How to Survive Being Lost at Sea, Stranded on a Desert Island

ABC's Matt Gutman tests his survival skills, swimming shark-infested waters to get to land.
7:09 | 05/01/15

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Transcript for How to Survive Being Lost at Sea, Stranded on a Desert Island
Ideally most of us we'll never have to find out what it's like to have fend off a shark or figure out how to forage for food on a deserted island but if you had to if you had to. Could you survive for a day a week maybe even a month. ABC's Matt Gutman takes the plunge. Pets didn't. Literally within the waves are congested city of court case in Mexico it's not exactly sure how I'll get out of this thing. A doodle. Funny perfectly synchronized jump. Head of a helicopter. The idea is to learn basic survival skills in the water out and only. These same skills work for Dave Martin and his brother and a friend when their boat campsite in the Pacific. They survived by swimming to an island in British Columbia. For nine days they survive by eating see your kids play and then see. You didn't know what we knew we would start. Outward journey starts 24 hours before this jump making my way from Miami to Mexico our first dump a visit to a shrine. The most important basilica for folks here in Mexico City. Hopefully come in here we'll give us the good luck. Next morning begins at 5 AM taking with me little more than their bags under my allies leaving little luxury. So it's opening. Three hours later we've landed in it must seal Mexico. Still out there. After a quick safety briefing and Hibbert dropped anybody into the open ocean before. A fifth straight story we boarded a chill for a 45 minute flight over the desert village of with a twenty. These are friends a whole village that are out. It's here I meet up with dance there hadn't. Instructor of the California survival school. I think I'll heart beat up on the helicopter. Notice that. Big jumpers know who has seen its doors that's because the and I will be jumping. With the jumper into the sea of politics the political expert did teach me how she survived. Lost at sea. As the truck reaches the drop location devils now where we take or positions. The clock is ticking it's going. It go to super nice killed to three. The rush subside tonight acclimate temperature. We don't fit did know what some call Walton who was maintained a review its float won't part of me. We finger hold everything afloat and the guy do this and keep your apple makes his way of life. Who lives here he always good schools competitive and apparently don't did you open up the water wheel over. But that's. A skilled it actually did the right. Could stay calm and improve your game pitcher number one and it. Another option would be a dead man's boat. Most repair itself faced down. This could be self float different lets you take an immigrant men. It's just one terrifying dilemma this time instead of dropping from a helicopter when I mean in a sinking ship well. It was an enduring. There are big guy in the straw had his big holiday what are the most experienced 900 survival instructors a line. Mentor to some of the most famous survivalist on TV good thing because it's tied its. Track yeah X but that voice. Grab an eighteen the waterfall and save your life to us. Charts. It's now 3 PM and ultra short and twenty shuffle money feed to scare away the scorpion vision sting rays just terribly. Sure dining BO survival will be grand list and in no reference who actually sure I stumbled on something killers opening scene. It's is that this is under the ticker at that he's been here for a while water is part of the corps or things to survive. Shelter water Europe through so I would like to see us here. Really nice fire. Signal for help we set out to collect firewood and then we go cave man. It's easy to would weeks old. It hasn't it is only here gave caters to him up and sure enough to make a bogey. Our three on the island and I try to use that those groups to create a fire. Not easy mountain of smoke timed correctly and being. Eight kids Kindle half an hour and he worked of the job gear all five. Edited it down you know there's little daylight left to search for water so we can keep him lids for water to last night. But all the waste. Is a re some scrub the finance upbeat takes up residence in my pets a cactus tax my producer Robert. Casualties everywhere. And. Said the approach. Since. Haas. This. Is beautiful so under those circumstances anyway Handel don't worry a smaller rattlesnake closer to camp. Not so lucky. He was aggressive and becomes theater opens at all and lastly killed seven hours in. Gathered secret that he tried out tonight show or bending the opening minutes of that one right now we're. Of those who would. Whose life saved. Next morning we wake up only end without insert your break. Going to go dig up some Olympic some votes for. That's pretty good. And welcome pet shelter repeatedly. Here's where the fire really comes in handy. The smoke here and bigger the better as a rescue boat arrives 24 hours or because if water. And water ever taste so good dropping to shark infested waters apparently twenty short. She meal and survival it's just money it might. I'm mad gunman for Nightline. It is you quartets. May thanks to the intrepid Matt Gutman and this question. If you were rescued from a deserted island what is the first thing you would eat when you got home would it be. This that is an un shaven Matt Gutman with a fish I personally would go the cheeseburger but no judgment here you can tell us your choice. On our Nightline FaceBook page about a way survival we continues tomorrow morning on GMA.

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{"duration":"7:09","description":"ABC's Matt Gutman tests his survival skills, swimming shark-infested waters to get to land.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"30728329","title":"How to Survive Being Lost at Sea, Stranded on a Desert Island","url":"/Nightline/video/surviving-stranded-desert-island-30728329"}