Airplane Stowaways Face Potential Fatal Ride

The chances of surviving a flight from inside an airliner wheel well are incredibly small.
6:51 | 04/22/14

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Transcript for Airplane Stowaways Face Potential Fatal Ride
It's a journey that has authorities baffled exactly how did a fifteen year old kid managed to evade security in a busy American airport. And hitch a ride on the wheels of a Jumbo jet over the weekend. Chances of survival are so slim. And yet he's not the only still -- who's made headlines. So we decided to take you inside the wheel well of a jet -- to see just how miraculous his story of survival truly years. Boarding -- plane is one of modern -- more undignified -- deals. The sluggish security lines -- potentially Kirby packed down. And those -- -- Aggies yeah. People we get some helps keep the ball well we might fantasize others have given -- just try. Most recently yesterday when a fifteen year old boys -- a security fence at San Jose international airport. And apparently climbed into the wheel well of Hawaiian Airlines flight to -- we experts say he was lucky to survive but he's not the first. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Before using his smarts to win the Amazing Race he made a really stupid decision. In 1999 this Ronnie Harvard sophomore arrived too late to board a flight home so we jumped the boarding line at Boston's airport. Planes tiny bathroom but I wasn't gonna stay there the whole time -- -- we're -- Wait until -- -- but the plan hit a snag. Just before takeoff other passengers tipped off the flight attendant. Then there's the case of Charles McKinley. -- -- Instead of buying an airline ticket the former shipping clerk brazenly boxed himself in a crate and shipped himself home on the company's dime. Passing -- TSA security not once but twice. Is this -- that he -- income. Known now all my ABC crew is about to give me a lesson in flying cargo class. That's the -- in a small pine -- like this but things I do. My -- Get this you don't. Pending a commitment that put the lid on. Look I guess not. Likened it regret that decision. Sure I'm digging out this news. I'm gonna try -- are you ready to come out and -- That is deeply supposedly. -- Aviation consultant Jay Joseph believes McKinley cheated death. If you're still under way in a -- For example -- was a lot. I think elected -- -- -- and you really are their own according to an FAA study on stowaways. Yes it happens often enough to keep statistics. 76%. Of stow away passengers have died in transit. But believe it or not what's more -- sneaking into the real well like that fifteen year old California teen did yesterday he usually doesn't and well. -- -- -- -- -- -- good quality in the overwhelming majority of -- cases involve people from developing countries fleeing desperate situations to make their way to Europe or North America. A man whose body was found in the streets and more -- -- West London. Has been identifying with no heat no oxygen and no pressurization. It's often a one way ticket to the afterlife. Like this horrifying image of a fourteen year old stowaway -- unwittingly on camera. Falling out of a plane taking off from Australian when the wheels come down. The -- around 181000 feet aviation experts say hypoxia or oxygen deprivation sets it. Best case scenario also is going to be penalized head. -- 22000 feet with no pressurization. The lungs have trouble functioning. It's tough to maintain consciousness. And loss. Faculties thought thought process itself and at 35000. Hypothermia -- -- in as the temperature could drop as low was minus 81 degrees Fahrenheit -- -- this is it would be the only location that somebody could. Positions -- -- that they would not be pressed by the landing here during the attraction just not right here that's right. Patio phone before it's never been on everything before acting again and get on a -- -- But somehow -- Washington sixteen year old son Delonte Tisdale and ended up in the wheel well of a US Airways flight from Charlotte. Bound for Boston. What did -- tell you all -- battle Boston Massachusetts. Paul -- was something about -- -- playing and he literally came crashing down onto a street in the suburb of Boston used by -- in such bad shape but always dad can act in my eyes I was because of waves. Investigators in Massachusetts discover a palm -- in the left wheel of -- US Airways plane. He'll launch his tattered clothing show signs of airplane greens and his body was found in the direct line of the flight path. Security cameras never spot still -- inside the airport but outside just yards away from where that US Airways plane took off. There was this glaring breach of -- -- security. -- -- Literally. Weakest link we send investigators down they said -- -- there's a hole in the fence security was. But what is Del Monte was a different kind of stow away now what appears terrorists what does he had a -- Politically it's a hundred yard dash from here and I -- In January I went down to Charlotte the ninth busiest airport in this country to see what if anything had changed in mr. razor wire on top as -- have now. That's when -- But if someone were determined to penetrate this fence and Charlotte the experts we talked to believe there would be plenty of time to do. We -- on the -- -- -- for about 45 minutes and finally -- from the airport authority came by and some airports to be arrested. Within minutes. This is part of the FAA regulations and keeping perimeter secure he. Even more alarming Keating says only 17%. Of the nation's airport perimeters had been assessed by Homeland Security in the past year. And so many places in this country you can look out the window. Look at the perimeter and say. This is making sense. Still a grieving mother can't help but wonder why her son made such a tragic decision stowing away in an airplane. -- -- It's hard to think about what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- many questions remain another set of parents tonight are counting their blessings your son -- in a second chance.

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{"duration":"6:51","description":"The chances of surviving a flight from inside an airliner wheel well are incredibly small.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"23418538","title":"Airplane Stowaways Face Potential Fatal Ride","url":"/Nightline/video/airplane-stowaways-face-potential-fatal-ride-23418538"}