'Modern Family' cast reflects on show's impact before 11th and final season

The groundbreaking comedy is centered around a blended family consisting of a gay couple and a Colombian stepmother. Members of the cast spoke about the show's positive impact and representation.
7:31 | 10/08/19

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Transcript for 'Modern Family' cast reflects on show's impact before 11th and final season
Opted to being here. This soon and redefine what it means to be a family I'm TV. A groundbreaking comedy centered around an extended family that includes a gay couple a Colombian stepmother. And older kids. Now in its eleventh season and modern family is coming to an end let me ask you while raise your hand if you are. Emotionally ready for this series to be over. Are you emotionally ready. I'm not daddy's mad at him home none of you know how it's going to end for I know I heard car crash. I don't go Kart I do know we are if I can't spilled beans. We sat down with the entire cast his chemistry and warm it's part of the magic that made the show stacked a phenomenon. There's a great chemistry between this group of people that sort of connects us and a very. Unique way of I think that's Lisa Marie carried through to rest our lives. I think it's really bot families together and that. An age where kids and teenagers can be so separated from their families because of things like social media and phones and computers we. All have ten year old kids come up to us and say are you that sound modern family or you that girl woman failing. That's the lasting impact these people are coming up to me that weren't born when I started this job so I have to assume in ten years there's going to be another ten year old. It we're gonna keep making hopefully generations laugh we all want to make people. That's what I was going outside without. With 22 Emmys and eleven Golden Globe nomination. Because she no embraced by fans and critics alike. When people actually like something you do it's it's a positive and when people like it in taxi gets good rating that the even batter and acted like how social ramifications that's even more exciting. And our show just kept surprising us I think and. I don't think any of its respective to have impact and and it's like like oh what a blessing and mean to be it would to be on such an amazing sat with awesome cast and crew. And getting to learn who his character will you miss and that host any idea. And still had to be felt I was gonna say it's okay it's pretty much TO. No I don't doubt Obama any time when I'm not getting too and primarily be with these people I'm I feel little fat and lost. Cam played by Eric stone street and Mitchell played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Providing a modern take on gay marriage I think our goal in the writer's school has always been to. You know I don't want to use the word normal as we just make it did. We're just like everybody else in were inadequate in different areas out the flaws aren't everyone laws or interest and that goes for all the carrots on the set it tipper trailed it broke barriers would at the end of season five. They had to gay wedding of the century. Taking place a full year before the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in all fifty states. The couple's adoption of their Vietnamese daughter Lily. A reflection on today's society and diversity how they were able to for Che a gay couple in a stable loving home. With the daughter what is the significance of that. And it means a lots of to both the bus I mean I think. You're growing up as someone who is looking for role models on television not necessary finding them I love that. We can be that's it to kids now. And I think it's been. Talking points a lot of families and for a lot of people to talk about what it might means being gay I love the relations of up so proud of it the relationship America have created. Now is look to Jesse in Jesse gave me the very sage advice or from the beginnings like we're never gonna please. Everyone's so just take that off your list. Of worries and it did it did worry me because I always from the beginning wanted to play Cameron. As as a human being first and let his sexuality not be what defines him. And oh yeah. Marriage is just one of the issues fishing tackle I don't mean basic. Citing humor and levity in the most mundane. And outrageous situations. He showed turned the cast into household names nine of more so than Sophia for Kyra. The Colombian born actors became a star playing Gloria. Glory is about to take her citizenship test a young single in a good mom who marries Jane Pritchett. Damn much older divorcee. Who's played by Antonio. TVs and that's when Jones beautiful like that he's an excellent milk we have these two schools in person never happen. I he always wanted to read Gloria you know lady that reminded me of the woman that I used to. Lived with input on the day eaten half my life in South America. So dollars and very tired from Wheaton two. T know how to play the seat now an international star becoming one of the faces of Pepsi plant say that suggests. I didn't feel like it was the right time to think that I no I don't I don't understand why we can be like law and order. Yeah that we can keep going on and on and on dollar night and I don't understand. Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell are clear and filled and feet. The strait laced mom and goofy dad to try to keep it all together while re deeply Jones was your favorite character. There is something I mean that type we're almost done with the character that is taking him like from. Awed and funny too. Like he's like the unicorn. TV dads who'd like bill with a magic trick off. Favorite bills offsetting that is hard to say about the way the clubs. It'll. Like always look people in the and if they're blind tell them you're looking. We watched many of the younger cast members girl up before our eyes. Like Sarah highland an area winter who was just eleven years old when the show began. Acts. And that's okay. Commencement line. You don't through puberty on national television he brokered that. Brought great where everything is essentially gets that that you've got. I TV and then everybody has opinion that need for me I'm definitely looking forward to doing new things but I am not looking forward to not seeing. These people her seven month sat in the area says this is. Comfort seen the eleven season run may be adding and unless of course there's everything. Maybe like in thirty years bill they can do it again and modern family like now you nine. It's like them December degrees but I don't really paranoid that is going to be heat. Yeah. I don't they don't want to be. He is C yeah. We have known who wrap your bike and just walk out the fact that modern family and make you laugh even when the show is over. And what's an ideal ending. Home I don't think of these things with me at. Maybe I'd get divorced and have a younger wife. Really can't do more than I get all your body again. There had a ten not a monster its impending for Nightline I'm Paula pharos in Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"7:31","description":"The groundbreaking comedy is centered around a blended family consisting of a gay couple and a Colombian stepmother. Members of the cast spoke about the show's positive impact and representation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"66125815","title":"'Modern Family' cast reflects on show's impact before 11th and final season","url":"/Nightline/video/modern-family-cast-reflects-shows-impact-11th-final-66125815"}