Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Takes Leave of Absence

Ford's brother held a press conference announcing Mayor Ford will seek professional help for his alcohol and drug use.
12:41 | 05/01/14

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Transcript for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Takes Leave of Absence
This is a special room. I'm Michelle Franzen a New York Toronto mayor rob Ford is off to get some professional help. He revealed yesterday he would be taking a leave of absence just as these new photos. Which appear to show him smoking unidentified substance were published by the globe and mail newspaper. Michelle Franzen New York Ford's brother dog a city official and the troubled mayor's biggest supporter. Is set to speak from now in Toronto just minutes ago we heard from Olivia chow who was running against Ford and this year's -- -- race. It's obvious that mr. Ford is a sick man. It's obvious that he has a serious drug addiction problem and substance abuse problems. And I am sure that everyone in this city would join -- me. -- wish him and hope that he as a person recover. And recover from his sickness his illness and his addiction. In a statement released by rob -- last night Ford said quote it's not easy to be vulnerable. And this is one of the most difficult times in my life I have a problem with alcohol. And the choices I've made while under the influence I have struggled with this for some time. We want to go -- to Toronto where Doug Ford is addressing the media on the subject. Let him out. But until -- Campuses. One of the toughest days. The my life. But as -- about. -- also have a sense salute -- relief. As an older brother. -- -- -- brought this faced his problems. -- -- decided to seek professional help and this is called an easy thing for. Anyone to do. Especially. We're -- the mayor of the city. And I encourage. My brother. To take this time -- -- And for the sake of his failing. Many people. Believe. -- get a handle any problem by the results. Over some -- You need the help. -- -- -- Your friends. And professional. -- was very. Emotional. When he told me. The hardest thing a -- this. Is he knows. You let people down. Look it's -- down. He let his friends down. Let us toll down. -- supporters down. In the in the people of trauma. I told -- That everyone knows someone. -- faced these -- And I know. We will wish you. Well and their speedy recovery. But I also believe. This. -- even people. -- -- another of the same political stripes. This has robbed us. I love my brother. We'll continue. The stand by my brother. And it's -- week. Throughout this difficult journey. Please join me in. He brought that his family in your prayers. In the interest. -- -- -- -- like. Some media. Please respect his privacy. Thank -- You've been listening to Doug Ford the brother of mayor of Toronto rob Ford telling us that his brother. Has made the decision to go seek help. His brother and a very emotional statement saying it was very difficult day for him but he says he stands by his brother we want to go now. Two Toronto star investigative reporter Kevin Donovan on the phone cabin give us an idea. What do you make of these statements and who was in charge of the city right now. -- I. It got me. We are here. They it sticking with this just wanted to see who was in charge of the city right now and give us an idea about what you make of the statement. The deal weren't targeted media included to bureaucrat that -- -- -- always. In running day to day operation. Act and get -- -- are urged. Add to what I make it -- statement that. A lot of people are yelling -- a little too late. -- dot org or. Like. In other. The issues. -- -- -- -- Many time -- -- ever admit to it. And the mother. The wait -- issue. I interviewed -- chat or it would be older that your brother's belt all. Addiction -- -- heroin cocaine. And it out of court today issued that court battle. Will. Stolen acute brushes -- -- -- -- any era. A -- -- -- immediate hurdle and it court and she got -- at a problem and that it. The reality is that there are huge problem. The gear and 38 -- going to even began -- -- outcrop. Kevin you've got your own investigation into this issue we've also been looking at these pictures these screen grabs that this. The group the globe has released the Daily Mail from from what they say was a video that was. Shopped around to them -- proposed drug dealer and the -- -- Of his announcement coincides with the release of these photos. Yet well actually it was prompted by. Beat -- time which outlawed in -- which very friendly airport. All there. Bar in Toronto where -- out. -- -- -- Incredibly great remarks made by our board. You -- to -- leading contenders job. A woman. Aaron in. -- you Italian. Canadian what the bears are part that really prompted -- -- Make its announcement and global. Still photos which don't show that much. We all. Published -- and Natalie repealing -- start to -- had a right. -- nightclub that in a fighting. Is that -- at an annual party battle in the end. The light -- -- -- -- -- -- Handled by people on that night. Airport -- like a lot you'll get free able dirt. Right there. Or it okay. -- -- -- -- -- Joking Fashion. Week but it -- it crack. And Oregon area -- and -- What. All get that -- I got private. The man clearly had a control elite don't about it. About it I think about it. Again. Many are watching it beat -- And a course to very famous Canadians rob warden Justin Bieber crossing paths. Will Ford be going to a traditional type of rehab do we know is it outpatient. We have no idea -- no idea. Opted eight eight. I urged. Any. Big -- out back out -- beat -- -- the city is being run in effect by someone else within the administration. And now we've got this. Campaign also going on what other steps as the city taking can they take. Are they interested in keeping Robert Ford an office at this point. They all like. Like. This. But dot -- -- No actual bowl -- our. Our at all -- like you know -- New York -- Chicago there that it will dirt that -- Day to day operations. I wrote. Back. Air or at. Donna LE. Being the -- you all -- -- I think they. Eat -- -- People. Now people that although -- regular. -- She ought -- big. All. Are big -- All -- that said how is the city of Toronto moving forward and we also heard from Olivia chow just before how was the campaign shaping up in Toronto. Well -- an -- threat. Each out it should. 888. Nature or. The other day -- -- our our our right he had. Not been. Captured the nation reach out to add. -- -- -- Area. Potential all -- -- -- all they. Do it our. Mission. -- people all job it all. Don't quite well. -- Beat that it -- but he date dot dot actually there's no. Just don't want first. Well. -- that write I -- -- job. All airport -- -- -- Bill there will still be back. My. ER. Brought -- like. October. We will keep an eye on this Kevin Donovan from the Toronto star thank you for -- in asked. Once again Toronto mayor rob Ford. Announcing he's taking a leave of absence to seek professional help his brother speaking a short time ago saying he stands behind his brother. A rob Ford saying he's seeking professional help for what he calls alcohol abuse issues. This has been an ABC news digital special report you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- And starring the story for exclusive updates on the go for now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"12:41","description":"Ford's brother held a press conference announcing Mayor Ford will seek professional help for his alcohol and drug use.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"23553120","title":"Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Takes Leave of Absence","url":"/International/video/toronto-mayor-rob-ford-takes-leave-absence-23553120"}