Meghan McCain on 'The View,' her dad and President Trump

"[My father] really is the most resilient man in the world. He was fine when he was diagnosed," "The View" co-host said of her father Sen. John McCain.
7:52 | 03/07/18

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Transcript for Meghan McCain on 'The View,' her dad and President Trump
trump. Here's 90 "Nightline" co-anchor. When the sparks fly on "The view" -- You can be sure Meghan McCain doesn't back down. I don't want to bed that just because I'm a Republican, I'm offending you. She is holding her own against the veterans. I would like to have a real conversation about it. I don't know why you're saying you're offended by all Republicans of the. The 33-year-old daughter of John McCain has emerged as a powerful Republican voice in these tumultuous times. People feel unheard by Washington and underrepresented and there are a bunch of liberal elites judging them. And there are times I agree. I think people in the media are judging in a way that's not fair or accurate. At times, staking out lonely positions on the show. I am intensely pro-life. I am an NRA member. Do you feel that way? That you're the lone conservative in a field of nonconservatives? Yeah, definitely. She's been in the political spotlight most of her life. Tagging alongside her dad. She led contributor rows in MSNBC and later Fox News. Before joining "The view" just last fall. Welcome to the set. It's so big and always filled with very excited people. While she may look right at home on the set of "The view," she said she initially wanted to turn down the job. But she said her father who is suffering from a deadly form of brain cancer, convinced her to sign on. I hung up the phone. He said who is that? I said oh, it's the "The view." He was very, and then he was angry that I was so dismissive about it. I understand that he is your biggest stage dad. He watches every day and he does his physical training with his trainers. Her debut was met with tabloid stories of cat fights on "The view." You talk about it being a hot seat. How much of it is sorority hazing? It is not the people here. It is the press. The press hazes you. Two weeks in, this, maybe one of the worst articles that has ever been written about me comes out about how everybody hates me here and I'm an ice princess. It is so unfair to pit women against each other. Men never get the same criticism and the same arrests. The city, misogynistic bs. And she incists no matter how big the disagreement -- It was my question. There are no hard feelings off the set. The women are really good about letting what is on the air stay on the air. She has settled in New York City including her favorite haunts downtown where we met for lunch. This place is called extra virgin. Iley right down street. Do you think of yourself as a new Yorker now? I'm so Arizona. There's so much of he that's new York in so many ways. My brothers never cease to point that out when I go home to Arizona. But I feel roots to Arizona. It was in her beloved Arizona, on her family's ranch, where she recently got married to Ben. A sometimes polarizing pundit. Sometimes we fight about, he is much, much more conservative than I am. They planned the we having in three short months. Her father's doctors advised them not to wait. They said it is a very unpredictable cancer. And I wanted him to know, he would be there present in all the ways he can be. Her father's cancer bringing the newlyweds closer together of the. Love is when your dad is diagnosed with glio Blass Toma and your boyfriend is going with you to scans and helping you pick out clothes because your brain is not functioning and you can't put your clothes on. I thought this is what real love is. Amidst all the change in her personal life, the show requires knocking bring her "A" game every day. These women are smart and tough and well researched. And they'll come at me with a lot of different things. It is simple. One of her tasks, explaining and at times defending president trump. I think trying to understand him and his voters is a lot more productive than just attacking him for being stupid. You were quoted as saying I feel like Jane good y'all. I have so many friends of mine in Arizona. They don't make a lot of money. They love trump. They don't think the people in the media understand them. I think I've made a real conscious effort. The president doesn't always seem to return the favor. I don't want to be controversial so I won't uses his name. At this year's political action conference, president trump renewing his attacks against McCain's father. This time for his vote against the repeal of the affordable care act. And except for one senator, who came into a room at 3:00 in the morning and went like that, we would have had herring too. The president's latest salvo against the war hero who was shot down and taken prisoner during the Vietnam war. On the campaign trail, trump infamously mocks his service. He's not a war hero. The he's a war hero. He' a war hero because he was captured. I like people who aren't captured. I would implore him to apologize. President trump hasn't apologized for any of those things even though his supporters don't like it. He gets on politics. I think his ego is in the way. I would implore him at this moment to apologize for it if that's possible. I don't know if he's capable of apologizing. McCain said attacks against her father are even more hurtful given his illness. He is the most resilient guy in the world. He was fine. He's like, we're going to hit this like everything else and I was just a complete mess. I know you and your family have been through tragedy that I couldn't conceive of. One of the things that gave Bo courage, my word, was John. The emotional strain of her father's illness sometimes stopped by. Bo talked about your dad's courage. Not about his illness but his courage. Bo signed away from the same deadly brain cancer her father is being treated for. The Bidens and the McCains have been friends for decades. I talked on him backstage and I already started getting emotional. I have cried on multiple occasions. I love them dearly and I think about Bo every single morning. For this die hard conservative, that love for the Bidens might stop short at the ballot box. If he runs, I think I'll completely screwed. Politically we disagree on 75% of things. But there's something to be said for integrity and character being more in the forefront. What comes through in your life, love or politics? Love. So maybe you would have to get behind Joe Biden after all. Next, how the little girl

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{"duration":"7:52","description":"\"[My father] really is the most resilient man in the world. He was fine when he was diagnosed,\" \"The View\" co-host said of her father Sen. John McCain.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"53574346","title":"Meghan McCain on 'The View,' her dad and President Trump","url":"/Nightline/video/meghan-mccain-view-dad-president-trump-53574346"}