Trump in London for NATO summit

President Donald Trump travels to London to meet with the leaders of NATO to celebrate the alliance's 70th birthday.
2:44 | 12/02/19

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Transcript for Trump in London for NATO summit
And we're going to stay in London because president trump is on his way there for a NATO conference ABC's Jordan Phelps covers the White House and has traveled with the president to London. It's the seventieth anniversary. Of NATO Jordan but there seemed to be some real. Questions about the viability of that body and real riffs about some between some of its members. Hey Aaron so good to be Wiki it that's right it's his act as celebration really of NATO turning seventy. But is also putting on public display that was very real divisions within the alliance. Of course president trump has been seen as a disrupt or within the alliance over the last three years because of his persistent calls. That the US is paying too much and the alliance. But era he's not the only world leader who's causing some noise right now French president Manuel Mac Ron recently made headlines. By saying there is it rained out within NATO because it. I decreased US reliability and of course there's also Turkey's president heir to want to invaded northern Syria against. The will of this alliance at there are some real strains Aaron that will be on display here. And do we know the president's scheduled is he expected to weigh in on on any administered. Aaron it's a very brief trip observers say that is intentional to try to. Keep these things from spilling out into the open the president. We'll only be here for a matter of two days there's going to be. Some pomp and ceremony eight I've reception at bucking ham palace with the queen. He's gonna have a couple of bilateral meetings with president Mack Ronnie and add German Chancellor Angela Merkel and of course those NATO meetings and end an inch of trip. Press conference. But Aron one of the big questions lingering over this trip is whether the president will wait in TU Kate politics. They are just days away from a critical general election and Aries you know the president is wind Hugh does not. Hold his tongue and he offers his opinions freely during means to be seen whether the president will metal in the sense that UK election coming up here. Boris Johnson certainly is one of his allies and it does allow the president to escape the impeachment he for at least a couple of days during. It sure does that Aaron that back cloud Carrey's out with the president all the way. Across the ocean over here and he was complaining very loudly to reporters as he departed the White House. And he tweeted about it again cents Aron complaining that Democrats had intentionally scheduled this hearing. On winds stay that's coming up to take away from his international. Trips here. Airing today impeachment. Issue will be a cloud over the president but it's also something that he is talking about which certainly doesn't help it go away. ABC's Jordan Phelps White House reporter traveling with the president to London for the NATO seventieth anniversary celebration Jordan our thanks to you.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"President Donald Trump travels to London to meet with the leaders of NATO to celebrate the alliance's 70th birthday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"67441428","title":"Trump in London for NATO summit","url":"/International/video/trump-london-nato-summit-67441428"}