Inaugural Balls: The Celebs, the Glamour, the Music

Star-studded events honoring the president feature big names and Michelle's stunning Jason Wu gown.
3:00 | 01/22/13

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Transcript for Inaugural Balls: The Celebs, the Glamour, the Music
-- after a day of pomp and circumstance a night of celebration just a short time ago the famous the well connected and the lucky. -- their last dance at the inaugural balls despite all the stars -- turned out in force the night belonged. To the obamas and the first -- -- -- gather tonight claimed its place. In fashion history here's ABC's -- -- -- -- Their first dance that's. Time around the only two official balls this year practically -- steer by inaugural standards. Obama is -- -- and they still don't know how. -- party in the -- Police say he's. And Stevie Wonder played -- crowd of thousands. Donors and devote -- all decked out in black tie and -- whole lot of sparkle. But the celebrities ceding the spotlight for the real stars of the night the president and the First Lady. And well the day was all about Barack Obama some may. The -- the quality of our president but nobody disputes the quality of -- First -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Was all about this -- Mrs. Obama wowed in a -- colored chiffon and building down late season flu. Same designer she worked for years ago at the last inauguration. A. Alone. Back then she delighted the fashion world by stepping out onstage in a white dress -- -- and little known designer. That was always -- his career skyrocketed. Any time mrs. Obama -- He's a fashion designers. And it's not necessarily the case that it happens with every person waiting but it would certainly -- with mrs. Obama should -- the magic touch. From behind it was all about that sexy low back. Back from France check out his name. I do believe the banks -- something of a metaphor. And it sends a very -- -- sound and symbols force on concern and I think she looks wonderful. Call it Michelle 2.0. Fir first four years of the White House made her -- style icon. This is Obama's style has really changed the game for women in America. Because mrs. Obama sent a message that you can dress on a budget. The brewers tonight stressed was hardly a -- of the -- -- and. Yeah. And they didn't look so bad himself. This is after all Washington's biggest night out a chance for these diehard Democrats to break out their best green. But what's a girl to do if she finds herself faced little fashion emergencies smack in the heart of the nation's capital. -- room service of course inside the lobby of one of the city's fanciest hotels. Is a luxury goods empire for VIPs. Who want pick up some last minute finery and second high dollar donors we're talking about what I don't know about. And as -- big idea at the united Martha's legal is the general manager of the Neiman Marcus store in DC. She gave us a tour of their pop up shot inside the Saint Regis don't tell -- where they're selling everything from. Absent high is -- -- got. First then all. And accurately NASA. To us thinks this is required that it is under a lot of those dresses but even jeweled handbags this -- personal set you back. More than five greens. He'll look to -- the clippers nets. Wants to answer that it. But she says she sold one of them this weekend not to mention a few first inning stole is -- inaugural ball essentials she says. Because the lines for the coat -- stretch on for miles everybody's gonna have a little red fox in the enrollment spots but this is nice -- with their pick out of but well Barack Obama once envisioned an America where there are no red states or Blue States at the inaugural ball at least. The country is he -- Do you see Clinton's got -- Not you know mom. But the hottest ticket of the we -- is still to come. Tomorrow night the president hosts his campaign staff at a private party where they'll be serenaded by. Lady Gaga after that it's time to get down to the business of running the country in the past it's more about wanting -- -- -- -- -- -- Nightline I'm Cecilia Vega in Washington.

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{"id":18281287,"title":"Inaugural Balls: The Celebs, the Glamour, the Music","duration":"3:00","description":"Star-studded events honoring the president feature big names and Michelle's stunning Jason Wu gown.","url":"/Nightline/video/inaugural-balls-celebs-glamour-music-18281287","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}