Female monster truck drivers, including former pageant queen, compete at Monster Jam

Candice Jolly and Cynthia Gauthier are leading the pack in a traditionally male-dominated field and told ABC News' "Nightline" that they're in it for the thrill of the chase.
6:31 | 06/14/18

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Transcript for Female monster truck drivers, including former pageant queen, compete at Monster Jam
Reporter: Big wheels. Big crowds. Big air. True to tradition, monster trucks are still as high-octane and heart-pumping as ever. But what might surprise you is who's behind the wheel. What's it like to drive one of these 12,000-pound trucks? Exhilarating. Nonstop adrenaline. Reporter: Candace jolly and Cynthia gotier are two female competitors who aren't just keeping up with the boys, they're leading the pack. Gearing up for the monster jam world finals in Las Vegas. A freestyle and racing competition pitting drivers of both sexes against each other. A rarity in the world of extreme sports. So have you actually beat men in a competition? Oh, yes. Yeah, absolutely, we have. How's that feel? Best feeling. Reporter: Monster jam. The u.s.'s most popular oversized motorsport tour drawing in upwards of 4 million spectators around the country every year. And thousands more in overseas markets like Brazil and Australia. So it's no surprise that Cynthia and Candace and their pup-themed cars have celebrity-like status. I love you, this is so cute! Reporter: But champions are built, not born. And their road begins over 1,000 miles away in the otherwise quiet town of paxton, Illinois. Home base for monster jam university. It's the perfect place to try new things. Reporter: Candace, a mom of two, is a former beauty pageant queen, trading in tiaras for torque. I went to a monster jam show, and the first time I saw is they things I said, I have to drive one of these things. Reporter: Cynthia was always a gearhead. Now she's found a new use for that gear, getting into top shape for the track. How much does this tire weigh? This weighs 440 pounds. 440 pounds? Reporter: Flipping the tire is one thing. That's awesome! Reporter: What about flipping those trucks? You both flipped over in your trucks this morning. How does it feel? Normally I'm a little upset with myself because I didn't save it. That's usually our goal. I like to take the truck to the ragged edge then bring it back. How worried are you why your safety? I'm not wor reed at all when I'm in my truck. There's an ambulance parked right there. Insurance purposes. Just in case. Snug. Reporter: They promised to go easy on me so I suit up. All right, here we go. It's going to keep you safe if you ever have a fire. You said that never happens. I didn't say there wasn't a fire, I said -- I always felt safe is what I said. Have you been involved in a crash where there has been a fire? You have to tell me the truth. I -- yes, I have been on fire before. You have been on fire? Not me, my monster jam truck has, yes. Oh my gosh. But it was fine. Bend down, climb on it. Reporter: I buckle in. All right. Reporter: And after what I hope isn't a literal crash course -- These go on. And then, yeah, that's the last thing, yes. Okay, here I go. Give it gas! Reporter: It's time to put rubber to dirt. Am I going like 10 miles an hour? Maybe 5? Maybe 3. Reporter: Not exactly a speed demon. But I'm doing it. Could an great one right here, yeah. ?????? I did it! I have so much respect for you. Wow. That is hard. That is crazy, isn't it? It's physical. Very physical. Reporter: As for the tricks? Wow! Reporter: I'll leave those to the professionals. Step it up slowly. One day with you and I'll be doing those. Maybe 12 hours. Who's the rock star? Reporter: At the finals in Vegas, it takes more than raw skill to compete. Their trucks need to be up to snuff. 10 foot tall, 10 foot wide, sitting up on 30-inch nitro shocks on 66-inch pkt tires. Reporter: Up to code. Our cubic inch is restricted. Our fuel is restrilked. It's all for safety. We are grounded by certain rules that keep us right there in that same ballpark. That's the beauty of these monitor jam trucks. With the shocks and the way everything's set up, we don't have to be as big as these guys driving these trucks. The truck equalizes it. So we can go out and perform and be just as good as them. Reporter: Every year the course is a unique challenge. Every year the monster jam track has a change. It's always a surprise for all the drivers. We're always so nervous to see what it's going to look like. It's extreme. You never know what you're going to get with monster jam. With freestyle, we get 90 seconds to go out and wow those monster jam fans. And the fans vote. Reporter: Impressing the Fant, especially crucial, since their vote is factored into the judges' scores. The night of the competition, both Candace and Cynthia deliver strong freestyle performances. The competition is fierce, though. And they miss the podium. But -- I had so much fun. Reporter: They say winning doesn't necessarily mean placing first. So many dads have come up to me, they brought their daughter to monster jam because the son wanted to come, now the little girl wants to be a monster jam driver. It's because women like us are out there supporting the sport, getting all the female fans involved. Reporter: For "Nightline," I'm Linzie Janis in paxton, Illinois. Next on "Nightline" this

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{"duration":"6:31","description":"Candice Jolly and Cynthia Gauthier are leading the pack in a traditionally male-dominated field and told ABC News' \"Nightline\" that they're in it for the thrill of the chase.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"55884964","title":"Female monster truck drivers, including former pageant queen, compete at Monster Jam","url":"/Nightline/video/meet-female-monster-truck-drivers-barreling-competition-55884964"}