Three Women, Missing for 10 Years, Found Alive

Missing women Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight have been found, Cleveland police say.
8:01 | 05/07/13

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Transcript for Three Women, Missing for 10 Years, Found Alive
If they wrote this into a cop show plot you would roll your eyes and school off three missing women. Gone since they were girls filed a live together a decade later in the same Cleveland house three Brothers in their fifties -- a suspect's. We can't imagine -- is when went through can imagine the pain the families -- endured through the candlelight vigils. The false leads the searches involving jackhammers and cadaver dogs but. Maybe tonight we can share in their surreal joy tonight. -- one for the believers. The posters have been part of Cleveland's landscape for a decade the weathered her tattered ones replaced again and again by families who refuse to give up who refused to stop praying for a moment. Like this. We need police fire ambulance you need help -- -- what's going on there and do you have and I didn't completely. Yeah. That is the voice of Amanda -- calling 911 tonight. The last time anyone in her family heard that voice she was a -- shy of turning seventeen. Called her sister to say she was catch -- ride home from her job Burger King. And then she vanished nevertheless I -- heard from -- incidents did it tonight she is 27. Years old and free. Thanks in part police who got an ovation on this Cleveland street. And thanks in large part to a passing neighbor named Charles Ramsey who had the compassion. To respond to her cries for help. And I look anything this girl. She's just going nuts on the doors on it was a problem he used to open a door if he's an actor and he got it locked -- look. How he had that it is only a note to reach a hand up to grab a mail in -- pulled the door if you week. You don't actually -- open. That can work so we had to kick open the bottom not don't have those aluminum was cheap and -- planned out what I daughter she went in my house because I -- want. That's right he said -- -- escaped with her daughter a report that brings back chilling memories of JC -- guard. Who gave birth to two daughters while being held by her kidnappers for over eighteen years. When these girls were abducted. That they went into this environment with. A person or persons. And probably. It will held against their will for a period of time. But the now world becomes a reality but aside from her little girl Amanda Berry had others in the house to worry about tonight about -- minutes. At the police got here. -- the girl Amanda. Told the police. Just don't want some old girls -- in that house so big one up there. You know are reported -- when they came out was just astonishing properties officers. That have been work. In these cases for all these years. It was just amazing to see the to see the emotion. I'm these. -- law enforcement officers when they -- and Aaron saw. -- -- -- Michelle yes inside the home they also found Georgina dejesus. Who also went missing from this very neighborhood nine years ago walking home from a middle school a few blocks more Amanda disappeared. Tonight that little girl on find Georgina dot com is 23 years -- It's yeah yeah. And they also found Michelle night who went missing in 2000. But since she was twenty at the time didn't get as much attention as the younger girls. But all three are getting much loving attention. At metro health medical center. Currently. They're safe. We're in the process of evaluating their medical needs. They appear to be fair condition at a moment. Yeah. I mean it's. This is really good because this isn't the ending we usually -- of these stories so we're very happy. They're very happy for them. Now attention turns the kind of person or persons who could've held prisoners like this for so long. Police will only say they have three Hispanic man in custody ages fifty to 54 but our sources tell us. They are Brothers. The middle brother's name -- aerial Castro and according to his neighbor he lived a life far above suspicion. -- see -- do everything. Means every -- lived here been here a year ago his -- around. You wouldn't do we eat ribs and in what -- business also music -- -- You know indicated their. Wrote not a clue that that girl but -- in that -- -- anybody out there against that -- deal because. He is if -- he has held onto his back yard plays with adult ticket what is cars and motorcycles and go back in the house. So he's reminds you look at you -- the -- because -- -- -- look at what they averaged. John van and other exciting about -- school. Until the day. What an amazing account from amazing character will be hearing more about certainly but we're gonna turn now to a man who knows all too well what is like to. Lose a child wait for that child and John Walsh longtime host of America's Most Wanted joins us from our bureau in Washington John any night. They can solve three missing persons cases and go home with smiles is an amazing night what was your reaction. When you are. -- incredible what what a great night three women on the back alive. And a little girl that he may have -- -- creation of the kidnapped her and an -- -- -- I want to do cartwheels I know what it's like not to know where your child is I I went through that horrible pain. And I still think it's it's wonderful that -- at least found parts of the of Adam. But what a night I could do cartwheels it's just an incredible wonderful thing. And I know you want to sing the praises of Charles Ramsey who is already the darling of the Internet with the most colorful a sound bites of this whole story so far but. This guy saved -- Lives. I saw -- firsthand in the 25 years have been doing America's Most Wanted the public wants to help they don't lot of help they have the guts to help me catch. 12100 bad guys and -- sixty missing children. Here's Charles Ramsey walking home as he said Sosa sickly I'm a black guy I saw a white woman helped get crying for help. And I went to help her and broker out. Amanda -- saved her life to other women's lives and their child. And Charles Ramsey is the guy that broke amount of that house of horrors I if I ever meet him I'm gonna give -- the biggest us. There would have been so easy for him -- just keep his head down and go home but he didn't. And and let me ask you as an investigator. What would you be looking for in terms of the suspect in this case is -- his methods and motives. Certainly everybody thinks it's that. Pervert under the bridge with the trench coat I've done so many of these cases where it's just the guy next -- it's just a guy that seems like he's okay. What amazed me is how he could keep three grown woman and a child. In that house without some point in ten years one of them being able to contact somebody. But now sources say that his two Brothers and -- arrested. We all wondered if he had help how do you keep three grown woman and a child in a house in the neighborhood and that there never seen. So this would make a lot of sense of he had help with his two Brothers helped him run this house of horrors and keep these three women in that child there for ten years. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well it's something we'll be following in coming days and -- we sit at the top this one was one for the hopeful tonight. It's so great to have a moment of victory after all those years a -- talking about other stories it all goes well John Walsh thank you thank you bill.

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{"id":19122883,"title":"Three Women, Missing for 10 Years, Found Alive ","duration":"8:01","description":"Missing women Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight have been found, Cleveland police say.","url":"/Nightline/video/women-missing-10-years-found-alive-19122883","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}