Extreme Makeover: Plastic Surgery for Better Selfies?

In world where Internet fame can happen in an instant, one woman sought to re-shape her face.
6:48 | 04/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Extreme Makeover: Plastic Surgery for Better Selfies?
A -- changing your entire self the image with the click of a button wanna look slimmer prettier even younger. 90% of teens today say they've posted self -- online where perfection is just a filter away. But some are taking the quest to even bigger extremes striving to look airbrushed in real life. Here's ABC's Cecilia Vega. This is how Americans are spending their time taking pictures of themselves -- today. Every day and like millions of people Rihanna lady -- yeah. Loves taking southeast between seven -- about diet and -- Seubert here. But she don't always loved the results don't. I -- -- -- -- all in the pictures so to get the perfect picture she just uses tonight phone -- For the don't that I like you have actually just natural and it can really settled their friends and it has -- Saturday. I want to turn around they look the perfect 365. App lets you airbrushed yourself -- -- tapped to try hiding style and become an. Instant cover -- and the art of the self he has created a whole industry of Smartphone apps to help you look your -- He -- -- too fat try skinny picks -- dinner blemishes face -- can clear that right up. And what you just plain hate the way the photo came out. Like he's cast in a -- straps and don't worry it can't all these six. Your social media presence in his chest as important as -- Real life president. Triana -- the way she looked online and she decided to take herself -- make over a step further opting for plastic surgery. Specifically. A nose job Andy chin implant with the help of this Beverly Hills doctor Richard Allen Bogans or make him -- -- -- small but it do Wanamaker street. He went on to post these new pictures on his back as soon as doctor Allan Evans tells me that -- camera ready we first met -- two years ago in Los Angeles. I -- his -- about the project it was hard to see the flaws nagging at her. But she told us she didn't like -- face staring back heard during Skype chats. And it. Okay thanks -- -- -- or in FaceBook pictures. Ten years ago I don't think -- even noticed that I had a question. She tried to change the camera angle on -- photo she didn't like but none of that was enough -- -- Shannon. Just bugs the living daylights out of -- in this photo can the first thing that I look for him in the photo -- -- mentioned luck mentions. Really weird. So she decided to get a chin implants. When you do which can sometimes you have to do little -- more than meant to balance the face which him. But it didn't stop there. Doctor -- Logan recommended Triana get additional procedures like fat grafting and a nose job up to 151000. Dollars worth of surgery. -- Triana is a family friend of doctor Alan -- so she got a discount. Towns like you're going to a pretty. Far extremes. -- make it work you people might -- surgery that's that's a commitment to -- plastic surgery should be a last ditch effort. After you've worked out after you've had good discipline in your diet and exercise. Then you that surgery. -- we were there the day of Triana surgery. -- very excited. Starting to border on their -- on -- and -- telling. Okay ready to -- a -- This is going to be her -- This is original plan. Curves around beside a little bit of surrounded won its first officer appointed for her face. He took two hours for all -- nips and -- -- -- -- Burden through it and -- happy with everything went through a week later she was bruised but police -- ask for settlements while -- at. A month after her surgery she was thrilled. High paying high this -- at exit and walk -- -- I'm just after all that surgery her new face. Was completes. Your kids from the quintessential profiles. Which before he never would have no matter what about that because my little action when then -- recognizable -- it may seem extreme. But for Triana this wasn't just an ego boost taking a good self he has become a high stakes business. That can turn just about one in to -- its celebrity. Today. -- business moving at the speed of the Internet. Yourself -- is your had shot at seeing can reinvent yourself every single day with simply your. I found. As a senior talent manager at the EU -- answer group she manages the careers of -- Internet stars like Nicole Guerrero online makeup guru. Care social media presence and their use of -- scenes on -- Graham. Is a huge marketing tool that they have at their fingertips there. Our companies devoted to finding the next big star online. And the ad dollars they can bring in. Hoping they can pick out the next gen seltzer who became famous for her provocative posterior -- -- today -- is still happy. I now have the face that I've always thought they had -- feel like I still look like myself. But photo -- But in the quest for the picture perfect -- she is not done with medical enhancements. Since. Last time you've seen me I actually had to have corrective very small corrective surgery on my -- And I had a little bit more fat grafting and now Botox has to -- A necessity it's kind of -- in my bills lake rents. Food gasoline medical insurance Botox it's like a standard. Ironically -- feels stealthy enhancing apps actually can make people insecure about the -- -- real -- It's just skews our perception of how we should look I think it is -- ourselves. Hold ourselves too much higher unrealistic standard. But -- believes there is nothing wrong trying to look curb -- not everybody is born beautiful and if you can get a little help from an ounce or from a nip tuck -- from. An answer Graham -- and more power to you for Nightline I'm Cecilia Vega in Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"6:48","description":"In world where Internet fame can happen in an instant, one woman sought to re-shape her face.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"23418509","title":"Extreme Makeover: Plastic Surgery for Better Selfies?","url":"/Nightline/video/extreme-makeover-plastic-surgery-selfies-23418509"}