George Lopez joins forces with Latino organizations to get out the vote

The comedian said he’s gotten more political to highlight the issues his community is facing. “I’m just tired of seeing the community minimized and disrespected,” he said.
7:58 | 10/28/20

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Transcript for George Lopez joins forces with Latino organizations to get out the vote
First place I ever went on stage. First place I ever heard anybody say, if you worked hard you could achieve anything you wanted to do. Reporter: George Lopez is back at his Los Angeles elementary school where the auditorium he first performed in is named after him, a humble start for the man who would go on to lead his own ABC sitcom also bearing his name. Look, doctor, even if I did want to talk about and it my mom was driving me crazy, I'm chicano, we don't believe in therapy. Reporter: Now he's changing that father next door image. He's no longer the George hoe pez you thought you knew. His slicked-back dark hair, today pandemic white. Now bringing a harder, more political edge, performing standup specials on HBO and Netflix with titles like "The wall" and "We'll do it for half." As long as George Lopez is alive, I promise you, I will never, ever let anyone disparage Latinos or Mexicans, as long as I'm alive. You strike an attitude. On the stage, yeah. What changed, in your mind, that changed your act a little bit? The simple answer would be, Donald Trump. When you have a guy who announces his candidacy for president by calling Latinos rapists and criminals and drug dealers. Nobody's covering what we're going through. It's not going to be Bill Maher, it's not going to be anybody, Chris rock, it's not going to be Chappelle. They're talking about their cult are if I don't talk about mine, there's nobody talking about it, whether you like it or not. But I'm George Lopez, and I must. I think I have to. Do you think the conditions and the times we're in are going to motivate the Latino voter more than it has in the past? If it doesn't, man, I'm not sure what will. Reporter: So Lopez is now working to get out the vote. Joe Biden is fantastic. Joe Biden is a great dude. Reporter: Helping the Biden campaign. And joining Latino organizations to reach some of T toughest voters to bring out, Latino males. Fewer than half of eligible Latino voters turned out in the last presidential election. 28% voted for president trump. Some responding to this message on the economy. We had the most successful economy we've ever had. We never had an economy -- African-American, hispanic-american, asian-american, women -- Latinos that are voting are listening, at least, to voting for trump. Why is that? You're going to get Latinos that are going to be trumpers because of their self loading of their own community, and not being reminded where they come from. The minute you start to have a good life, you don't want to be reminded of that life. Reporter: In Florida, the Latino electorate is dominated by the Cuban refugee population who listened to Donald Trump's unsubstantiated claim that Joe Biden and kamala Harris are socialists. These people are crazy. It's now the party of socialists, marxists, and left-wing extremists. I'm voting for Donald Trump because I believe he's the best for America. I believe socialists and communist is the sin. For me, I'm from Cuba, 42 years ago. Reporter: 20% of the voting population in Florida is Latino. Marisa Franco's organization, call me jente, "My people" in England, is part of a campaign there called "Get trump out." Here in Florida, you have people from all over, how people view issues. As you can see, it's been R effective, this idea that the Democrats are socialists. That's been a really dividing issue here. Reporter: In Texas, another hugely important state, some voters agree their community is not monolithic. I have friends who are Republican and Mexican, and we have the same conversations. They're vote hog they vote for. Or democratic, and they vote who they vote for. That's the misconception, we don't all vote the same, and that's what's magical about it. Reporter: There are an estimated 32 million eligible Latino voters in the united early vote be numbers predict a record showing. Veronica torres of hey, chica, focuses on Latinas. We invite people to be a part of something bigger than the vote. It's about the sisterhood, standing behind their positions, to stand up and have their voice heard. Talk about the priorities in the Latino community. The Latino community is reflective of the priorities of the nation. Covid is a the very top of our priorities. Covid has been devastating for our community. So this is Phoenix, right? Reporter: In fact, covid and the trump administration's handling of the pandemic have pushed Hector Sanchez's group, MI Familia vote, normally a nonpartisan get out the vote organization, to cross the line and form Basta trump, in English, "Enough trump." We know this has to end and we're coming out in historical numbers. In early voting, 3 million Latino voters early voting, in comparison to 1.4 Latinos in 2016 at the same time. They say Rome wasn' built in a day. As a chicano, I say, hey, they Hired the wrong people. Reporter: Another focus on the Latino voting public, a work ethic that is a matter of pride. A pride that too often leads to poor medical care. Calling in sick is not in our culture, especially if you're working by the hour or the day. No, especially when you can be replaced. Reporter: As Lopez jokes about in his comedy special on Netflix. We're not trying to live forever, we don't want to go to the doctor, W don't want to know if we're sick. We know. Reporter: More than 25% of pandemic deaths are in the hispanic community. Why is it, do you think, that hispanics are getting it more people? Well, I think they're working closer quarters than anybody. They work more -- they're more condensed. They're there. And there's not a six-feet distance, I don't think. Reporter: There were toilet paper shortages at the supermarket, but the field workers never stopped. Strawberries, lettuce, tomatoes kept coming to the grocery stores. Labor icon Dolores juerte, who stood behind Cesar Chavez organizing farm workers unions, focuses on getting out the vote to protect the vulnerable. People think of farm workers as disposable, not really human, you can get rid of them. This is so wrong when you think of all of the insults and attacks on the Latino community, especially Mexicans. I'm a mexican-american. This is our way, our nonviolent way, to get back at those that attacked us and say, we're not going to take it anymore. This is my vote, this is my power. My vote matters for the people who are in the fields or cleaning the hotels or getting up at 3:00 in the morning, going to work, working two jobs. We played baseball right here. If you hit it into the trees, it was a home run. Reporter: That was years ago. Most of Lopez's home runs come on stage today. He's nearly 60, and like the rest of us, mostly confined to home. His foundation working to raise money for kidney transplants. He had his 15 years ago. Urgingatinos to prioritize their health. I just want people to take better care of themselves. Don't take your health for granted. Don't take any day for granted. Don't take the science for Reporter: And a determination during this life-changing election to stand up for his people, because if he says he's George Lopez -- I love my community, I love Latino people all over the world. Reporter: For "Nightline," I'm Jim Avila in Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"7:58","description":"The comedian said he’s gotten more political to highlight the issues his community is facing. “I’m just tired of seeing the community minimized and disrespected,” he said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"73873163","title":"George Lopez joins forces with Latino organizations to get out the vote","url":"/Nightline/video/george-lopez-joins-forces-latino-organizations-vote-73873163"}