Inside the collaboration between music superstars Sting and Shaggy

The two were brought together through a longtime friend and music industry executive, and their initial jam session turned into a whole album.
7:15 | 04/13/18

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Transcript for Inside the collaboration between music superstars Sting and Shaggy
We're like the magnificent two. We've just aed in town. Reporter: The popegend G and the Jamaican reggae shaggy have become close friends. ?????? This is W Y get your grows E? Take a base Reporter: Here they are together in the quiet suburbs of New York City near shaggy's personal recordingudio. This is the most unusual thing. Are you sting? Afraid so. You're going to be embarrassed because that's shaggy. That's shaggy? Shaggy! Somebody take this! Somebody please! Eporter: The two came together to cborate on a single. ?????? ??? don'take me wait ??? Reporr: "Don't make M wait," blending genres O rock and reggae for a fresh new sound. ??? True love true L ??? ??? it didn't take me long to fall ineith your mind ??? Not a Pai iessarily would have seen coming. How did ithappen? Were you surprised? I'm a little surprised. That's theintention. That was our intention. When you choose the kind of C you're G to do next, you want trpse people. This pairing is odd but when you hear the music, you will be surprised again and then you'll think, well that isn't so surprising. Because theyblther. In a veryarkableway. Tarly pe records, Y kn, had very heavy reggae influence. Roxanne ??? Reporter: Like theirsive hit "Roxanne." ??? You don't have to put the red light ??? Reporter: And the driving pulsef "Message in atle." ???Sage in a bottle ??? Reporter: Shaggyd more than 20 million albums worldwide. ??? including "Boombastic" in 1995 this is O studio. In T very room, I've produced all my hits. All these res. I would have thought that would have hned in Jamaica. No.e thing AUT doing it in jamaicis, it ish a relaxed place that I'm not going to want to work. You know what I mean? I'm goio want to be oe beach. Smoking. Yes, ING. Reporter: The two were brought together through a long-time fri and music industry executive. ?????? ??? don't make me Wai ??? Reporter: Their initial jam serned into whole album. He , by the way, sting is coov like, pf, whatever. He walked in. Shaggy, so a hit , produce me -- This is you imitating sting? Yes, me imitating sting. T'sot a very good impressi He waslike, show me what to do. And I was tied. This is 100 million selling guy with 16 am you know. But he was -- L a kid in a candy store and that connect me. Owtrash talng is there? A F amount. Was goingny any. But you know. Istand there's a little of competion about who has regrammys? Well, there'so competition, really. Why you got tong that up? Iy have that one right there, rig How many his guy have? He doe know. 16. Rable. 16 or something like that? It doesn't ryan any. Easy fou to say. Easy, veryasy for Meo sa It's obvious to me having been around you guys for a very shortiod of time thatou do get alone Ohyeah. And you can't fake you can't E engineerit,either. It's just kf luck. Ah it . It's almosik the universe is ins. And even makinalbum lf, there was no time W really argued about anything. We're always in the ballpark. When thereanything, the compros really simple. Orter: It was a lit harder to compromise their tive process. It was the first time made Ecord where I got in the morning, I W to his Hou for breakfast, and start work like any nor office guy. Ne happened to me before. Normally my process is, we STA at 2:00 A.M. In thin by the way, early? I'm Al on time. Thight here? That's the nexlevel. I was a milkman'sson, he'd get me up before school to deliver milk. If we'reposed to be downstairs at , he's from E that's weird. I'm just letting you K okay? St letting you know. I said,yo, stin I'm a military man, I'm Alwan time.w if you're on ti you're late." Justfy weird. He's not fighting back S me -- Becausee knows. T's rulous. He knows. Punctuality is theiff kings. Reporter: New S title, "44/876," a nod T sting and shaggy's respective country codes. The lyrics are filled wit political unones like the song "Dreaming in the usa."??? you're dre of the usa it's N easy you're loo for anotheray ??? We're bot immigran he's from make character I'mm Britain. Ande came hereause we LE this country, because we value what thisntry repres. We both feelt those things we value aboutca career threat. It's really a love letter to the United States. Repor the message, departure from stin iconic love song shag highly sexually suggestive hits such as "I'te." ??? It wasn'tn had her a the shower it wasn't me ??? ??? she even caught me on camera wasn't me ??? Thi guy's put ore racy stuff in the past. Me? Real Wasn't me! Exac exactly. Moral parables, you have to lis very carefully. That was said with nothing buspect.seriously. But thislbum hasom very nny messages. Peopled a E. People need a sense of wanting to get U the mng. Entertain. And then inform underneath th This is whewan the U. Marine I fought in first gulf wa the values that we're fighting protect, you know, are vs that I fought for. So if I see it's threaten I an have somethio say about theporter: Both artists are long-time philaopists. For 17 years sh been do going raising funds for th only children's hospital in the Cal city of a, Kingston. I invited stiown. Come and raise money F them, their sixthinstallment. He came. We had 15,000 people. And we raised close to$1 million. Busting's first time playing in jamaica I heard a lot ofy successful songs in Jamaica. I felt I had some kind debt and this helped me feel like token gift of thanks, really, to the island. Reporter: A debt hes repaying to the people of a T music fans here. Foghine," this is Dan Harris in New York.

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{"duration":"7:15","description":"The two were brought together through a longtime friend and music industry executive, and their initial jam session turned into a whole album. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"54436760","title":"Inside the collaboration between music superstars Sting and Shaggy ","url":"/Nightline/video/inside-collaboration-music-superstars-sting-shaggy-54436760"}