What Life Was Like For Town When White Supremacist Moved In

Craig Cobb went on a mission to turn Leith, North Dakota, into an enclave for white supremacists.
8:25 | 09/24/15

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Transcript for What Life Was Like For Town When White Supremacist Moved In
We begin with the white supremacist next door. This is the story of what happened when an ambitious racist moved into a tiny town with big plans to create a white homeland. Wait until you see what happened next. And then what happened when my "Nightline" coanchor Byron Pitts tried to interview the man at the center of the controversy. Reporter: Leaf, North Dakota. Blink and you might miss it. 911, what's your emergency? Send the police, they're out note I want to thank the man thank the man ? th Isis "Nitlinghe." Tonight -- I'mne O of the most famous racist I tn world yd,ou son of a ble . Racists called vanguard news network. He says he's purchased properties and is encouraging others to follow him. He was trying to turn it into a white homeland. Scary, he'd actually owned enough property -- 12, 14 lots. If he could have put one family for sure on each lot he would have had control of the town. Reporter: His campaign attracts national media attention. I'm prepared for anything. Reporter: And support from the radical hate group the national socialist movement. Their visit to leith draws hundreds of protesters and becomes the subject of a documentary called "Welcome to leith." The once-peaceful town peaceful no more. All of the people in leith who are against me are going to blame me for that? They came in very strong, stating that they're going to take the down over, they're going to take the voting over. Reporter: Thops shouts fall on deaf ears. Cobb succeeds in moving in his first family. White power! Every day I was concerned whether I would be able to stop him. Reporter: Mayor Ryan shook organizes a series of emergency city council meegd, working tirelessly to safeguard the community from the supremacists next door. Cobb went on a rampage, in everybody's faces about it his computer. Cobb went from being this fringe figure, a racist drifter, and then he was famous. Today on a Trish exclusive -- Reporter: Cobb is challenged to take a DNA test to prove his white letter damage. The results were revealed on the "Tricia Goddard show." Craig Cobb has undergone DNA testing to determine den nettic ancestry. 86% european. And -- 14% subsaharan african. Wait a minute, wait a minute. Hold on. Just wait a minute. This is called statistical noise. Sweetheart, you have a little black in you. Reporter: Still asserting his pure Aryan heritage, Cobb rush returns to leith armed and ready. This is Mr. Cobb and my lover patrolling with sexy-ass guns. Reporter: Guns loaded, cameras rolling, they set off on foot patrols. I'm not shooting. Hey, . . I'm one of the most famous racists in the world you son of a -- Reporter: Residents of leith shelter in their homes worried it could turn violent. I fired the second one -- second and third one -- Reporter: Cobb is placed under arrest November 2013. Charged with terrorizing and menacing his neighbors. He ultimately takes a plea deal, pleading guilty to one felony count of terrorizing, placed on four years' probation. We got through it. We thank god every day that we're still -- we're still alive. Reporter: Craig Cobb is now out of jail, agreed to a sit-down there with guns yelling at my husband -- Reporter: The sleepy hamlet shocked to its core after a stranger came to town. Craig Cobb game to leaf, said he wanted to live here, said he might have friends joining him. At the time he seemed lonely person. Kind of felt sorry for him. Until I realized what his plan was. Reporter: That plan soon became clear. P ple'eo comfort level is best when they're amongst their own. Reporter: Craig Cobb came to leith on a -- take over this microscopic town of 20 people and turn it into an enfor white supremacists. Ryan F southern poverty law center has been tracking Cobbs for announces his plans on a racists from David duke, former grand wizard of the kkk, to 24-year-old Matt line hinbaugh. None like Craig Cobb. Yet on the phone I'm surprised by his friendly demeanor. So unlike the man we saw in the videos. This is Byron Pitts from ABC news, how are you this evening? Thank you, bye-bye. Maybe a change of heart. He was very gracious on the phone. Sounded like a real gentleman. A reasonable man. Hello, this is Byron Pitts. Reporter: A few minutes later, Cobb calls back after he googled my name. He's not pleased to see that I'm black or mulatto as he called me. Mulatto, what does that mean in the options were high yellow or mulatto or black? Call me Byron. Reporter: Cobb says he refuses to be interviewed by someone black. Listen. There's a race war. You people who have engineered this white genocide -- How is it I fall in the category of "You people" when when we first spoke on the phone you were polite, you agreed to speak with me, and then suddenly you Google me and you see that I'm a person of color. And suddenly your tone changes, your attitude changes. How do you expect -- I haven't changed in the past five minutes. You're not a person of color, you're a , , . Is that right? That's right. And let me tell you something else. No, let me ask you a question. Do you think for some reason that you saying using those words offends me or bothers me at all? That would be like -- I don't care if it does or not . You do know we don't like to be around black people so ABC purposely tries to send two of them. You see? Hm. But I'm curious. Oh, he hung up on me. Reporter: Cobb goes one step further. He hangs up the phone and posts my number and picture on the white nationalist website writing, I don't think millionaire negros should be allowed to harass whites over religious beliefs but maybe this is just the new South Africa usa. Cobb has not given up on create iing an all-white enclave in America. He set sights on a Newtown, antler, North Dakota, 200 miles north, population 20-something. That's the building Cobb said he bought. That's going to be his church. Reporter: We meet van and his twons lee Allen and Kyle. They've moved back to north Dakota hoping to find a quiet life where they can raise their family and retire. Why do you think he's so bent on buying land in North Dakota of all places? I think it's hard to find small towns that he can take over. Reporter: In general, what do people think about Cobb? Pain in the butt. He wants to buy land here in your land. He wanted to. Wanted to, past tense this not going to happen? Not going to happen. Reporter: The mayor says they have come up with a plan to keep Cobb out and so far it's working. Back in LE. Th, mayor shook and the residents are starting over. Casting Craig Cobb and his hate speech into the trash heap of history. It feels real good to see that Property go down. Reporter: They hope. Cobb willinterview. But when I landed my producer told me there had been a change of plans. El Tco women Nott, north Dakota. I want to give you the rundown of what happenedle whi Yo

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{"duration":"8:25","description":"Craig Cobb went on a mission to turn Leith, North Dakota, into an enclave for white supremacists.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"33998184","title":"What Life Was Like For Town When White Supremacist Moved In","url":"/Nightline/video/life-town-white-supremacist-moved-33998184"}