Decentralized Dance Party Leading the Global Party Pandemic

Founders Tom and Gary travel the country bringing people together through massive street parties.
3:00 | 04/11/13

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Transcript for Decentralized Dance Party Leading the Global Party Pandemic
Just about the most organized -- -- -- -- An evolution of the class mom. A massive mobile party -- -- City near you. My name is -- My name is -- and this is the decentralized. Dance party. -- started to move it -- a half years ago in Vancouver with many people in six months including 20000. For the sake of saving your occupation these days either party. Your career -- the -- definite answers. They are often mistaken for some kind of riot or protest that their mission is simple secret world unite people Freedom Party. All the places -- there having unrest and turmoil division. Bring everyone together. The crazy night of global unity when -- when the Nobel Prize for parting. Each party takes an army -- players and hundreds of hours collecting boom boxes and scouting locations. And on and on they spread the word through social media in Beijing over -- thirty major cities -- bar. -- by grassroots fundraising. -- -- -- funding -- -- city six it's Anderson and it's not immediately. That's right. -- feel for any good party -- the music. That's where things you about this is the music the pictures because we have thousands of people with us -- -- the streets that we choose the wrong song this could turn into Orion. -- -- wirelessly transmits tunes to hundreds of them boxes from the backpack -- the -- goes into the transmitter and. Minnesotans at all the -- Antenna sends it to the world did this out of control and we tag along as they strategize their most recent takeover in Austin tech. -- -- -- -- McCain GE the. I reckon -- Leonardo. The array of them glasses -- tested impressed that -- -- handed out to the party get. And in the -- when my job is to get and stereos breaking we need to test all the batteries over again. Party -- them -- three victory being. -- And into the radio station. The fashionable red accessories have lead inside his death. -- were injured most them we have stuff up and every person or we can find lookers things like plants -- plants and decorated. -- the lights on and he reared cautions -- close region of finding year and is legally make them better or. Thanks so here and -- for -- That's the heart of Mexico and Milan next week how he had to account of the book expo -- -- yeah. Her grandmother's still -- Atomic theory holds an all night here this street where -- -- Scouting the city's streets inspecting a landmark buildings even parking -- chance to -- -- -- safe routes that appeared 2000. We always giant avoid residential areas so people -- Instead of public speaks as much as we end. Because it's our right to assemble peacefully. That's actually one of the benefits of doing these. Police -- the rally to discover all these amazing places and it received it. -- -- -- -- -- -- The next night it's a hard picnic tables certainty and -- It was great dancing at the bank. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Surprisingly -- -- stayed relatively peaceful. About 53 parties will have been shut down three times. And is usually for some kind of misunderstanding. I don't know what has the turning. -- on drugs anything like that you could just. And you notice that -- inhibitions. To prevent terrorists who knows what the -- country's news that is go to jail. -- legally didn't want to let you back to swear that the lions -- -- -- Because of the end of every party people come up to me in tears telling me this is the greatest -- lives. -- partying bring world peace -- -- But until then nothing Texas like -- I'm Rachel Smith for Nightline. In Austin, Texas.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Founders Tom and Gary travel the country bringing people together through massive street parties.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"18929237","title":"Decentralized Dance Party Leading the Global Party Pandemic ","url":"/Nightline/video/decentralized-dance-party-leading-party-pandemic-18929237"}