Road Rage: Why Drivers Snap

One driver is facing prison time after allegedly firing at someone police say may have cut him off.
6:29 | 05/24/14

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Transcript for Road Rage: Why Drivers Snap
Good evening. On this busy memorial day weekend there will be many more drivers on the road than usual. And undoubtedly, more tempers flaring. Sometimes furious fights can result in even the most minor lapses by motorists. But hearing about road rage is very different than actually seeing how far it can some times go. Here is my "Nightline" co-anchor Dan Harris. Tried to run me off the road! , . Reporter: You are watching a road rage incident that goes to dramatic extremes. . Reporter: Investigators say it started on a Sunday afternoon in March of last year when Bradley turner and his wife Christie were driving in their Toyota SUV in James city, north Carolina. This chevy pickup driven by josh berry with his friend Nathan and Shaylee inside may have cut them off. He got up beside me. Leaned out the window. Pointing saying he is going to kill me. Reporter: The chase was on. For 30 to 40 minutes, with their 4-year-old child in the back seat, the turners tailed the young trio. Josh berry says he tried to lose them but they followed him all the way to his friend Nathan's driveway. When we saw him get out of the car the I threw the truck in park. Looked at Nathan. I guess he is really going to come up here. In the moment, Shaylee started running the cell phone camera. He said a couple word. And threw a punch. It was on like donkey Kong. Reporter: On like donkey Kong. Remember his child is in the back seat. When I looked up. I saw the kids in the car. I didn't keep kicking. Look at this. You see the wife come out of the car, she has a gun. Hands it to him. Her facial expression is calm. Christie turner hand her husband a pistol. He kook cocks it and accident leap goleap -- accidentally goes off. It was click, click, click. When I heard the click. I was scared for my life. After the clicks, my heart dropped. Everything got real after that. Everybody gets to see the fun part of it. We're the ones that saw a gun pointed to our face and thought he was about to die. Reporter: We will show you what happened next, in a minute. But first perspective. Road rage has been around since days of horse and buggy. Now with more cars on the road and cameras everywhere. We are seeing some truly outrageous examples. Come on, fat boy! Yelling. Spitting. Hitting. And throwing just about everything from coffee to crutches. As we head into this memorial day holiday, one of the busiest driving weekend of the year, it is high season for road rage. It is a phenomenon bob nemerovsky knows all too well. I was driving home very late at night. There was some guy tailgating me. And I got to my exit. And I flipped the guy off. He chased me while waving a baseball bat at me out the window. Reporter: A psychologist in San Francisco has made a career of studying road rage. I think we all have the potential to be a road rager. I think some people get out of control. Reporter: This dash-cam went viral on youtube after capturing the pickup truck swefr into a driver on a freeway in San Diego. Amazingly nobody got hurt he. Witnesses say the driver of the pickup took both hand off the wheel to flip the other driver off. She was arrested on suspicion of reckless driving, and assault with a deadly weapon and will appear in a courtroom in San Diego next month. Get into a little cocoon in our automobiles. When we feel like we own the space in front of us. When someone tail Gates us or someone cuts in front that feels threatening almost as if someone is driving right into the front door of our home. Reporter: He says there are ways for drivers to prevent road rage and cool off when things get too heated. You are feeling stressed. Do something, go to the gym. Go for a walk. Get yourself calm. When you are in the car instead of listening to outrageous -- talk radio, maybe listen to something that makes you a little more calm. When something happens on the road and you start to feel yourself getting upset, use this mantra, fido, forget it, drive on. If those tips don't help. There is always karma. In the youtube from a woman in Florida. Notice the pickup in the rear Ve M -- view mirrors. The truck passes her. The truck flipping her off. And then the truck is captured spinning out of control, tires squealing, glass shattering, before coming to rest on the other side of the street. Ha-ha-ha! That's what you get! Reporter: Sometimes, karma is a ditch. Back to James city, north Carolina and the case of Bradley turner. After he accidentally fired off his gun handed to him by his wife, with the child in the car, police say he eventually pulled away. But then he circled back and fired shots into the empty pickup owned by josh berry who he believed had cut him off. Berry called 911. 911. Go ahead with the call. He shot out the back glass in my truck. Holy . Reporter: They eventually turned themselves in and are now facing a litany of charges. Turn in was in court, battler battered and bruised. With his attorney. We are dealing with a man who is a father. Husband. And hard working man. He was completely terrified. Reporter: Police say they did not charge the young men because they were defending themselves. A lot of people are saying, you should have put the phone down and called the cops. Done the right thing. But it's like, if you are in that predicament what are you going to do. You don't know. Heat of the moment a dren Lynn -- adrenaline is going. And we defended ourselves that's what we did. Reporter: Tbradley turn ter is looking at prison time, up to four years all because he lost his cool on the road. For "Nightline," this is Dan Harris in New York. Bradley turner pled not guilty last year. We reached out to his lawyers

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{"duration":"6:29","description":"One driver is facing prison time after allegedly firing at someone police say may have cut him off.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"23853567","title":"Road Rage: Why Drivers Snap","url":"/Nightline/video/road-rage-drivers-snap-23853567"}