Hurricane Florence closes in on the Carolina coast

The entire region is under a state of emergency as a catastrophic storm surge threatens to reach up to 13 feet.
8:37 | 09/14/18

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Transcript for Hurricane Florence closes in on the Carolina coast
Breaking news as weome on air. Millions of Americans hunkering down along the Cina coast bracing for round one of muday onslaught from huicanflorence. Thrgantuan storm set 500usts topping 1 miles an hour. Add that torntial rains. But all eyes are O that dangerous storm surgelready hitting ten feet I parts carolina. Abchief meteorologist ginger zee Joi U now from wiln where she's been trackthe Orm. What are you seeing? Right he I Wilmington, we're G onbohour seven of not just the oer bands but getting cr to the enter of that storm, Florence closing inn us here. You can see behind M obviouslywinds, gusts to 53 miles per ho remember, we're on the left side it. Us, alrey. Stting to fl the G right no the last ce of hours our po flickered in and out. Went away forple of hours. Has about 150,000 of our neighbors' power. LE show youhaning he ts hour. It is east of mg north and west at 6 miles phour. Ere's a tornadoch up. The land and you're going to have little spin-u. That's onef threats, of course. On top O wind ts dangero but the WER that cld kill with this storm. The T is S important because the slow-d that almost stationary then making landfall later thising,e're talking about somewhere sound A.M. So. Just north and east O where we're at it willrackinland and sti be arainmakerhrough th week so it will eventually get rid O the storm surge threat which is stillon,y the Y, and you said up to 10ady. Some of thosetota 30 to 40 juju. Clearly the surge what eryone's keepingir on. Ginger zee in wilmingt thanks. Statewid pesre plunging more than 160,000 customer into darkness. 12 are aea pack io storm shelters. Aby robach is in wilmon out on the marina. It here now? The rain, we're getting wind with wind G here thing too severe but all eyes on the mar behindme. We H the cape fear river. There been a lot of concerns that thiser will flood this downtown area of Wilmington, historicarea, and so many people have boa up wi sandbags. Fran of peoe hav ft town, andhat is certainly good thing.we were walking around downtown L day as the storms started to come in. It truas a ghost town. This is nor austling area with a lot ofresidents. We've certainly been hearing abouhisrmore time and many residenook hee andnow we'reee thisome . And truly about end speedt we're at a category 1rr a lotfeo are pointing T. The rain and the water worried about. We know that we're a hig tide righ but the another high tide com at noon an teoplere concernedhe real flooding isace. We're gng to be keeping a N everything happening here along the cape fear rer and further a thecoast. We're abo0 minutes the coast here in ington. Lutely, an iimpressed that yying healtll as stang safe, Amy. 'V B watching people prep for this storm for days now. Orter: THAs rit, and people really have been heedinge warnings this wny fact 7,000 pet a local hospital who are inritical need of poey have the WER go out at some these hospitals be life Su they needlectricityo stayalive. And so there are workers here ready to go, to pump that water of soline a theeaase power goes th are expecng that to possibly in fact, W just S a power icker. W it. T per just went out right . This sheer the rolling power outages who de to stay alivet some of those hospitals. So manyple at work here at the Reary to make sur that people stay sa, they STA alduring Thi storm as it neere for T next severeople are saying days here Wilmington. Stay fe, Amy rach from wilmingt north than. Across the regionveryonem diary residents to first responrs a thousds of members of national gua have been bracing for F tonight as hurricane Flore on southeast, fierce winds andlentless waves bea down on rolinas. ABC's Victor oque is right the thickit. Near T mouth of new R, runsrom the coast upgh the city of Jacksonville, North Carolina. Just take a look areg right over this dock. A lot of Thi it is going to B pus inland and it will fora long Ni this is kitty hawk pier. Thesmassive waves keep wind gustsf 70-mi-p. This is the beginng. Elier T the hurricane's outer crashing ashore. Atth Caroli's barrier islands north topsill beach, waves crashingou this home, knoing down wa water surrounding homes. G door ashed. In Avon, strong waves hmered this pier. And ifris, ocean water flowed like a river cape hatterasierdrive, washg motels, fish ashore. Authorities have warned it's certain T ts region will see catastrhi flooding. In totals predicted to reach nches or . Aoot storm surge expected emergey personne have been thousands National Guard called up. Our David was with Wilmington's police. I see biblicalroportion flood event. There iselpoming fromll over the country. Author telng residents to prepare for days without power, pes weeks. They also fear hri could flood some 16 nuclei reaction three states. Some 12,000 are in shelters already. They are O ef the storm Hou away. Behind us sea riv looking angrier by the ho. We'vead bands of rain and destructivs for severaurs now. Nd everyone he ground preparing for impact. Florence is still ours away as the cenr of T swirling most incs towas coastline, slowing to a L. Let'bring inam Chan on. This is aum bet, Sam. Yet downgrad T a category 1. We shouldn't be lulled into a false sense of set? Don'tk at the number. The number has to do if we said 1 was 90es an hour,ht be 100 miles an The's not tt big difference on wind. This storm is going B in one place hours. And may a fullday. We may not see the cr of T eye of this storm makingoint of lanl by noo morrow, may not even maket by and so unt tt eye makes T land, O of our bigst concerns is G to be storm E. Then everything else. We've had tornado, flooding. Let's talk about the storm surge little bit. These are the numberse're ING at, 7 to 11 is the top right now, Bute're going over that number bas on the slow movement of this Orm. Eem with thearolina Ast, I meanorth Carolina and South Carolina, it I load withll these ltl bays, estuaries,inlets, rivers that wellinlandles and miles. 60100 inland. So that's go toe the flooding in. If youk those arws are going,he wind directi pusheshat water right U the coastline and inland. Th's going to notust total flooding but push that water inland with the rivers as T is why there a wa threatening flti Sam champion, stay withus. We'll be back right after embracthe chance of 100% cle S taltz.

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{"duration":"8:37","description":"The entire region is under a state of emergency as a catastrophic storm surge threatens to reach up to 13 feet.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57817555","title":"Hurricane Florence closes in on the Carolina coast","url":"/Nightline/video/hurricane-florence-closes-carolina-coast-57817555"}