'A Murder on Orchard Street': The Case

Episode 1: After a young man is shot and killed in Lower Manhattan, his friend and college roommate Forrest, later vindicated, is initially accused.
17:55 | 10/10/17

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Transcript for 'A Murder on Orchard Street': The Case
This very little boy this bulky. Certain important Burma. Very big but he did. Not do what are out there and our job to guard. What will stand. Take my Walters is I'd Duffy has. Pretty reliable may have. Lord you wanna move when they're eager to avoid sharing and now in the junior and now he won't hear you now. We'll find out what I'm gonna. It was a got a was killed her on the ball as we. I've ever played that night in my mind. Millions and millions of timing. Police department and the O'Brien's handling. All requests. Apprehend him. Perpetrators. Of a homicide. Every day I was out there looking for them. Every day that person. I was hoping we'll fill this form of middle of may. It's first thing you think about we wait covenants unless you think about when you have guys. I've never known life the first company ever met he's dad. I was present with the campground when we're seven for everything homicides the 59 street. Are. Separate effects plus. I've made hundreds of arrests before in this case it just didn't feel right. Lives. Every cubs got that case. One that you can't forget. Wanna get some his skin. Did. It's funny 6 degrees at 6 o'clock. Parents here's what's happening police are still looking for clues in the fatal shooting of a bank early today 45 year old corporal Ryan was talking to his former com. Drew made after a night out was shot in the chest and side and. It was early morning hours in January. O'Brien had come to visit some friends in New York. And somebody Chama. He wasn't quite dead yet. I got to space. Try to carry chicken not chicken little chicken wings. Away brown. He wasn't conscious about playing really I think. His last craft a response time to cash. Sort of deals that building was considerable. Yeah. Yeah. Any deeds when it was a sergeant he was commanding officer on the scene. He was the kind of rough straight up guy who all the detective expected. Faris is our suspect. Hussein was a robbery that no black and Alice panic. Robbed at gunpoint or shot his friend in the chest we got an independent witness no black that is happening walking on the block. Sees the shooting the action few. He sees people's. Had a conversation some pretty intelligent arguing. No one of the street wisdom and Steve Kirk. Reached down grabbed a jacket but none of it. That point what's on the block to load the accidental and full fleet financial and he he's standing kind of watch what's going on. He here is. A male white walking to the police telling about how on the a black and Hispanic. Robbed them at gun point China's for a minute chest. Guys listen capped it off. Events acts. Join us around two groups and other cops is listen icons link I think he shots play. So we're pretty so we got the guy but he's you know he's not budging on this story. And all the other friends or new apartment at that time is the tool students. Two girls and we guys they went to a club brilliance and hide her. And so that you know like he's got this front later in life than for us into the famous planes. Burke actually wasn't supposed to be in New York is planning on leaving to go back under the seat that status has me. Surrogate brother. He was my best friend well. Really finally. This is Muzak. Incidents. Visited friends. At kind of intensity was kept me going to go home. Bracelets and cats. I was in when it happens in the one right behind me. You're like dancing. Homer. The so Walken and George has completion. When they were leaving the club there organ again OneCare but it's what. Salt two girls and the guidance in this apartment wind up in the cat in the camp pulls away. Lehman the victim a -- left behind so they have the flag general OK we're pretty certain of the two girls and a guy. A telling the truth that they don't really know anything and that's saying it was any argument belong repealed give any indication why this would. So we had taken some time on this categorize these guys again to some fears on. It's probably over a girl. We think the friend based on the witness accounts shot the other friend Jessica forty. Forest killing dashing through that. Q a environments or through any phone. No I can't imagine. Software now. Source camps they even shot me. See when and where. God and seeing people who are like unconscious before it and didn't register on the given shot I was dying. I'm very. At. I got a call that there was a homicide. Critical positive you can detective on it or that I got when I got decreasing was that Burke and his friend. Come to some sort of an altercation over what we didn't know and his friend pull out of Garland and shovels point blank. The only people that we know that we can say for sure we have as a witness is one guy that seem to be who is credible. When walking up like you but knowing that he tells me that fort point sees these two guys if it's walking so you gotta figure everything all. For all witness. You know the ones I don't you just political visuals. It seemed pretty well wrapped up a red ink that it was going to be a ground war Forrest was one of pulled the trigger and killed his friend so I went wrestled for the witness who. Described everything from beginning in the completely opposite of what folks who say. I'm beginning. I stand it also says this won't get raises is all he is a popular vegetables. Reasons and cool would that took his paycheck at least it. It goes into build. These guys where little vocal he's got like in the calf born. Since its gold yellow background something some at this witness. Turns and goes. Like Kuwait pulls mark Levitt. So that somebody got shot but what gets back he uses one individual told cops I put my check of local security can see that's the guys will be full. Because I don't have. As a detective when you first into it investigate a crime and you've just faced an all these policies. It's all scrambles and you have to take each one of those pieces and put them together and logical what is. This is. We bank's ATM where yeah. Better calls you honey into money. When Burks and his friends can pull up the street they need to get some cash. For the for the cavs so they stop part of the core of forest tuned to withdraw some what are the paper can't. Since I still can't that door shut it. The witness said that the one thing he knew about the killer with a killer wore knit. Cap with a strategy that puts it was an. What's right. It does he not as he did not have. To the witness who visit the witness. Frequently acted and made us. Inhibits us but that is the guy because. Haven't. Were you there except he walks out. Seven minutes. And the fight. I felt that they find the need to find the weapon. And then you'd have to find a motive. Right now we have four people here two males two feet. We have walked possible suspect. His roommate. The victim's sister. The victim assistance. Really she was going out the victim at some point him last night she might have looked up. The Pulitzer for. Shadows that that she seems it was mostly them. Basically became so an issue she's basically describes as well as a whole section action. They're good kids. She indicates that she made forest for the first time this. We didn't know that that our victim was Jewish population of the and there. Last night apparently in a pong forest this guy. They somehow hooked up and the way she's saying it they were on new ways. To harm green able house. To get together and got screwed up with care Harvard for. Deal they wind up. Annual king sneak it personnel who knows it put us. I'll meet you conversation between forest in all victim. In critical path. On him on to use good judgment if this. That's as I have in essence it turned out to be it's going to be that. Trick and jealousy rage. But go to go any issues. Were up. The detectives are always looking to tell a story that makes cents so they have to have their motives. And they have to have. The arm message that. Which I get the the main goal is to find the gun because I was gonna to be the breakthrough to everything it would have DNA it would have everything because they had the bullet from. Well in New York City it's very difficult to get a permit to carry a gun. There you go out to the southwest Texas Arizona New Mexico those places. We're unique even need a permit to carry weapons most people don't even bat an eye because they're from that area and that's that's normal to them. Doing we'll come. Those. This also took Daryn I'm on the hook. Colorado they might carry guns rule of time you know that's what he's used anything. If in New York as you know Carrie good around probably contingency use it. Barber shop with a 45 caliber. The fact that it's a 45 Calvin too is something that's a little bit awed. In this the streets of New York where if upheld as a not a very popular weapon the users more cal was thirty eight's 380s he's a small weapons that it easily conceivable. A 45 caliber is very powerful weapons very large weapon. The when it quickly added that. Wednesday's audience. Apple quality of all. That this will look forward. To a lot of Bosnian I don't write Beckham. She answers to advance of these entities. And ordering. A minority in the apartment. Washington Michigan new voices his notes it was views him. She comes under Catholics within minutes. She notices that England though that is directly. By the front door is now and it wasn't insulin to about. To bring that up raise more questions for us. That would have been a really logical place before some of whom. More. We find it going to be on. That's just good it's confession. We found to have been. Based. He ATM video. Of the fallen oak. For the better ball we don't make Obama that it got Greg got to go. We went out. Until we did this whole entire area for the maintenance. Next here. We'll reform comes into pitfalls. From this point of view we're looking around which if this guy Posner told god. And just one. You won't get when. Not that we know that the you know let the fight them over. Because a fight. Would you talk to. You're quite an award or leave them. Though. But why he's looking up there it's there that we look everywhere. Do not ask. Get eyewitness is graded. Quick. What guns again. Think it's good people I know it doesn't mean. We're wrong. Everybody seems alive. These hundreds and credible. I wish something else to personally for me feel good. Watch this guy. Do you have a guy 24 his old got to college education he's. You know a school anybody you so. This type a charge. If this thing of those who trial he's convicted. And it's not him. Does it violate. Soon. Me. Any.

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{"id":50236727,"title":"'A Murder on Orchard Street': The Case ","duration":"17:55","description":"Episode 1: After a young man is shot and killed in Lower Manhattan, his friend and college roommate Forrest, later vindicated, is initially accused.","url":"/Nightline/video/murder-orchard-street-case-50236727","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}