One Husband, Chosen by Multiple Wives

Meet the members of these unconventional families who say they love their way of life.
3:00 | 06/05/13

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Transcript for One Husband, Chosen by Multiple Wives
To some having more than one wife might sound like heaven on earth. But just imagine the communication skills required the potential -- jealousy. And all those family -- just sits well they might just seem overwhelming -- knows exactly how many polygamous live in this country. Most -- in secret there's been a lot of news about the followers of Warren -- -- -- forced marriages of underage girls. But tonight we meet a community. With a twist the women. Choose their husbands -- -- -- Here's ABC's Cecilia big. Are being. Nineteen year old Rose Marie -- -- -- one wish she wants god to give her name. The name of the man she will marry. -- some in single or someone. Very married with three -- or ten months in its staff to keep your mind -- She will keep praying until inspiration strikes just like her mother and her other mother. And her other mother before her. Because in this polygamous community god reveals to the we who they will Mary do you feel like you have any say in this as a person. We have so this is much like sideshows. To basically give myself hardship and other -- -- efforts. Bruce -- -- is the eldest and a camera up 22. Husband three wives and eighteen children all crammed under one ever expanding group you -- them. Mr. Kurtz. The head of this plural household meet Michael Connolly. Three. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dinnertime here is controlled chaos every inch of available space is built from the grown -- table to the kids' table. -- -- table and each sheet counter. Roast -- sister wife number line. With the biggest. Challenge that I might not. About living in this house and making sure all of the children get bed and -- -- -- So he can have people coming in and out and feed their kids whenever however. This life in Centennial Park Arizona. Home to 15100 fundamentalist mormons. Just across the road from a more infamous polygamous group. The FL DS followers of Warren Jeffs who was convicted of felony child sexual assault and is serving a life term in prison. Over there you got married when the leader decided. So no one that had four hours' notice. Her and her sister really fast made her wedding dress and there are anything but. Here in Centennial Park. A woman isn't forced into marriage -- your family still growing. Yes yes it will continue to. Until it's -- I don't feel. They have another lady into the it would. I'm pretty sure all that -- children or -- It was definitely and so was because the husband of the providers and a lot of what I do it is prepared for that. How do you know when. It's time for another spike it's. Actually I don't know my job was to be prepared for that eventuality. This particular space right here will be a bedroom. The first he needs more space -- that's what the shipping containers in his backyard or four. As for what person that's -- a single person space that's for them to sleep study. That kind of thing it is rare that television cameras are allowed inside polygamous homes. After all this is a lifestyle that is illegal in all fifty states but the residents of Centennial Park say they want to show just how average. How normal their -- not. We would like to start having the debate. Nationally. About the decriminalization. Won't believe -- I don't see that there's any reason to have. This lifestyle -- crying. It's it's a religion not -- Why a man in this congregation want -- another wife. He religion where it's believed multiple wives leads to -- higher form of salvation. This is where actions speak. And though I'm not real smiling. I truly. I am happy with this lifestyle. I would be terribly unhappy with something different. Living in a monogamous lifestyle we're just not be -- enough for me this is our version of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Everyone else in the United States is entitled to that. So are we. But it's not quite a laid back polygamy scene in shows like sister why is either. Women in Centennial Park have so say but not all -- say are you allowed to say. He is a wave. There were no more room and not really. Because -- I'm Amy and was that I believed that I belong to my phone and I can't say that there's. Belongs to you. That's between. Michael and. -- -- -- -- There's no -- allow women here have to be at least eighteen to marry. And -- can tell them to -- just about anyone in talent personally father has how would you feel if your daughter. Decided to marry a man -- seventy years old. If that's worked. The answer is that comes from her father who have a great. -- get him. Sleep soundly tonight this future husbands can be revealed anywhere at any attorney for Connie Carly. Inspiration came when she was in the sixth great. I didn't hear anything say. It was more of that. Feeling. Where it was like pay attention and and then then. The message came this is the answer. To your prayer here's the answer and I looked and he sent. Her teacher then her has. Now. A few streets over this young polygamist family hopes another young woman gets the inspiration to -- their family. Can you see it. Can you both envision having add another wife can be thinking about it in. Maybe sooner -- later it did not. In the -- cruelty hitting. Need in order to keep results over -- -- -- -- about her -- Arlene is the first wife Rebecca the second fifth eighth and -- is the man of the house but obviously good does got -- a plural marriage. We -- so. How many -- -- cat. Have no idea how many -- It is a fundamentalist version of a modern family. The -- live comfortably middle class a larger living room kids with a iPad response is full of shoes and clothes. Albeit clothes that fit the Centennial Park dress code -- first. -- -- -- TJ Maxx. It just depends I. -- I go to work every day my kids go to school we do baseball. She does goes to school he goes to where we -- -- very normal life. But keep everyone happy. Takes work how do you -- I can't tell us. You do you do get. I don't I'm not gonna portray that. But it does happen it's it's it's like any human emotion. You you learn how to deal with your emotions you know and so today. Seeing them -- together is. Nobody I -- I don't -- Aaron Palmer. Insists. You know sitting down caps June. Right. Sleeping arrangements take careful coordination. In a nightly ritual Isaiah -- is one -- goodnight and goes to sleep with the other. Alternating every two nights. I have my bedroom -- has her bedroom and I -- has has been -- And if I'm not sleeping with -- I think in my own -- and a plan incident district. Take on the dirty diapers the garbage you. Announced disgusting but to say this is the life H hopes. They were all raised in polygamous homes -- back -- born in Centennial Park. But Merlino Isiah -- -- after eight years on their -- -- did you ever think. I do want to and turn to a house where -- the second or third or fourth. For me I have not like -- news. And I it. I guess I I like the idea that a woman can be married and then Martin way. The next generation of men is on a mission learning how to be good husbands modern public image husband go let's -- Bleeding and teaching this small army is our third Hammond came one of the town elders and -- husband to three wives and more than twenty children -- any. And that says he's the boss of his household and does not console with his wife is a Dan Meyer her fool. -- -- -- They are tired of living in secret and by demonstrating plural marriage the way they say it -- -- Anybody who thinks that -- in the -- when. I would like to see any team. -- today. Arthur in the others here hope they can inspire tolerance does that indicates a lot of people think. Women in a society like this have no right. -- -- -- -- It -- And having -- Well I can tell you that my door swings both ways. If they come in they can go I know of no -- freedom for women then -- -- in responsible. Carrying. -- home whether the rest of the world is going to believe that may take some time. For Nightline I'm Cecilia they got into Centennial Park Arizona. Polygamy USA airs Tuesdays at 9 PM eastern on the National Geographic channel.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Meet the members of these unconventional families who say they love their way of life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19326623","title":" One Husband, Chosen by Multiple Wives","url":"/Nightline/video/modern-polygamy-husband-chosen-multiple-wives-19326623"}