Going beyond the swipe, a changing trend in online dating

Top ranking users on the dating app Hinge, including Sarah Hernon, a former contestant on ABC's "The Bachelor," share their profile tips.
7:25 | 02/10/17

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Transcript for Going beyond the swipe, a changing trend in online dating
Good evening, there are plenty of websites ranking people's favorite dating apps. But now the apps are ranking you back. Hinge has published a list of its top 40 most eligible users in New York City. The people with the looks, the brains, the personality, everything but the good sense to say "No" to us when we asked two of them if we could film their first date and put it on television. Here's ABC's Morris Gibb Ocampo. I just feel like it might be time to say goodbye. Reporter: Nabbing an eligible bachelor like Nick vial can be a challenge. . I'm sorry. Reporter: Just ask any one of the three contestants kicked off the show in this week's explosive episode. I wish nothing but the best for you. Reporter: But for those who aren't on reality TV -- I just didn't see that coming. Reporter: There's a new pool to partners to pick from. Caroline Hanson is one of the most sought after singles in new York City. Here's my profile, what makes me happy, golden retrievers. You're one of the most eligible bachelorets in new York, how does that feel? It's definitely flattering. Reporter: The list, compiled by popular dating app hinge, boast daters that are attractive and accomplished. The selections are based off profile interactions which hinge claims emphasize personality not just profile pictures. Are you finding that the quality is a little different when you're actually getting to know more about the person? Yeah, it's people who are actually invested in meeting people. As opposed to again, like the hook-up culture, just swiping she's hot, I'm going to go out with her. Reporter: Caroline said she quit using the swipe dating app, apps like tinder and bum bell, in favor of hinge which instituted a subscription fee. Tell me about your experience with online dating. To me, it's a no-brainer. In New York, it's really hard to meet people. Reporter: So she has high hopes tonight for her date, rearchled by hinge with a fellow super catch Chris kafero. He seems very funny. Reporter: Across town, we learned he is pretty funny. Reporter: A bone fight actor, he's appeared in "The night of" and "As the world turns." But this is the first time he's been on a most eligible list. So you're one of the top daters, does that surprise you? Yeah, totally. Sorry, ladies, this is the best New York can do. What is it that you think you're doing right? I have no idea. I'm just trying to be myself. Reporter: That true to you profile style is what Chris will be looking for on his date tonight with Caroline. As you can see, she's got beautiful pictures. What makes me happy, golden retrievers. She likes dogs. Reporter: Going beyond the swipe is part of a larger changing trend in the dating app world. We really agreed that swipe culture, hook-up culture, had really changed dating for the worst, and we wanted to do something very different. So we rebuilt hinge from scratch and built a relationship app. See I'm doing it so fast it's not even loading their photos. Reporter: Our past pieces on other top online daters have revealed interesting strategies. App users going for quantity or quality of matches. I would just sit there and click on every single profile that I possibly could. Reporter: Karen Clark, the vp of marketing at hinge said the list wasn't is seeking out the singles to game of the system. It's basically the people who have received the most interest. So hinge profiles are intended to showcase your full story. So these people are the total package. Reporter: More people than ever are turning to digital dating to look for a partner. 1 in 4 young adults. But only 12% of new relationships start online. Laurel house, a relationship coach, has seen plenty of dating app, apathy. Many of my clients complain that app dating is based on face alone and maybe the few interests and activities they mention. Reporter: While an estimated 53% of people lie on their profile, laurel emphasizes that being real on apps is the key to finding a match. They're putting out this energy of perfection. You're not actually getting to know them. Why don't we just all stop pretending and be real. Because real is what allows people to feel like they know you. Reporter: Sarah, a Denver, Colorado, native, knows about putting herself out there. A contestant on a past season of "The bachelor." Hello. Reporter: She was immediately open with Sean Lowe about discussing the fact that she was born with one arm. I don't want to like, make you uncomfortable and I don't want anyone else to feel uncomfortable about talking to me about that. Reporter: Now, she's one of hinge's top users nationally. Dating on a reality show is not easy by any means. I think dating on a dating app is way easier. And I think it's 100% possible to find the one on hinge. I think it's easy for other dating apps to sort of just feel like entertainment at times. And people might just be swiping as a game almost. But I'm taking it a little bit more seriously. Reporter: Today, she's making over a friend's profile to help him put his best digital foot forward. I want to see all your photos and read everything you wrote about yourself. Reporter: First step, don't have too many people in the shot. Aren't you worried if you have a photo with your guy friends, that the girls will see your friends and think they're hotter? Reporter: But skip the selfie. Use pictures that show personality. I want to see a guy out doing his hobbies or action or adventure, something like that. So that's obviously a beautiful shot and says you love playing golf. Reporter: Lastly, make sure your profile has conversation starters. I'm actually legitimately easy at making an over easy egg. That could be a first date question. What's your go-to breakfast? And if she doesn't say over easy eggs, she's out. Reporter: Even super catches struggle with the nerve-racking desire to get every detail of that first impression right. But they still agree to let our cameras come along. Hi. Hey. How are you? I'm good. How are you? Nice to meet you. They start with the get to know yous. What do you do? I'm an actor. And you? I work in travel. Cheers. So nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. It turns out they have a couple of hours of things to talk about. This was a lot of fun. Yeah, it was really fun. Thanks for taking me out. We should do it again sometime. Caroline was terrific. She seemed smart, ambitious, funny. I can definitely see why she's on the top 40 list. I think Chris portrayed himself on the app as he is in person. He was really charming, really funny, easy to get along with, and I overall, had a really good time with him. I hope I see him again. Reporter: There just might be two open spots on that eligible bachelor list soon. 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{"duration":"7:25","description":"Top ranking users on the dating app Hinge, including Sarah Hernon, a former contestant on ABC's \"The Bachelor,\" share their profile tips.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"45395107","title":"Going beyond the swipe, a changing trend in online dating ","url":"/Nightline/video/swipe-changing-trend-online-dating-45395107"}