Gun Violence Victims, Survivors Share Thoughts After Newtown Massacre

From Aurora to Virginia Tech, victims of mass shootings explain how their lives were changed.
3:00 | 12/21/12

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Transcript for Gun Violence Victims, Survivors Share Thoughts After Newtown Massacre
The names themselves -- the echo of tragedy a rural Colorado. Oak Creek Wisconsin the campus of Virginia attack. Tonight we ask those who -- caught in the cross hairs and those who lost loved ones. To share their solution it's. This is trying to keep my head down and just couldn't hear you know them a methodical. Banging. Of the gun just think this booming noise. Maybe at least one or two shots every second. Right after he's exhausted the shock and he went to his assault rifle. A sustained wounds and my face and neck my chest. An arms. A total of two dozen -- -- it's. I got a phone call from my brother my brother goes. Somebody's opened fire at the temple. My father alongside five other beautiful people were shot and murdered in our congregation -- Oak Creek Wisconsin the losses. And hence not only for the family but the community. Because he -- is the person that would galvanize the Indian population in that area. I picked up myself and an M police have mommy I've been -- she says they're shooting shooting all of their shooting all over. My daughter finally got to bullet shots to the back of her head. -- that was likely the ricocheting that about a half an inch thanks for. The younger brother. Texted me and basically said family emergency you know call me and I called him and he said. Dad's been shot. It is harder for day. And it's avoid you know it's it's really a whole. In my heart whenever friends said in my -- -- -- quote now she made the ordinary extraordinary. She was shot. In the head and killed the world lost a beautiful. -- Beautiful girl. My stomach completely -- shocked and angry it's almost like. PT -- comes back like you're staring at it and you struggling -- -- crying you know what is it gonna take for people. To want to address this issue -- as a nation. But to think this is enough. To me I mean that the most important thing to address is is that done we can do a 100% background checks. We can make getting -- -- as hard as getting a driver's license back -- -- provisions. A ban -- high capacity magazines limited air fifteen live with the round of limited availability of ammunition background -- should include some sort of mental. -- of competitive. My husband's gun I am for responsible gun ownership which means responsible -- -- -- grieving today but we need to be organizing tomorrow and that it is crucial. I'd like for the American people to take the responsibility of change in our gun culture. Call your senators call your congressman and tell him you're not gonna take you want some action we all have a responsibility to make sure that this doesn't happen again. And that no other family has to do here about. The shooting death of a -- to prevent.

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{"id":18041667,"title":"Gun Violence Victims, Survivors Share Thoughts After Newtown Massacre","duration":"3:00","description":"From Aurora to Virginia Tech, victims of mass shootings explain how their lives were changed.","url":"/Nightline/video/gun-violence-victims-survivors-share-thoughts-newtown-massacre-18041667","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}