George Zimmerman to Get Gun Back

Why his lawyers say he needs his gun back now "more than ever."
5:26 | 07/16/13

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Transcript for George Zimmerman to Get Gun Back
Thanks to an American sanctity for self defense and a real lack -- clear evidence prosecutors -- -- George Zimmerman would be a tough man to convict. It took six weeks a lot of public pressure -- -- change in local prosecutors. Before he was even arrested. But did the prosecution overreach and try to get it difficult second degree murder conviction. What do they think of his refusal to take the stand and why is -- Lieberman's defense attorney hopeful that he gets his gun back -- ABC's Matt Gutman has been on the story from the start and brings us the latest answers to these questions tonight. We the jury find George -- not guilty. Those two weren't breaking George -- solemnity. Forcing that -- -- -- the courtroom but outside. And protests across the country. We will demand as -- and and end -- glad Bob gun violence on our story. The reaction to George -- acquittal in the shooting death of seventeen year old trade on Martin has been his contentious as the case itself that's -- I know well. But there is mounting criticism that the prosecution over reached. And for hard to prove second degree murder charge doomed to fail when a father -- -- -- before prosecutors spoke exclusively to ABC news. Offering -- narration of what they thought really happened that night. That Zimmerman. Pulled his gun when Martin tried to get off of and that Zimmerman killed him in cold blood. Nobody just get the kinda -- it's a very difficult process that he -- train police officers. When they're on the ground with a suspect on top of them they can't get their -- up that quickly I think there was a struggle. At some point. Trade on became aware that got him as backing up towards Russia. They insist it's the recent -- refuse to take the stand not to us. I pray that he would have the courage to Pakistan but as we all well know he's got the right not to and he make a decision he was afraid to take the stand. The proof is in the putting really take this thing. Why do you think it was that he stories were so inconsistent because his line. -- six female jurors who acquitted the former neighborhood watchman have remained silent. Until tonight when one of them spoke to Anderson Cooper on CNN. I think George is -- men. Is a man whose heart was in the right place. We just got displaced by the vandalism in the neighborhoods. And one teen to catch these people so badly. That he went above and beyond what he really should have done I think his heart was in the right place it just went terribly wrong. -- 37 has also linked to deal with the literary agent. Intends to write a book in which the reader will learn why the jurors had no option but the -- Zimmerman not guilty. Tonight Zimmerman is a free man police have removed a GPS tracking device from his ankle. And could even get his gun back the same kill tec nine pistol he used to kill trip on -- Should George Zimmermann. Be allowed to carry a weapon. Very careful. -- -- right circumstance it's the law allows an awful lot of people to carry guns. That doesn't mean hell should but his defense attorney Marco -- says Zimmerman needs the weapon now more than ever I think he feels about guns now. I think that he feels truly in his taught that if it did not have that weapon that night he might not be here city think he would. If you could -- -- carry -- -- again yes even more reason now isn't your normal people out there were actually -- him so they shouldn't. Anger soaring today at the annual NAACP convention and held less than thirty miles from -- -- -- Morton was killed -- -- friends. Killing. With nothing are. Then a modern. Day managing the convention turning into a referendum -- -- unarmed teenagers dead -- salmon man. -- The judge. The jury. And the execution. Of an innocent shop Morton Stanley attorney Benjamin Crump was also there are urging the federal government to take action. We are not vocal and vigilant. -- I can tell you. Cherry bombs -- will be swept under the wrote. However last July the FBI released documents showing that racial bias was not a factor in the shooting. Today attorney general Eric Holder didn't promise any specific action. I believe that this tragedy provides yet another opportunity for our nation to speak honestly. About the complicated. And emotionally charged issues. That this case has raised Zimmerman faces the possibility of a civil suit from a -- -- Martin's family. Which -- parents were said to be considering. I think there may be number civil suits I would be very surprised if any of civil -- -- propped against tourism and and we won't allow them on. Mr. simmons' -- the -- others. -- -- And. Displayed only heated emotions this morning trade on Morton Stanley -- they hope the country will collectively find a way to -- And change just -- -- -- could have been anyone in America's baby how do you think this would have ended. George -- not had a gun I can tell you -- wouldn't abandon it would've ended with a -- seventeen year old kid. For Nightline -- Matt -- in Sanford Florida.

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{"id":19675695,"title":"George Zimmerman to Get Gun Back","duration":"5:26","description":"Why his lawyers say he needs his gun back now \"more than ever.\"","url":"/Nightline/video/george-zimmerman-gun-back-19675695","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}