Gigi Gorgeous, her fiancee Nat Getty on engagement, having kids and her new book

The YouTube star opens up about the struggles she and her fiancÃ(c)e have faced trying to start a family and all the milestones she's hit since "Nightline" last spoke to her in 2016.
6:31 | 04/05/19

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Transcript for Gigi Gorgeous, her fiancee Nat Getty on engagement, having kids and her new book
She's the glamorous voluptuous star on YouTube. A blonde bombshell in designer dresses sparkly heels and her own customized mustang. Gorgeous GG gorgeous winning over millions of fans bike on the police genetically 100%. Percent. You're not the same person every day you keep changing and growing and evolving attack me my supporters extract. At the end of the day today I'll allow me to share share she started out more than a decade ago in the early days of UT. As a gay Canadian boy named Gregory. Perhaps over sharing details about life that ought to be eaten through the long and sometimes painful transition to become the 26 year old woman she is today. Have been on hormones now her here. GG's life has always been an open book and now she's finally written one. He said she set lessons stories and mistakes from my transgender journey you write about the past two. Becoming a woman was is not just surgical but that its emotional more than anything it's actually emotional and you can change your nose you can change your chest. You can change everything about yourself but if you're not happy with really who you are. No surgeries can help you know a lot of money. The book is part glitzy photo shoot part intimate diary but the need to glam some soul searching confessions. As a club to Armenia you have a serious face it was it was definitely a huge problem in what what is that come from what what was it. I think it was just being really and hockey and then I got addicted and couldn't stop and so you were stealing mostly make up. Yeah at a point you were stealing something every day I was stealing every day for an entire year I feel like. I needed to make my mistakes to become who I am today and I wouldn't change anything I don't I don't have any regrets. Per sang. I never knew why I stole I thought it was as simple as I wanted more make up it's so much deeper than not and I would've never. Ever addressed that if I didn't have to put pen to paper and write he said she sat. In the book she spares no. A lot of guys yeah it way is a huge part of my life that's how I felt validation and I really thought I needed that street guide to feel. The most feminine and possible and excepted. The bent out of the blue she fell in love with a woman. That's Getty and cheese and number one fan so everything she doesn't lessen the us the sister what do you love about teaching. I think it's like her act and apologetic. Way of just being 100%. Chichi after jiji fell for Nazi came out once again to her fans it's. From this point former ask a let me tell you about your journey to. Coming out if it's the right word as lesbian. My growth and went hiker lap I've felt most comfortable at the label when I came out as a lesbian it was because I'd fallen with a lot of my life. And she's the one that I was ready. And I wasn't a free to hide anymore. She did receive like a lot of I and a lot of negativity. But I think they Gigi was. Really true to herself when she decided to like lettering Alec hand lesbian like this this man. After almost two years of dating that's proposed on a whirlwind trip to Paris which GG shared on her channel. Authorities. Three the wedding it's pleaded for July the ring and scored. Which is fitting for TID cards exactly both want to start a family. You know we talked about motherhood what you guy who what does that look like I mean it here you are again like London I have kids and have a really. How white picket fence evidently yeah. Yeah it really scenes like kids being accused but. Now it's kind of all it can think about but as a transgender lesbian couple having a baby. Is complicated if I could get pregnant I would get price that and a man that. I would do it and I would love it but that's something that god just didn't give me ands. Then have to find where that. The couple says planning for a child involves seeing a fertility specialist and for GG stopping her estrogen hormones in order to produce viable sperm. In hopes of fertilizing her fiance is angst. Gigi she shared every excruciating. Often embarrassing detail of her sperm sample on YouTube but what it literally looked at each event black. I was like I'm here are my sperm donation should think I'm sorry. Your sperm donation after all blacks the crushing years she basically and yeah Tanya like the worst news ever got my change sperm count was really really well. It turned out not to be so easy because I've been on hormones for so long so. Getting that news back back I cats. Produced. Was very hard for me because I already had to go through the situation of not being able to get Agnes because they don't have eggs so it's kind of like beating you down twice. This stuff is for eight sickly people who problems in that area to boost your sperm count Gigi who have to take to tossed around so be like completely undoing like. Everything she's worked so hard to achieve so sick I can't. And wouldn't want to ops her but the couple vowed to become parents one way or another. We're gonna make it work and it's going to be amazing that I can't wait to see like what kind of Stanley we get to build together where does the future little old couple du fifty years from now what does that look like. Primary season and on yeah I feel like if you see any Munich. What I think is so amazing about it Gigi in. Anyone like us together like as a pair as a couple in their relationship. Is. No matter what we're doing it's me supporting her her supporting me and what ever and averaged just like. Weary team and we had so much fun together so like I can't wait to simulate what life continues next it adds. Blake hazards can throw back yet.

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{"duration":"6:31","description":"The YouTube star opens up about the struggles she and her fiancÃ(c)e have faced trying to start a family and all the milestones she's hit since \"Nightline\" last spoke to her in 2016.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"62189393","title":"Gigi Gorgeous, her fiancee Nat Getty on engagement, having kids and her new book","url":"/Nightline/video/gigi-gorgeous-fiance-nat-getty-engagement-kids-book-62189393"}