Recent murders highlight dangers female joggers could face while on a run

Wendy Karina Martinez was stabbed to death in an unprovoked attack in Washington, D.C., while jogging.
6:38 | 09/21/18

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Transcript for Recent murders highlight dangers female joggers could face while on a run
the reality of that ree now . So how can protect yelf?re's abc'sindsey dav. A activity, going out andbe a healthy,meditative experience but for some women, L 35-year-oldendy Martinez it can be dangerous. Ou have a young woman out in a neighborhood. THA happen, like I said, I unsettng. Eporter: Mtinez, an avid murder while a recent evening jog in D.C. Her death is parf a disturbing ant tref men across the country being Ed while O Ang. Women like Molly tibets, alley, dkatra. His is an outraged community. S a wan who suld be going to work today. Repr: It was just befor 8:00 P.M. On Tuesday wn Martinez seene in this deo, wasn the bucle neighborho D.C. She was suddenlyttacked. Police say brutally stabbed seven times. Su F H injuries, she staggerednt anese takeout restaurant where she collapsed. The restaurant was field customers. Some people ran out. Othersushed to heraid. They tried to assistance her. Unfortunat she was ten a localospital where she was ad. Repor Martinez' familyheartbron. Y daughter was beautiful special,ibrant young girl. Veryocused oner career, butall,he waswarrior. Reporter: Martinez was engagedar jus suddey the happiest man in the world, you're engaged wi T of your , and suddenly she's -- now she's gone. D.C. Poli bearching for a ect. Ey used this surveillance video of aerson ofnterest leaving the scene, holding wh LE a knifewith a manhunt under way, resints bec about wn safety. It mak everyon nerves. Reporter: Then yesterday, a surveillce video. Ips from the commu heed our homicide dettives tablish the identification of this person of intthat was shown in the video. Reporter: That person of interest, 23-year-old Anthony Crawford of northwest. Ated and charged with firsgree murder W armed. We feel very O custohe person resnsible for this murder. Eporter: Craeared in court today. He hasot yet enter a plea. No motive or reason for ts Y random attack hasnven. Martinez is theictim to be killed while jogging. 20-yeaoly tibets was abducted and red in July. E accused of murding the un of Iowa students india this week. Runners areing their workouts to Molly and ghlightinghe safe concernsning while female. In the back four times while out on a jog in rose township, MI one monthlater, this woman was Ed and rangled. Her aed kler has pled not GU. Bu woman. 36r-old Kelly was running when she Stopp to use aom. Asas din my hands, I came aware that G. Eporter: Tt's when police say this man, offender, assault her. She self-dense lessons saved her life. Iearned put hard bones fleshy places, so I just staedhe side of hi head wh the of M hand. To herselfff fthe world by using headphones or using ie ormakes her run a muchore ternal experi, but she's actually unaware of what is happening around her. Reportev Maga expert teaches self-defenclasses. Hek at womenhe prey. Theyant the you have to know whau'doing andhe nature mes out. You are less likely to be targeted. Eporter: F ten who might go gash says Ty need to arm themselves with condee showef high sch runs in central park. T gets there are leutrunning,nd been O running, so iometimes am more cautious than I normally amun with a friend so I have Ady S somethi happens, there's alw some to be there withme. Ially run during the the few have run, like, suns, do think I F atle less sort of surrouings. If you have that feeling, that C fng a person, a ca a situation,hat ling. And then, what should your action be? Get away. Get othe.en we're dealing wh bad guys, we make three sumptions, rit? E, they're going to be bigger, two, they're going to be stronger Ty O pain. Repter: Part of that confidencean mean khen and how to pac a puh. Ou want T closer proply. First set of knuckles, second se knuckles, thumb over the middle fin right here. Protect your owft spots. Ak leg forward, strong leg ba. Throw, back and pop. I Thi what I learned is that definitely sprintg, like dot be afra, if you fl atody sort of on your tail, do be raido sprint and don't be afraid to let them know that ye aware. Of thingscould do, so thisee helpful. Reporter:ack in D.C. Tonight -- Ang grace ??? Reporter: A vigil remember Wendy Martinez forgivendet god do what he has T. Reporte her fiance, Daniel with one final mes Wendy, I love you, and I know that you'r inlace and I know that you're lookingup on us. ?????? Martinez' mothes they bur her in the gown she just purased for her wedding.

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{"duration":"6:38","description":"Wendy Karina Martinez was stabbed to death in an unprovoked attack in Washington, D.C., while jogging.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57980786","title":"Recent murders highlight dangers female joggers could face while on a run","url":"/Nightline/video/recent-murders-highlight-dangers-female-joggers-face-run-57980786"}