'Get Out' stars, director on tackling racial issues in hot new thriller

The horror/comedy movie, directed by Jordan Peele, stars Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams as an interracial couple visiting her mysterious family estate.
7:31 | 03/04/17

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Transcript for 'Get Out' stars, director on tackling racial issues in hot new thriller
For some young men there's nothing more uncomfortable than meeting your girlfriend's parents, as it should be. In some cases it can be downright horrifying. Here is ABC's Nick watt. Do you smoke in front of my daughter? I'm going to quit. She can take care of that for you. How? Hypnosis. Sink into the floor. Wait, wait, wait. On the face of it, "Get out" is a low budget horror flick that's just grossed 30 million bucks its opening weekend, beating "The Lego Batman movie"". Right now it is the nation's number one film in theaters. Get out! Sorry, man. Get out! But that's just on the face of it. Bombshells social critique shouts "Variety." Can a film be too inflammatory for its own good, "The new Yorker." Too many people are getting nervous. Oh, no. It is a horror movie partly about ace rais. Telling the sorry of this racial monster that lurks under the surface, and that we weren't talking about. Written and directed by Jordan pooel. Here is the thing, I knew that this movie would work if it ever got out. So I was just waiting, I was like, are they going to let me do this? Yeah, the very same Jordan Peale of key and Peale fame. I want a piece of him! You got your toothbrush? Check. Here is the basic premise. Do they know I'm black? Should they? Alison Williams of "Girls fame" plays rose, taking black boyfriend Chris home for the first time. Why Alison Williams? There's a familiarity. She seems like somebody we know. Have you been through the going to the parents' house with the white girlfriend? Yes. You know, I'm married to Chelsea P Peretti, a white woman. Great stand up, Brooklyn. I wrote it before I met her so I can't blame it on my current inlaws. She will toy with her family and imply it is them but I'm like, no, not true. Don't come back all boozy, man. There was a time in the past where I met a white girlfriend's parents and I was nervous. Where there's fear there's a horror movie. That's the state you want a protagonist of a horror movie to be in. Why Daniel? Daniel just -- I mean really -- I mean you know the answer because you've seen the movie. I mean look at the guy. It is cool. Why you not scared of this, man? Was he actually crying? Yes. Five times in a row the guy does the scene, the tears start falling. It is the black people out here, too. It is like all missed the movement. Because they probably hypnotised. I said everyone has an opinion on interracial relationships. Yeah, the dude is a lymey like me. It is a horror film about an interracial relationship. I want to see that, what happens, how does it manifest? I go do my research. Apparently a whole bunch of brothers been missing in this suburb. I had genius prurs who got it. Among them Jason Blum, hailed as the new master of horror, specializes in micro budget horror flicks like "The gift." There were 99 ways it could be wrong. Happily Jordan Peale got it right. The budget, a paltry 4 1/2 million bucks. With horror like comedy you don't need money to do it right. Jordan is first time writer and director. I believe there are a lot of similarities between scary movies and comedies, the timing of a joke and the timing of a scare, where you put it and the rhythm. The two genres hold more in common than one would think. He was completely natural. I would never know it was his first time directing, and it was my first time doing a movie. I feel we were in it together for both of our firsts. She might make no money and ruin her career. How do you sell Alison Williams on "Get out?" It helped we were friends. She loved the script. Why horror? I think for me it is about facing miss own fair. The reason anybody watches -- watches horror movies is just that. I know exactly where we are now. It's success reminds me of 1999's "The Blair witch project" made for 60 grand but grossed nearly $250 million. But "Get out" appeals on totally another level as well. Hello. Not bad. Hey, Nelson. We get to look our deepest fears straight down the barrel, laugh at them, and walk away having dealt with that. So is it true? Is it better? Wow. Is your deepest fear the ax murderer or casual racist? Look, it is a little of both. You ever play golf? Once, a few years ago. I wasn't very good. I do know tiger. Oh, that's great. Super. Gordon loves tiger. Oh, best I've ever seen, ever. Hands down. I know Tiger Woods. And has that kind of stuff happened to you? Oh, yeah. Does that still happen to you? That's every day being black in this country. I think they're trying to say something good, but inherent in that is a disregard for the humanity of the person. You were automatically seeing color first. It doesn't enrage me, but what it represents does. I did think, have I ever done anything like that, the tiger Woods thing? Of course, as you shoo. You know what? You have and I have. My view on race is not that white people are bad. Everyone is genetically predisposed to categorize. The way we're meant to deal with that is to be woke, is to be able to acknowledge that in ourselves. So how long has this been going on, this -- this thing? Say someone is saying something to you and they're trying to be welcoming but the actual impact is that it is alienating and it makes you isolated. Four months. Four months? Five months actually. She's right, I'm wrong. Atta boy, better get used to say Thang. The person, because they don't come from your perspective, they don't understand. It is a lack of understanding. No matter who you are, where you're from, when you step into the neattheater you are seeing the world through Chris's eyes. There are classic thriller twists, deeper themes and terrible horror that I will not give away. It is one of those movies I have so many questions, that now you're sitting here I don't really know what to say to you. You know, you look like the illegitimate child of Bryan Cranston and Michael Fasbender. He's not wrong. All right, all right. Time to wrap things up. Are you now Jordan Peale, horror movie director, that's it, who you are now? Say it again. I love it. Yes, I'm complicated. Nick watt for "Nightline" in

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{"id":45904859,"title":"'Get Out' stars, director on tackling racial issues in hot new thriller ","duration":"7:31","description":"The horror/comedy movie, directed by Jordan Peele, stars Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams as an interracial couple visiting her mysterious family estate.","url":"/Nightline/video/stars-director-tackling-racial-issues-hot-thriller-45904859","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}