NFL player Ezekiel Elliott suspended after domestic violence investigation

Dallas Cowboys running back was suspended for six games without pay as a result of an NFL investigation into his ex-girlfriend's allegations.
7:21 | 08/12/17

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Transcript for NFL player Ezekiel Elliott suspended after domestic violence investigation
Tonight Dallas cowboy serum star Ezekiel Elliott suspend without pay for allegations of domestic violence. Even though he hasn't been charged with a crime. He was known for letting domestic abusers off easy even in the face of what some called overwhelming evidenceful are we now seeing a new NFL? Into the second day! It's a foot race and he will not be touched. He is one of thel's top players. The super star Dallas cowboy player Ezekiel Elliott. The host of the NFL in Dallas, Texas. Baring it all. Ezekiel Elliott, plain and simple, is one of the best young players in the game. It is a major blow to a team that thought they could compete for a super bowl this season. But now under a cloud of controversy, suspended for six gals for violating the NFL's personal conduct policy. The Dallas cowboys are furious. In a letter informing Elliott of the decision, they said it systems from their investigation. His ex-girlfriend accused himself of multiple instances of physical violence during the week in July 2016. She reported it to the police department, Elliott has denied allegations and was never arrested or charged with the crime. The commissioner Roger Goodell has the power to be able to suspend players, even though they aren't found guilty in a court of law. Damian was an offensive lineman for the new England patriots and the New York jets. From the players' perspective, a lot of players are shocked by the fact that it is six games. Considering that Ezekiel Elliott hadn't been convicted of a crime as far as domestic violence is concerned. The NFL conducted its own investigation and said they found credible evidence establish that's on multiple occasions, he used physical force against her resulting in her injury, including on one occasion, injuries to her face, arms, wrist and hands. When you hear what Ezekiel Elliott allegedly did, it is incredibly troubling. Least three times, hitting his girlfriend. Hitting her all over her body. Over and over again. This is the kind of thing that you just scratch your head and you say, how is this possible this man could do this one night and another night and another night? In the letter to Elliott the NFL pointed to an incident in March 2017. Caption and video obtained by TMZ sports. He appeared to pull down a shirt and grab a woman's breasts. The NFL called it inappropriate and disturbing and reflected a lack of respect for women. For him to behave in that manner, shocking the woman, shocking anyone who watched it, this is a role model? Are you kidding me? Late this afternoon, Elliott's attorneys responding in a statement. That the NFL's findings are replete with factual inaccuracies and erroneous conclusions and it cherry picks so-called evidence to support its conclusion. Elliott's lawyer plans to appeal. Saying a slew of could not Troe verting evidence will come to life. And saying I am both surprised and disappointed in the NFL's decision. Today admit that I am far from perfect but I plan to continue to work very hard on and off the field to mature and earn the great opportunity that I have been been given. It was a stark contrast to ray rice who was arrested for assaulting his then fiance. This video showing rice dragging his then fiance's limpl body out of an elevator after what police say was an assault. He was indicted on assault charges. The very next day they married. Two months later they appeared together at a press conference. I failed miserably but I wouldn't call myself a failure. I'm working my way back up. I wanted to thank her for loving me where I was weak and building where I was strong. Palmer to justifieses. I do deeply regret in the role I played that night. I love ray. Some critics called the press conference a sham. A horrible press conference where she is apologizing for her behavior, which was just unthinkable. Then NFL gave rice what many considered a slap on the wrist. A two-game suspension for domestic violence. There are consequences when you make a mistake plifblg I tan behind ray. He is a heck of a guy. A firestorm erupts. The six-game suspension on players using banned substances and then later, a second video emerges also obtained by including independent investigative powers and a minimum six-game suspension for first time domestic violence offenders. The suspension one of the first major tests of the new policy. This was the time where the league finally acted and it sent a message. Any player who will be involved in any domestic violence incidents, this will not be tolerated and it won't be second. This is a stunning fall from grace for one of the NFL's most promising players. Elliott was the star at Ohio state. Elliott's prospects were so bright, e-60 profiled him right before the 2016 draft. If you trust the support system, you trust people who care for you, you listen to them, then nothing but good things are come from that. The Dallas cowboys select Ezekiel Elliott. He was the fourth player chosen overall and headed to the biggest stage in football, Dallas. For the touchdown. In his rookie season, he led in rushing. I'm a competitor. I love going out there with the high stakes. Everyone has their eyes on you. That's fine with me. Helped the cowboys reach the playoffs. Out across the 45. Today's decision by the NFL putting this season on hold. Jerry Jones, the cowboys' owner had been outspoken in public about the fact that he led the league's report. He looked into it and he didn't believe that Ezekiel Elliott committed any domestic violence acts here. This is an opportunity for zeke to have some self-reflection. Hopefully a guy talented, he will get it together. And be productive, not only on the field but in the community. The NFL is a brand, a day when a player's behavior off the field was met with a little more than a wrinkle long gone.

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{"id":49173675,"title":"NFL player Ezekiel Elliott suspended after domestic violence investigation ","duration":"7:21","description":"Dallas Cowboys running back was suspended for six games without pay as a result of an NFL investigation into his ex-girlfriend's allegations. ","url":"/Nightline/video/nfl-player-ezekiel-elliott-suspended-domestic-violence-investigation-49173675","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}