'Sharknado': TV Movie Was Rating Flop, but Social Hit

SyFy's original film about a climate-change-induced twister full of angry sharks lit up Twitter.
4:10 | 07/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Sharknado': TV Movie Was Rating Flop, but Social Hit
Goofy horror flick called a shark NATO debuted on the scifi channel last night to massive fanfare. The movies ratings fell far short of the perfect dive more like a belly flop. But it's ridiculous plot and cheesy effects found themselves a loving home on social media. Here's ABC's nick watt on the trashed we love in spite of ourselves. -- -- -- -- -- Sharks NATO. The -- -- is. -- Acting well like this. Okay. My mom always only Hollywood could kill. The premise is preposterous. -- A tornado is keeping many -- had to be Asian and dumping them on LA. Native. It's amazing our patents it's enjoyable carpets. The movie -- -- disappointing audience on the scifi channel last night. But became an instant cult movie classic. You may be right there next to troll to. -- -- -- Those so bad they're good movies house. For years to garner a cult following -- native achieved that status instantly because -- their social media. Generating over 300000. Tweets during just the ninety minutes of the premier. ON GO MG ONG tweeted me -- -- -- she was watching secretary of health -- Bailey as we did. Thought NATO injuries will be covered in the pre existing condition under Obama's. Demon friends had the red wedding a few weeks ago. That generated record Twitter traffic and this was almost to that level. I wish I could join in tweeted -- sense but I had a cousin was killed by Charlotte native back in 93. Remote all right -- this is Anthony -- who directed. -- native. This is being hailed as the news -- of -- makes its -- To us there there are far far far worse now. Them and this what did they get so deliciously right here to make this so bad that it scared. Andy had amazing casting and -- -- I mean ironically hilarious Tara Reid lays the love interest opposite. -- Ian Ziering currently at Vegas Chippendale most famously Steve. How was it working with the public money into and -- -- -- Yeah I think you've ever done anything like this -- action hero seen here in the movies. It's C. He led us down -- gallon of blood all over. First -- himself. Are you -- gave himself in the role I mean look any other actor would have done it like Jim Carrey and made it really really silly it's -- Does he just did it at work. I mean. You don't do that and think you know -- and then again I ask you do that thinking Twitter is in a freak out and they made ours. Beautiful -- -- -- No punches you mean with the dialogue with the action with this CGI. Nothing was restrained and -- -- you made -- news it could be. So old. I am I'll accept that -- -- Latin people ripping it apart is considering there is no formula. It's a classic. -- set out to make people it have to be. It has to become that because the audience says that's going to be and the audience at. Both gates is collects. -- -- -- -- -- In Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"SyFy's original film about a climate-change-induced twister full of angry sharks lit up Twitter.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19655996","title":"'Sharknado': TV Movie Was Rating Flop, but Social Hit","url":"/Nightline/video/sharknado-tv-movie-rating-flop-social-hit-19655996"}