'Reversing Roe': Documentary explores history of landmark Supreme Court abortion case

With abortion and women's rights in the national debate, the Netflix documentary is taking a look at the 1973 Roe v. Wade case.
8:15 | 09/26/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Reversing Roe': Documentary explores history of landmark Supreme Court abortion case
Re's ABC's Gloria Riviera. Rorter: For Dr. Colleen mcniclas gettingork is a feat she I a abortion provider in the midwest where access T abortions ireasingly restricted. She L and works in MI a stath only two abortion clins. Each month she also commutes to oklaho ka, seeing patient total of four clinic across three states. In America one fouromen ll have an their life, so me abortiois just basicea re going pregnay,ay, and I think about how pized this has become I wonde you know, ts happen? Debate, does itver C into E Kline snik. I take C O Republican women and democrati women takare of women who he havechildren, who identify as stlim or atheist. When they come into that ace, theiris is Abo politics. They D't C WHA their politician thinks. Abortion is ill! Reporter:he abort roilinis F after a woman's cit right T abortion became the law of the land wit "Roe wade" in 1973he supremeourt today red that artion is comply private meter toe decided by mother a . R: Are stark. Ssions on both sides running will nomat judge Brett Kavanaugh to the united stat court. The fig T on new urgency presitrnominationf Brett Kavanaugh top When it Toms to abortion thentn, this is probable the most pivotal vacancy in 40 S. Reporte Kavanaugh would race justic Anthony Kennedy and his evermportant swing vote on abortion leaving the future of "Ro wade" unain. Kennedy has been on the court, as he S gone, so hasone the court. Repter: Thosen both sid are aing if Kavanaugh is confirmed,ldade" be reversed him-makers Rikki stern and Annie sunberg took a look at the histors debatend looked at how some women's to abortion in the wake of "Roe v.ade"sei restricted. We have Tok at the history toeally understand how we got to where areoday that we're living in such a pain wld just a overturn "Rov. Dethat's WHA're being today. Reporter: Already today there are at leastix states with only one abortion clinic. I do think that we are at a pivotal me we're ceai dangerously close to E cliff whi access becomes completely the moment I portunitylmost 50 years in themaking. Stakesre incredibly high right now when talk about the supreme court to the un statesf America. We actually believeha momentum inurside. Reporter: As candate ump embraced the anti-aboion platrm Do you want to see the court wade"? If put another two or perhaps threeon, th'sll what -- till happen, and that will happen tically, in my opinion, because I autting pro-life nominees before him, jud kaugh haseclined to say how held vote "Rov. Wade." Instead -- ll, as genal proposn ierstand the importance precedent set foin "Roe v.ad Reporter: His only ruling on aborti came lastyear, a undocumented teen custody wanted to terminate her prnancy.kavanaugh S shed not receive an abortion while I cu cling it abortion on Mand. Kristenkins hopes the nomition could eliminate prtions abortion. I first met her a T marcho life. I speak T you pregnan wh my fourth child, my daughter. We are tpro-life generation! 'M here on jufor life tour! Groups that embarked on tionalr to generate support for kava We a going T confir Kavanaugh. Rte and with crisis dueto sexual Sault aegations wkins is sending by him. We believe that accuse have the ri and should speak out. Fd interest that when we look at judge kava casehoh it's, know, guiltyil innocent.it'sot oth way around. Rter: Whatever Kavanaugh's future Hawkins feels ident. The so-cled pro- movent has an Allyn presidentrump. Ndery administratn we wi def theory first right in theration of indepece, and that the to fe. Reporter:tr courting of the Ann voterors that ofmer psionald Reagan. Reagan was told get the suppvangelical voter which he will need in Der to N. Policy. Reporte but I believe abortn we are taking human life. Reporter: He W alway I vor of o-life. S the first law that basically allowed legal ortion. Reporter: And our current presidenttarted out pro-choice. I'm veryprch Reporr: Only T later pivot as a candidate to the Ann platform. The film-make explore the agessiveacf many anti-abortiotivists,ike Troy from O rescue. Anizationsts outsidebortion C We've been very effective targeting particular abortionts if then ant the place closes Doan when abortion clinics close, babs saved Ror These are clinics W closed Dow and put them out of bu, ocean side, Lawrence, Kansas. Iike to loo at a a trove wall. Eylosed down ndreds of abortion clin the one tng T I'm firsthand expernces with protesters. You dri to work and do you typically she This is where both siclinicians and PEOP come through. These babies don't die todaycolleen. O my actice. Just like P nd hymies they ll need abortion and I coervative STEs it's Har get an abortion. Repince2011 states have implemeed more than 400 restriio on aborti access. Women have a right but state N regulateakes it more diffic Reporter: Can ye some othetithat ve come into place and how iitrd what you do. Manda pes, and they can be 24 to 72 Mand counseling. Most or all of th pces THA I in have insurance bansng that both and pri insurcenies are prevented from paying this Reporter: Those who want "Ro V. Wad reve feel the time is now. Feent is advance quickly. We seehis battles victory on its waeporter: Does it feel like you're on the front lines of this? Hat I fee like is that I am at the froines aattl to women and to help themet care respect and dignity thathe serve. Reporter: Sounds like a foot ldier. Ag on. Reporter: For mcnholas is packing H bag to T rk long as shear "Nightline" Gloria Riviera in sis,missou. His proction I N on netfli ABC ns wl L coverage confti of judge kavanaughnd his on thursy mng. Next, Bill Cosby spending

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{"duration":"8:15","description":"With abortion and women's rights in the national debate, the Netflix documentary is taking a look at the 1973 Roe v. Wade case.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"58086962","title":"'Reversing Roe': Documentary explores history of landmark Supreme Court abortion case","url":"/Nightline/video/reversing-roe-documentary-explores-history-landmark-supreme-court-58086962"}