Walking With White Lions

Tourists flock to the Ranch Conservancy in South Africa to see these rare animals.
3:00 | 11/09/12

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Transcript for Walking With White Lions
These days it seems barely a month goes by without news of an animal counter gone horribly wrong so it's fair to say that a vacation spent cozying up to a pack. Of African white lines takes a certain kind of tourist. And for those not content to gaze from a safe distance here's ABC's Jeffrey Kaufmann. -- into the wild. Those are powerful -- look at the size of their -- Not even -- grow and -- these lions could do serious damage out here in the south African bush. Keep your distance. Wait a minute what -- that tourist doing. I'm just hoping behind him as the pill. -- -- like walking a line. The main thing -- you nervous nine -- Do not try this at home. Don't try this at your local zoo in fact don't try this anywhere else. We traveled far into the south African bush. The grazing land of the branch conservancy. With a wielded beasts and Jack -- -- sold -- the Kunduz. And yes the giraffe and the rare and -- some stunning sable antelope. You're saying and wonder where the lions are. It's the lions that bring the tourists the courageous in the curious come to the ranch to walk with the animal. It's a little bit out of conference and -- -- -- -- -- and confronting a little out of your comfort zone means. You can. What what is -- about walking with -- particular -- executive good morning all. If you drop something on the ground eased to one and down or kneel down to -- got out that's because -- -- -- -- -- Which gives these out in what was an opportunity to you know they always go -- worn -- he -- easy target. Ladies first entering the -- them. Pure and beautiful -- have been bred in captivity but they are still wild beasts. Time this does feel like a circus act but conservancy is like this are helping -- -- as their numbers dwindled. Forty years ago there -- an estimated 200000. Lines across Africa today about 30000. A result of dwindling habitat. And hunting. This is a rep for white line. The white ones white tree because I mostly in the wild -- -- -- -- -- vehicle at a -- -- They can be exported to -- the -- -- from a distance all mostly -- -- -- -- I keep thinking of the lions and all those nature films attacking and devouring their -- -- -- -- to match up like and that are so confident guy in the film grizzly man who brought the bears were his friends. Until they mold -- today forget that stuff you can take -- these guys don't seem to know what they're doing and equal to have on people but now that -- -- We actually know in the means we can see -- -- what do you language I sure hope so. Each tourist here pays seventy dollars it's -- thrill seeking animal kingdom. The -- this is really incredible. -- -- -- -- OK so now we might turn to the animals. I'm just letting her leave me she's taking me for a walk but she does feel very -- actually not frightening. At least not yet -- it doesn't courteous that in a moment she could turn on -- if she does she walks fast. It it suddenly hits you that -- there she goes. Talk about taking a walk -- the wild side. I'm Jeffrey Kaufman for Nightline near full equality of Africa.

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{"id":17684494,"title":"Walking With White Lions","duration":"3:00","description":"Tourists flock to the Ranch Conservancy in South Africa to see these rare animals.","url":"/Nightline/video/walking-white-lions-17684494","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}