'Avengers' fans build their own Thor's hammer, Black Panther claws

Makerbeta, which is based in China, create real-life working Marvel gear from "Avengers: Infinity War" and other movies.
4:00 | 05/12/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Avengers' fans build their own Thor's hammer, Black Panther claws
As the avengers break Bach office records, the movie opened in China, produced by marvel studios, owned by Disney, the parent company of ABC. It has a hold of the send largest film market in the world, making it to date Hollywood's most successful franchise in China. One group of marvel fans can't get enough. They're making their own working marvel universe gear like ironman's blasters with real lasers, black panther's retractable claws that can do real damage to fruit. Dr. Strange's imagine being spell brought to life, and a weapon worthy of the god of thunder. This is very dangerous? Why? I'll show you. Oh, come on. These guys are called maker beta, a do-it-yourselfer. What are you doing this for? For fun. This is your job, right? Just hope people want to pay to watch it. Love marvel. Founded by this 28-year-old entrepreneur, he brings the imagery to life with a little inspiration from marvel's roster of super heros. Whether it's forged and polished or laser cut and 3D printed, they problem solve with an idea and make everything from scratch with readily available material. Oh! Can I try it? Yeah. They'll be the first to admit they are not the pioneers of their field, not even in China. But inspired by a thriving community and a cult following and using their creations. Users like hack Smith and Colin, taking to YouTube to explore their either, a site that repains -- remains blocked in China. O quefilm, the use of visuals is a good way to sell to the younger generation? Their target audience is the proverbial gold mine and they share their enthusiasm for pop culture, raking in more than 250 million views. And it's not all marvel. It's the flame growing guitar from "Mad max fury road." Do your parents know what you do now? I got to say, it's almost as fun as my job. I'm Bob woodruff, playing with fire for "Nightline" in China.

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{"id":55115800,"title":"'Avengers' fans build their own Thor's hammer, Black Panther claws","duration":"4:00","description":"Makerbeta, which is based in China, create real-life working Marvel gear from \"Avengers: Infinity War\" and other movies.","url":"/Nightline/video/avengers-fans-build-thors-hammer-black-panther-claws-55115800","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}