Nassar accusers on breaking their silence and moving forward

Nearly 160 women stood up and read victim impact statements describing harrowing tales of abuse at the hands of Dr. Larry Nassar at his sentencing.
8:49 | 01/27/18

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Transcript for Nassar accusers on breaking their silence and moving forward
They describe themselves as warriors, an army, a sisterhood, they are the band of survivor wloz were abused by former doctor in gymnastics in Michigan state university sentenced to 1 175 years behind bars after pleadinged sexual misconduct tonight their fight is just beginning. For every sister survivor there's a girl with a dream and love of sport. Everyone tell me how young you were when Larry Nassar first abused you. 12, 14, 18, 20, 14. I heard 20 that's the oldest, I heard 7. Lindsey was 6. The more accolades I had more confidence I had in myself and that's what I wanted to pursue. Hand in hand with nonstop training there were frequent injuries with that came treatment. He was nice and caring. Her parents became close family friend for the doctor and his wife and began treating her for back pain in middle school and whether she was 12 Nassar's procedures and fingers suddenly became invasive. As a young person, much less a child, the thought that a doctor could be using you for his own sexual gratification doesn't even enter your mind. I went to his house four days a week for years. You went to his house? Yeah in his basement. Didn't you think it was weird. No because he was our friend. Did his be behavior become odd. The thing is his eyes were always closed. It wasn't just the girls the sports medicine community viewed him as a authority in the field. Dr. Nassar liked to show off some of his techniques, posting videos he called tender teaching moments on his website. There are legitimate treatments requiring doctors to touch areas that Dr. Nassar took advantage of going behind medical necessity for his own perverse pleasure. He had become professor at Michigan state university known for a sports Mecca winning national championships with acclaimed football and basketball programs but the east Lansing based school also has a reputation it as a premier zichb nation for elite gymnasts around the country. It's known to be a power house place. In 1997, 16-year-old laurasa was under Kathy clagis, it was a dream come true. That was until Dr. Larry Nassar got his hands on her. She says she reported the abuse to the coach Kathy clagis. She picked up paper and said I can file this but there's going to be very serious consequences for both you and Dr. Nassar. What's thsupposed to mean? Was that a threat? I perceived it as I would be embarrassed and the shame of that type of accusation. And you know she didn't even tell my parents. The person she did tell was Larry Nassar. When you saw Larry next what happen snd. I remember he came in the office, closed the door, sat on his chair and he reassured me it was a medical treatment, that it was to help me. And I said I am so sorry. It was a big misunderstanding and it's all my fault. You apologized? Uh-huh. I hopped back on the table and he continued to abuse me. It wasn't the only time a gift gym gymnast reported. Remember Lindsey who's mom called coach clagis in a panic 20 years later. I called Kathy and said he did it to Lindsey too. We're really upset I think we need to speak to the authorities tomorrow and she said this is a legal, medical procedure, Christie. So she knew that this had been going on and that was it. There was no support. You know, no, nothing. She came into practice one day and said I have had card we got for Larry you don't have to sign if you don't want to but would be great if you let him know we're thinking for him and praying for him. Really? Yes. Kathy clagis didn't respond our request for interview but our colleagued from "Outside the lines" caught up with her. I'm with CNN, can I ask you couple questions. No I'm sorry. Couple women told us they spoke with you in 1997 and told you Larry Nassar penetrated them. I'm sorry. She announce the her retirement the next day. But other gymnasts alleged lawsuit that many failed to protect them from naps ssar and turned a blind eye to the abuse. Then in 2014 a young woman complained about Dr. Nassar and Michigan state launched a former investigation. It was clear there was a problem. Some of the witnesses were close to Nassar including one of his proteges just unbelievable. He then turned to working at Michigan state for another two years over those two years assaulted nearly a dozen young women who have since gone to the police. The fall out continues to rock Michigan state. The university president resigned and today the athletic director did as well. Where was usa gymnastics in all this. They severed ties with Larry Nassar in 2015 over athletes' concern but it never told Michigan state so Nassar continued to practice there for another year. If usa gymnastics had simply in 2015 picked up the phone and called the Michigan state police he would not have been able to month molest for another year. . It is absolutely the darkest stain in usa olympic history. Under threat of the olympic committee the entire board of usa gymnastics announced it would resign. Little girls don't stay little they return to destroy your world. I was those women giving statements one after another. Touching innocent little girls. The anguish. Scared every day. The anger. How much I Hate you. Their bond formed through bravery. These women vow now to meet every year on this date when justice was served. This is the beginning of our fight. It really is. And not just with what's happened to us but fighting for other victims of abuse. Behind every me too there's a huge story and it shouldn't take an army of women speaking in court for people to do something. It should take one person saying that this happened to them and then being believed and taken seriously. Show of hands how many of you think justice still needs to be done. This is way bigger than Larry Nassar. I am so glad that he is where he belongs and will be there for the rest of his life. For "Nightline" in lansing,michigan.

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{"duration":"8:49","description":"Nearly 160 women stood up and read victim impact statements describing harrowing tales of abuse at the hands of Dr. Larry Nassar at his sentencing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"52647165","title":"Nassar accusers on breaking their silence and moving forward","url":"/Nightline/video/nassar-accusers-breaking-silence-moving-forward-52647165"}