From the X Games to the Olympics: Team USA snowboarders hope to win big

Big air snowboarding will make its debut as an Olympic sport at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.
6:30 | 01/27/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for From the X Games to the Olympics: Team USA snowboarders hope to win big
Colorado. Tonight max P just won the big air high above aspen, Colorado. Big air. Next month big air bi becomes a brand new olympic sport. Hold on to your beanies, people. Basically big air consists of style, execution, landing, amplitude and difficulty. This is the big air, 35 degree angle. Couldn't pay me enough to strap on the board to do this. Dheez kids are nuts. I say kids because frankly a lot of them are kids. If she lands this if will be history. She won the X games gold last year at age just 16. Landing cab double cork 1080. Oh, my goodness, ladies and gentlemen, take off your hats and throw them on the ground. First female rider to do it in competition. Switch front side off a jump three full rotations and flip. This is mildly offensive. You don't look like you should be doing this. For sure I look in the mirror sometime and go what am I doing right now. She's going to the olympics on team usa they have a shot at the podium sweep but Austria might steal goal but American can be totally cool with that. It's pretty cool just to make the team now I'm going to just have fun with it. The X games are extreme sport incubator. The X games has a huge influence on my spirit. I think it's the back bone of action sports in snow boarding. Back side rodeo new one for Jamie Anderson. Won her 14th X games medal gold in slope style. One of the oldest at 27 in big air. I'm a favorite and definitely veteran. She's also going to team usa. Going to the olympics, it's a historic and old event, the X games is the Mecca of actions sport. And ??? boarding I think more grand parents know about the X games but the X games is the core of our spirit. Landon Taylor is on the team that built this bemouth. This is the 68 feet they have to cross it get to the landing. That's called a knuckle. Yeah right where this rolls over is what we call the knuckle of the jump. I wouldn't to vomit just looking. It's a long way down. This landing is pretty steep it's at 39 degrees when is really steep, couple saying it is like landing on a pillow. What's the object? It's height. But they also have to do cool stuff. They got a lot of big tricks, this is the biggest show case to do it on. Had jump sends them to the moon. There is no, no one's going to lie, more than a width of danger. When I was 13 I fractured two of my ribs. I've broken my ankle. My wrist. I've hyper extended my elbow at least seven times. Okay. Lots of concussions. Last olympic snow style snowboarding adopted by those more anxious games. A lot of rails and jumps and not only jumps but there's different variations of jumps. Jamie Anderson bagged that inaugural gold. I never thought I'd be an olympian. Never mind a gold medallist. I'm guessing snow bike cross and snow mobile freestyle will never become olympic sports but other sports have crossed over. What other sports have they stolen from you. So it all started they first added super bike in 1998. The favorite for the pipe X games and olympics is 17-year-old California's close cliff. You won three goals already and only 17. Fourth is coming? Maybe. I don't know I want to do the best I can. Half pipe is amazing. We'll see what happens. Feel like I'll land it when it handles. She's known as the next SHAWN white who brought snowboarding to main stream. After the last olympics there's a huge push in the progression of our sport. Snowboarding since the first wibter games in 1997. Big air only in 2001. These sports are still evolving. THA that's part of the spectator thrill. One generation gets to a certain level and next generation comes along and push it's the mark. There's some tricks I didn't think are physically possible. And it's happening. It comes down to? It comes down to skill, practice. At some point you think I you can do it and got to go for it. Back to that back cork 10 80 Haley landed last year. I presume you tried it a lot. Never tried it until two hours before the zpeefrnt whether is this the stupidity of youth. You can call it that for sure, yeah, I don't know, something about being here at X games kind of go, go big or go home. You see that? Big air. Big air! The women's X games big air to guess, that's the beauty. For "Nightline," in aspen, Colorado. X games airs 1:00 P.M. To 6:00 P.M. Tomorrow on ABC and for the rest of the day on our sister network ESPN.

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{"id":52647280,"title":"From the X Games to the Olympics: Team USA snowboarders hope to win big","duration":"6:30","description":"Big air snowboarding will make its debut as an Olympic sport at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.","url":"/Nightline/video/games-olympics-team-usa-snowboarders-hope-win-big-52647280","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}