Ariel Castro kidnaps 3 teen girls in Cleveland, holds them captive for years: Part 1

Castro, a school bus driver, lured Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus into his home where he chained them, raped them and did not provide sufficient food or opportunity to shower.
10:34 | 01/04/20

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Transcript for Ariel Castro kidnaps 3 teen girls in Cleveland, holds them captive for years: Part 1
been missing for ten years, and I'm here, I'm free now! Amanda told the police, I ain't just the only one. There's some more girls up in that house. Gina Dejesus returns here. She is indeed home. He was never on our radar at all. Police arrested -- Their abductor it turns out was a deranged school bus driver. Now we want the world to We survived. We love life. We were stronger. Tell me about your childhood. I had a lot of things that went on in my life that was very traumatic. Like sexual abuse, emotional abuse. You name it, I went through it. She felt neglected. A male relative sexually abused her. And when you think she was 12, 13, 14 years old, it's just nightmarish. So I basically ran away. Going to school, I was always bullied. She was approached by an older boy at school. He kind of charmed her. They started having sex. And she realized she was pregnant. I wanted to be the best mom. She goes to look for a job to better her life and leaves her child in the hands of her Her mother's boyfriend was drunk, and he grabbed Joey by the leg and fractured his knee. Michelle took Joey to the hospital, and social services put Joey in foster care. She is going to court because she's fighting desperately to get her little boy, Joey, back. I was so super excited to get to the appointment and then I couldn't find the place. She was pretty desperate. So she walked over to a family dollar store to ask the clerk where this address was. And then my best friend's father comes into the store. And gets you to the point. He says I know where it's at. I can take you straight to it. So I got into his car. We started talking about how his daughter was at home. And I was like it would be super nice to see her. He shoved me in the room. And he said you're not going to leave for a long time. And then he started undressing his self. And he ripped out my son's picture right in front of me. The only picture I had. And said you'll never see him. And that hurt it so bad, the knife felt like it was going deeper and deeper into my chest. Puts his hand over her mouth and tells her don't scream or I'll kill you. And then he proceeds to tie her up. Then he masturbates in front of her. Couldn't move. Couldn't do anything. I couldn't tell what time of day it was. Because I was hooked to a pole in the middle of the floor with a motorcycle helmet on my head. He routinely rapes her in the basement. Three, four times a day. He would often leave a radio on, really, really loud so that even if she started screaming couldn't hear it anyway, because there was music playing. Ariel Castro, once again, looking for women. How bold is that? Amanda had been walking home from burger king. Suddenly, a red car pulls up. The driver. It's a familiar face. And Amanda realized this was Ariel Castro and he knew his daughter. They had all gone to school together. You know, it's a friend's dad. And he's like, she's at my house, would you like that go see her? I was like, yeah, sure, I haven't seen her in a while. They pull up in front of a modest-looking white house. It was just really dark in there. He told me to go down on my hands. From there I knew, like, this was not going to be good. This is a scale model of Ariel Castro's home. Amanda, Michelle, chained up in separate bedrooms. This nondescript house played a huge role in the fact that it could help Castro keeping a human prison going on. We knew he had kids. At the time he was living single. Amanda berry, when she first went missing, her mother, luanda Miller was on the TV pleading for her return. My daughter should not be talked about like this. She is not dead yet. It is so frustrating living daily. We had thousands of leads. There's still hope for the family. I would see them on TV, and I'm like, that kept me going. And I said I'm going to make it home to you. As long as you fight, I'm going to fight. 14 year old Gina Dejesus grew up on the rough and tumble west side of Cleveland. I told her to be aware of her surroundings at all times. Tell us about that day you were with his daughter. Yes. Irene Castro. We were talking about what we wanted to do, because it was Friday. And then I was like, you can come over. And geena lent her bus money to make the telephone call. And she asked her mom. And her mom says no. The last thing she said to me is you owe me 50 cents. Right after that, Ariel Castro pulls up and offers Gina a ride. He asks me if you seen my daughter. And this lure was the trick of Ariel Castro. Using his own children as pawns. Reporter: You felt there's nothing strange about this, right? No. I just knew that that was her father. My dad was friends with him. And now she's in the house. He's like, starts touching me and stuff. And then I'm like, what are you doing? You need to go to jail. And then he just switches up, well, you're going to go home now, but you can't go through the same door you came in. You have to leave through another door. I have a superstition. It turns out to be the basement. Once you were in the basement, what happened? He ended up chaining me to the pole. When did you realize that there were others in the house, that you weren't the only one? He was like, I have Amanda berry upstairs, and I have another girl upstairs, but she's not on the TV, nobody cares about her. Her name was Michelle knight. He would talk to me every single day. Your families don't care about you, ain't you glad I took you? I felt like he hated me the most, because I was the one that stood my ground. Reporter: Five times you were pregnant. Yes, and each time he aborted it. Reporter: I'm sorry, Michelle. And he's the reason why I can't have children now. And that's the most bad feeling ever, but he couldn't break me. It was a dark and hopeless existence in that house. Until one day everything changed when Amanda announced she was going to have a baby. And he was going to allow her to keep that baby. It's Christmas morning 2006 and Amanda goes into labor. He didn't want, you know, a mess on the bed. And he brung Michelle in the and he says, if this child dies, I will kill you. Amanda gave birth to this child in the room where she had been chained. And she picked out a name. Joslin. She was just the most beautiful. Reporter: You hear of rape victims who have a child. How do you just wrap were your mind around it and make it work? This is his kid. How do I feel about that? She resembled him a lot. And I would look at her, and I just felt like she's mine. She's mine. Surprisingly, he bonded with this child. And when she was about 2, he started taking her outside. She had never been to parks before and seen little kids like herself. I know one of the best times when you looked out and you saw the sunlight on her face for the first time. It was the most beautifulest thing. I just felt like that's where she should always be. I see him walking the baby up and down the street. Spoiling it. This kid rotten. Who did you steal this girl from. And Ariel just looks over and says oh, this is my girlfriend's daughter. Can you imagine that the baby was born on Christmas day, and it turned out to be the gift that got them out of the house. Cleveland, 911. This broad is trying to break out the House next

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{"duration":"10:34","description":"Castro, a school bus driver, lured Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus into his home where he chained them, raped them and did not provide sufficient food or opportunity to shower. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"68064237","title":"Ariel Castro kidnaps 3 teen girls in Cleveland, holds them captive for years: Part 1","url":"/Nightline/video/ariel-castro-kidnaps-teen-girls-cleveland-holds-captive-68064237"}