Typhoon Kammuri in Philippines rips through coastal town

Winds over 150 miles per hour swept through the Philippines with massive evacuations and major destruction.
2:06 | 12/03/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Typhoon Kammuri in Philippines rips through coastal town
I write in and we moved to some crazy weather a powerful. Destructive typhoon ripping through the Philippines with winds topping. A 150 miles per hour it's leaving half a million people in evacuation centers and one person dead are Becky for low is on the ground in the Philippines with more of. Becky. Good morning Kimberly we are here in the Philippines where a powerful typhoon has just ripped through the coastal town public asking expedition a little bit of what happened or tell us. Round in 19:11 PM midnight the storm hit us at look at this window and I tell him the lion house setting up high winds and flooding into our hallway we had ceiling panels coming down electrical mostly from the ceilings. People are hurting her hallway. We're getting that with a plot behind palace early duck hollow way that yeah that and that here. You'll see we can't quite get it means virulent game in the nineteen GAAP. Now the typhoon and a little bit tight and just avoid damaging homes toppling trees flooded streets leaving many without shelter you know that night. Weather reports agency please read those 96 miles per hour with gusts of up a hundred. The crowd. In a hotel room many think there are local residents do that includes right there was pummeled us. The legendary front and not been seen from Tacoma and ethnicity I don't know. Here they thought this could comfortably and favorite but we actually evacuated from our rooms in the middle of the night after that large window blew out on the top floor. Those strong winds are spending ceiling panels Donald electric home. And families were forced to let people make some bad back breaker slated intolerance of another resident. We are venturing outside today for the first time to survey the damage and see what they can see that their property and livestock. I'll tell you is that didn't multiple evacuees who told us that despite facing about twenty storms. And typhoons a year. These people are saying that this perhaps one of the worst storms they've seen in recent memory has but the Filipinos are resilient and they tell me that they are going to rebuild. Kimberly. Unbelievable because definitely scary situation there.

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{"duration":"2:06","description":"Winds over 150 miles per hour swept through the Philippines with massive evacuations and major destruction.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"67467201","title":"Typhoon Kammuri in Philippines rips through coastal town","url":"/International/video/typhoon-kammuri-philippines-rips-coastal-town-67467201"}