George Zimmerman in Trouble Again

After being acquitted of murder in the Trayvon Martin killing, Zimmerman has had many run-ins with the law.
3:00 | 11/20/13

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Transcript for George Zimmerman in Trouble Again
zimmerman shortly after being found not guilty in the trayvon martin murder case, would try to lay low, stay out of sight. Not this former neighborhood watch volunteer. He was in court again today, accused of assaulting his latest girlfriend. And released on bond. Staying on the radar even when he is not getting caught speeding. And yes that's happened too. Here's abc's matt gutman. Reporter: If it feels like you have seen this before that's because you have. George zimmerman tonight, walking out of the seminole county jail with a bail bondsman, 502 days since the last time bonded out of hereafter being charged in the high profile murder of trayvon martin. Earlier today sweat beaded on his forehead. A judge explained the new charges against the shackled zimmerman including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The prosecutor claiming zimmerman battered his new girlfriend and held a cocked shotgun to her head all allegedly heard in the 911 call. My glass table, broke my sunglasses and put the gun in my freaking face. Reporter: According to police, zimmerman shoved his girlfriend, and today prosecutors say the fight which turned ugly wasn't the only time he laid hand on her. The victim indicated there was a prior domestic violence incident that occurred a week and a half ago that involved a choking. That she did didn't report to the police. Reporter: According to prosecutors during one of the arguments, zimmerman apparently mentioned taking his own life. Threatening to commit suicide. Reporter: Perhaps a hint of hopelessness in zimmerman's 911 call monday after the altercation with his girlfriend. I just want, everyone to know the truth. Okay. The officers can speak with you on scene. Have you spoken with them? No, they're pretty upset. I think. Reporter: Police say zimmerman barricaded the door of his girlfriend any house, kicking her out. Refusing police to enter once she called them. The officers are upset. Banging on the door and window. Reporter: His 911 call increasingly controversial, zimmerman using it to document his side of the story. I took great exception to george zimmerman using 911 to tell the world his side of the story. 911 is not his personal stenographer. The judge today temporarily stripping him of his right to bear arms, apparently several of them. Abc news learned that police removed four weapons allege lead belonging to zimmerman, including an assault rifle and shotgun. Zimmerman's new attorney, said zimmerman would likely get his guns back once exonerated. He maintained his innocence. I can tell you that. Reporter: An arsenal that may have grown since unknown neighborhood watchman shot and killed 17-year-old martin in the gated community where zimmerman lived. And martin was staying. But even after his high profile, five-weektion nationally televised trial, the controversial acquittal. Not guilty. Zimmerman hardly seemed to stay low. His past few months a pageant of mug shots and police video. One weapons charge. Two domesticated relations. And three traffic violations. All within the space of four months. In fact, there is a virtual video gallery of his run-ins with cops. You went by me, the tag cover. You have the tinted tag cover on. I stopped you for speed. Reporter: His recent round of troubles began in july when trouble seemed to find him. He and another driver came across a rolled over suv at this florida highway interchange. They stopped and rushed to help the family trapped in the ford explorer. There were not one, not two, but three traffic stops. One for overly tinted windows in september. Two for speeding. Legal analysts tell us speeding wasn't the wisest choice with some one like zimmerman's pre final. If zimmerman were one of my defense clients. I would tell him drive ten miles under the speed limit. Keep both hand on the wheel in the proper position. Stay away from any one who will point their finger at you. Reporter: In september, a more serious incident. Started with a 911 call. This one from estranged wife shellie zimmerman. He is going to shoot us. He punched my dad in the nose. My dad has a mark on his face. Glasses on the floor. He accosted my father. Took my ipad out of my hand and smashed it. Cut it. And with a pocketknife. Reporter: Moments later police arrived prepared for a hostage situation. Police say they had their guns drawn and were carrying ballistic shields. Zimmerman seen here in the plaid shirt and sunglasses was questioned by police, later released and never charged. We are trying to figure out who touched whom, whose allegations belong to whom? Shellie zimmerman announced she wouldn't beep pressing charges. Prosecutors dropped the case. But zimmerman would not leave her home. Tonight it is unclear where zimmerman who has no permanent address will go. It seems the only certainty in his life is his next court date. January 7. Back in the seminole county courthouse. For "nightline," matt gutman in sanford, florida.

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{"id":20947016,"title":"George Zimmerman in Trouble Again","duration":"3:00","description":"After being acquitted of murder in the Trayvon Martin killing, Zimmerman has had many run-ins with the law.","url":"/Nightline/video/george-zimmerman-trouble-20947016","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}