Flashpoint: Refugees In America (Part 2)

David Muir travels to Amman, Jordan, to report on the vetting process facing more than 600,000 refugees.
8:49 | 09/21/16

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Transcript for Flashpoint: Refugees In America (Part 2)
For Boise able to Burlington to Dallas to protests the anger growing in America. If you wanna help somebody told somebody that's outside this door right here you don't need to go any further than that the family of Syrian refugees we've been following. Never thought of the of the desk. Refuge she arrow we watch as the teachers here suddenly changed their lesson plans. Raise your hand if you are aware of the attacks that happened in Paris there's been a lot of very strong opinions on. Whether the United States should allow Syrian refugees into our country pop. Said today where he NSA. Seeing refugees back. Why do you think I'm fat. I don't think there he had health and that incident that that he didn't make it sent some of the army and is not cantonment. Sits there with her head down. But admit the simmering anger and suspicion across this country we find six year old hollow. Now preparing for first Thanksgiving and is still. And. Name. And and all of whom we still struggling with her English is about to briefly tell mrs. Byrd high school class. About the whore her Fam leave due works. And why for her first Thanksgiving. She is truly thankful. My uncle and is stunningly good pronounced dead by seeing. Let's and he. His life to its arms Florida. Don't fit. But perfect you were in America has been far different and lots of fat platform today and to send them well let go employees exceptional. It just. Are you can. We want to make sure that our students. Don't ever return to heat if you have any power at all keep a lot of work down. Thank you. I mean weakness in group. Now erupting. Here in Modesto they're going to use this refugee resettlement. To put there terrorist operatives in other nations Mary Roberson a mother a grandmother. Now organizing the protest we don't know. Melanie are what the are Syria doesn't even half the proper documentation. And write their missions burden. Find herself not her classroom but at that podium me. I would like you can meet these students I would like you to see their value I do not think that hate and fear should redefine who we are as Americans. When you hear some of the rhetoric in this country. These file I would welcome those individuals into my classroom. And it's obviously spoken for maintenance I would invite anybody who subscribes to that mentality to spend and in my classroom. Open invitation open invitation she says Mike my classroom doors open at any time. Have you ever gone to of those classes to see who decent people are these media content on. What we do ceded to families their treatment of refugees. Who simply point out that they're fleeing crisis to. Okay what I'm saying is we don't know who they truly the art so where do we put them. We need to put an old an onsite essentially figure it out I don't care kits. Slump whenever. And she points to what the FBI director James Colby has said himself about letting refugees describe it as a process it's got a lot better. But that we can't tell you is risk free. So we trample the symphony 400 miles from Modesto California to Amman Jordan. To see the vetting process. For ourselves. Here in Jordan across the Syrian border there are more than 600000. Syrian refugees in despite the backlash back in the US. So many of them are still desperate for the chance to go to America. Through this doorway we immediately discover the question of humanity. Refugee families already screened by the U win yes I'm. Now wait to be interviewed by the US how many interviews. I'm Cindy fine. So they come through here says Gina custom is with the US State Department products US security screening. For a vetting process that could last two years. We are taken to a hallway lined with small rooms and through the windows. Can see family after family being interviewed how can you possible. We learn everything about a family through an inner. I'd say that the interviewers are very highly trained they are trained to look both not at the documentation but also for the credibility. And behind applicants story erroneously documentation I mean this is Syria. They been at war for years now. What kind of documentation that they have to thank surprisingly. 97%. Of all adult applicants in our pipeline have ballot Syrian documentation. From here they are screened through the terrorist watch list the intelligence database is back in the US. Homeland Security makes the final decision. Other times when women will fly into a particular family and the people absolutely. The applicants actually at the airport and we've had to prevent them from boarding the plane. Tonight the US State Department says of the 840000. Refugees admitted to the US since nine elevenths. It quote tiny fraction of 1% have been arrested or removed because of terrorism concerns. Critics say still too many. Yeah night at inside this room the Syrian families who'd just been cleared for America. Some Hamas like this is cultural orientation. With their taught. About their new home the teacher asks them what to loud in the US and what's forbidden. She shows in the picture of a couple kissing in public it's. And and one. She asks them about drinking in America back to legacy in this biblical. And then she asks about polygamy. I I. I'm asking if it's legal in America. Then. Dissolves and that it what. They began to clap. Listen about America the melting pot the rest are simple question. Which of these faces are mirror. Meet them. Benson Lawson to implement the heat and fiancee. House voted MVP and is little wobbly on us. These families leaving within days how many do you are excited to go to the United States. Give me one word that describes America. To us. The weather chances. For Americans who are worried refugees coming into the US. There Hillman list Hulu want to be want. Stood. You can send. And we wondered if they had any questions for Ross. How does that come and hello to the longtime incumbent months ending June cuisine and we'll take that question when us back to the United States. If we journey across a modified one more family from. We're about to witness the moment. Get their answer their home bombed in Syria. We shall meet their homemade swing in the hallway. The children mr. playground back home this is your playgrounds. The US State Department then tells them. Their next. September 6 pick that. Apple and its. We watched as it sets in and the question for students about music. We showed him on a map Kansas City is a beautiful city you tune to beautiful city and the baseball team they won the World Series a smile from the son who love sports. But we noticed tears from one of the children. Her mother tells us she is sad to leave for friends. Yet again. Didinger joins us now love that line the landed chances get a chance to talk to of the refugees who had a question for Donald Trump that you brought back to this yes we said we would and we interview trump in recent days we asked of us here refugees he said done no more done those were his words Byron. And he went on to say we have no idea if their ice is related. We should point out that Hillary Clinton says that she has long been an advocate for stronger vetting. But her campaign says she continues to support the notion. That we should be accepting Syrian refugees and tell us about little Hala Hala have a little want to remember the beginning she couldn't even say yellow and that class of so daunting for those teachers. You've got to see how this ends our.

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{"duration":"8:49","description":"David Muir travels to Amman, Jordan, to report on the vetting process facing more than 600,000 refugees.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"42240963","title":"Flashpoint: Refugees In America (Part 2)","url":"/Nightline/video/flashpoint-refugees-america-part-42240963"}