Hundreds of Bikers Snarl Miami Rush Hour

Bikers weaved around traffic and popped wheelies, as "Nightline" explores the high-risk thrill of a highway shutdown.
7:29 | 01/21/15

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Transcript for Hundreds of Bikers Snarl Miami Rush Hour
It has happened again. A hoard of bikers heating the streets of a major American city. This time it was Miami. It's become an escalating battle between bikers and police. And tonight juju Chang wades straight into the fray. Reporter: It's a ride giving new meaning to the term "Rush hour." Hundreds of bikers swarming freeways around south Florida. Speeding, stunting, even standing on their bibs in midair, creating potential hazards. A joy ride they say, to honor mar tine Luther king. It brings everybody together. Reporter: Popping wheelies. Right there you can see a woman barely hanging on. All these antics both terrifying and infuriating commuters along their route. Most people just stopped and froze. Reporter: The ride triggered one minor injury but police in miami-dade county decided not to chase the riders fearing a hot pursuit might only escalate the dangers. Puts the officer at risk and puts the person being pursued at risk. Just a recipe for disaster. Reporter: But the bikers say they're riding in the spirit of nonviolence. Put the gun down and come together. Reporter: Bikes up, guns down. The crowd bubbled up thanks in part to social media. The call for peace, a far cry from the violence that occurred during a similar stunt ride on a New York City highway. A group of bikers blocked traffic. The panicked motorist drives over a biker and seriously injuries him. The bikers take pursuit and after this video ends pulling him from his car and beaten in front of his wife and toddler. Now everybody across the nation thinks there's a back of bikes it's a bunch of hooligans. Reporter: They invited us along to give us an inside view of why they find these stunt rides so thrilling. What's the thrill of doing that out on the open road? You're not supposed to do it. People don't see how stunt riding is more of an art form, a true sport now. You look at some of these guys. They can manipulate a machine to its core. Reporter: Are you a menace to society? No. Can I at sometimes be a pain in the authority's ass? Yes. Ready? Reporter: Ready. Here we go. Just a nice way of getting an adrenaline rush without having to do something completely stupid like rob a bank or something. Reporter: Along with hundreds of fellow riders, they're about to try to shut down one of Charleston's most iconic landmarks, the bridge. They call it the chuck town shutdown. Unlike the bikers in Miami, Chad knows the police are looking for any excuse to disrupt their ride. The highway is no place to do a stunt. Reporter: Law enforcement here in Charleston monitoring social media to keep tabs on the bikers' plans. All it takes is one tiny thing and we've got a ten-car pile-up. Reporter: On the morning of the shutdown, some of the bikers are worried about getting arrested. Got money in case I need to get bailed out. Reporter: Many of these riders have been here before. Everything that I live for, everything that I die for. This smi life. We're going to ride together from here. Anybody makes any contact, get on the radio and let us know that you have a group so we can get people there quicker. Everybody is going. Ladies and gentlemen, be safe, be careful. You don't want to spread out on the interstate, please. I feel good. Beautiful day. Out riding a motorcycle. Can't beat that. The helicopter's slow. Our bikes go a lot faster. Got about 15 cops sitting up the road from us. Reporter: This is a confrontation brewing. ? Reporter: If the police can't arrest them for simply wanting to shut down the bridge, they start pulling over bikers for any traffic violation. They got to come up with something. What happened? Reporter: As the police begin to infiltrate, the ride breaks up into smaller groups taking different routes. The group led by Chad and Waylon are the first to reach the highway. The cops think they're ahead of the game. They think they know where we're going and what we're doing. We're just rerouting our stuff right now. That's all. The group is now catching up. They're starting to bunch back up. Reporter: A half hour into the ride, the bikers have regrouped and can see the bridge. Reporter: If the bikers do nothing on the bridge, law enforcement moves to the front. Suddenly, police converge on a lead biker with an exposed weapon. They surrounded me. . . It's nerve-racking. You got a lot of motorcycles. Reporter: How is your blood pressure? Good, I'm legal. Reporter: But the pullover stops the momentum. It effectively puts an end to the shutdown. We really wanted to have some fun on the streets, but they came with a really strong opposing force. My goal was for no one to get injured, nobody hurt, no crashes. It's not like we robbed a bank or murdered anybody. We did a wheelie, we ran a stoplight, we sped. Big deal. Reporter: The overwhelming police presence may have kept things in check for Charleston. A thing for Miami Miami authorities to keep in mind for next time.

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{"duration":"7:29","description":"Bikers weaved around traffic and popped wheelies, as \"Nightline\" explores the high-risk thrill of a highway shutdown.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"28367055","title":"Hundreds of Bikers Snarl Miami Rush Hour","url":"/Nightline/video/hundreds-bikers-snarl-miami-rush-hour-28367055"}