Inside the Real 'Nashville': Young Stars Chasing Fame

Country music's mecca draws a new generation of performers willing to leave childhood behind.
12:04 | 09/26/13

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Transcript for Inside the Real 'Nashville': Young Stars Chasing Fame
If you have ever had the good fortune to wander into tootsie's or roberts or listen to the bussinger on lower broadway, you know nashville may hold more musical talent per square foot than anywhere outside carnegie hall stage. Lured by the star is born plot lines we see in abc's nashville, dreamers unload their guitar cases there on a daily basis. What does it really take to make it in music city? Abc's juju chang met one rising star who is risking everything for one big shot. Reporter: We are backstage at the grand ole opry, moments away from showtime. With two of country music's unlikely new stars. Do you still get nervous? Yes. The big red curtain goes up on the tuesday night opry. Reporter: It is a school night, but it is time to go to work with mom and dad as their entourage. Would you welcome lennon and mazie. Reporter: Their cover of the lum ne hit is the most viewed this year. We knew they were talented. I didn't think I would be dealing with it this early. ♪ ♪ Reporter: The 14 and 9-year-old sisters take center stage as the youngest stars of tv's nashville. They're amazing. It is so awesome. Really, really, happened so quick. It has been such a blessing. An overnight success thanks to a show that makes being discovered look so easy. I'll make you a deal. You get three songs together. I will cut the demo for you myself. That is amazing. ♪ Just another picture to burn ♪ Reporter: Add to that, country mega stars like taylor swift fanning the flames drawing a jen rationgeneration of hopefuls to the music city. To find out what lures them, we spent a week in nashville, meeting kids, filling casting calls, lining up, dreaming of stardom. ♪ Not going nowhere ♪ either a rock star or degree in musical theater. Reporter: Willing to do just about anything. I can whistle. To sacrifice even their childhood for a long shot chance at fame and fortune. Casting coach regina moore has her eye on a new talent, an eager teenager chasing feign. My name is anna. I'm an aspiring country music singer. Reporter: She left her family and childhood friend behind hoping to be nashville's next breakout star. We meet up with her just 24 hours before a once in a lifetime opportunity. I haven't seen her in a year. I know she has been working really hard at it. Yes, she is so much more comfortable performing. Amazing. You have blossomed a lot. This is where dreams come true. To help her chase her dreams, mom quit her own job and left her husband and daughter back in south carolina. Why cried every time we would leave south carolina. Reporter: Together they moved here to nashville. Renting a tiny apartment over a friend's garage. This is our bedroom. We call it the famous house. Everybody who lived here at some point has a record deal. Now a lucky break she thinks may get her there. Thanks to a songwriting friend she landed a gig at nashville's bluebird cafe. It is less than five hours away. A very big opportunity. She has no idea who may walk in, off the street, that is a producer, writer, who ever. Reporter: The legendary club where garth brooks was discovered. Hey, y'all, I am taylor. I just moved here six months ago. And this is my first time playing at the bluebird. Reporter: Where a 14-year-old unknown, named taylor swift landed her first record deal. And the nightclub is so key to the nashville story line, that the tv show has painstakingly re-created the cafe on the sound stage. The exact same. They're like the scratches. Like the exact same. Reporter: They know what it is to be discovered thanks to the bluebird. One night performed the song or something. And, just videotaping it. Some one posted it. Like how much it happens. And thank god for the person who posted it. Are you nervous. I would be so nervous. Reporter: The performance helped land them their roles on the tv show. Real pictures of you on the fake set. This is great. Yes. Reporter: Back in the real nashville, we are just hours away from anna lisa's big debut at the bluebird. ♪ I know that your bad days, mistakes, heartaches are all about ♪ Reporter: She plays us her favorite song. One shoo he has written and plans to perform. There is millions of people here, tons of talent. Why should it be you? I believe in what I do so much. There is not another anna lisa. Hope she gets signed at the bluebird. Reporter: Mom knows the odds astronomical, her expectations are running high. I would love nothing more. What makes you emotional? The work that goes into that. Reporter: A lot of sacrifice. A lot of work. A lot of -- a lot of work. And it's not like college. It is not lick thke they could go to school and you know, if your grade are good and they get to become a doctor. This is real. If you sing better than aretha franklin, adele, who ever. Oesn't mean you are going to be famous. Reporter: Still a lottery ticket. ♪ With or without you ♪ Reporter: Aaron knows a thing or two about timing. He spent a decade writing songs and chasing fame in this town. ♪ Keep on dreaming ♪ Reporter: He turned his professional heartaches into a hit song for eli young band. Live from nashville, t tennessee. Reporter: Heap is now he is the one doing the singing. ♪ I want to be your friday night sweet grass summertime sunshine ♪ Reporter: "Friday night" recently began climbing the charts. Weird you are a new artist. Been around writing songs for people. Might take ten years, might take one night. Reporter: He and his fellow songwriters, try to conjure up the next big hit. Bluebird cafe on sunday night. Line out the door that if give you a number. ♪ My hands are shaking so i close my eyes ♪ later that night we are minutes from anna lisa taking the stage. Suddenly she spots a face in the crowd. And realizes the stakes truly could not be higher. A vip guest who could change everything. The record mogul who signed taylor swift in the room is stag to see the show. He cam to talk to us about his incredible discovery. ♪ I can't believe you did it again ♪ she was really born to do this, so cute to look back. She was look a charging bull. Scott is a music industry heavyweight. Who has the power to make anna lisa a star. As ceo of big machine he built a record label with artists, reba, tim McGraw. The crown jewel of his empire -- taylor swift. Not everybody is going to make it. It brings me great joy to bring up my friend and a fantastic new artist she is going to sing for you. An annalise! Hey, nashville! I got your missed calls. ♪ I swear I have heard it all ♪ ♪ save it because I've got it ♪ ♪ everybody ♪ thank you guys so much. Thank you. Why are you looking at me? That's you. ♪ Every time I try ♪ if that's her best. Reporter: There will be no record deal tonight. Before the night is over for analise. Nashville shows the once again that overnight success does not come easy. ♪ In a music town ♪ there is no plan b for me, because if there was I would run to it. I don't want to do that, I don't want to sacrifice anything that could happen. I felt down one day. It is not necessarily about fame and fortune to me. I could be doing this level for the rest of my life. I would be okay. Everything about what I want to do is -- is right in front of me. ♪ Make or break it give or take it you're almost famous now ♪ ♪en in a music town ♪ for "nightline," juju chang, nashville, tennessee.

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{"duration":"12:04","description":"Country music's mecca draws a new generation of performers willing to leave childhood behind.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"20378451","title":"Inside the Real 'Nashville': Young Stars Chasing Fame","url":"/Nightline/video/inside-real-nashville-young-stars-fight-fame-20378451"}