south direction that would imply Iran. On they say that the. The make out of these weapons all indicate that they were manufactured inside Iran and very recently and they say that these weapons similar to the ones have been used by the with these. Against Arab Saudi reading targets over the last two years. I'm but again they are pointing the finger that these weapons came from around they're not specifically saying where inside Iran. These weapons were fired from there still saying that they're going through the data trying to analyze what they can recover from inside those drones that can given the particular launch point. But the saudis laying out physically the evidence to the international press on that these over weapons that were made by Iran and most likely came from. Yes as they're figuring in that out we know that I'm secretary of state Mike Pompeo he made a spur of the moment trip there. To the kingdom so what's going to be happening. Well this trip by secretary sleep on pales directed by president trump as an outgrowth. Of them won't meanings that they've had all week at the united stay at the White House about how to deal with the situation is is that it doesn't very tense situation because you have Saudi Arabia. Be falling under a direct attack it would appear from Iranian weapons these this is Iran striking deep inside Saudi Arabia. So what Pompeo has been doing here in him that the president has been urging Saudi Arabia do you. Is to step forward and lay out the seven inch which they have now done. I'm make the case that this was around and then proceed with the next step so Pompeo is gonna be conferring with. Number of prince Mohamed bin Salman who is. The crown prince of Saudi Arabia. I'm and he's going to be talking to him about what the next steps are between the United States and Saudi Arabia obviously Saudi Arabia has to decide how they're gonna respond. It could be militarily could be in the form of other diplomatic action. Now we know that are ready the saudis have said that they want to encourage international action to block. And to point the finger at Iran for being behind this attack. How do the US relationship that's going on right now. Well this is an indicator of the very close relationship the United States has who is the McCain in the Saudi Arabia and Iran and Saudi Arabia Arctic actually the two biggest. That that the two big guys in this field here in that region and they have always been an Oz and so the United States' relationship backing Saudi Arabia. Has always been a strong indicator of the level of support of how the United States views the situation in the Middle East. They see Iran as a malign actor he sees Iran being behind acts of terror in the region. And now we're seeing around being behind direct attacks against their neighbor Saudi Arabia. So Iran has says that they are not gonna negotiate with the United States we have this upcoming UN general assembly meeting in New York next week there have been indications of me president trump might reach entering Iranian President. Her honey. It's unclear that can happen to we susser commuters saying yesterday in Iran have been no talks are gonna happen at all. I'm and then you also see situations where. Pompeo now leading this that this course with Saudi Arabia about the next steps. And so I think again and it another reflection of how tense the situation is and we just have to see how it's gonna. All right very tense indeed on Lou Martinez at the Pentagon thank you so much for the update.

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"The Ministry of Defense held a press conference on Wednesday reviewing drone and missile fragments, accusing Iran of attacking a Saudi oil facility a few days ago.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65696219","title":"Saudi Arabian Ministry of Defense reviews evidence after attack","url":"/International/video/saudi-arabian-ministry-defense-reviews-evidence-attack-65696219"}