Air Force One: Flying With the President as Press

ABC News' Ann Compton recalls her travels aboard the iconic presidential jetliner.
2:57 | 09/03/14

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Transcript for Air Force One: Flying With the President as Press
I -- Compton ABC news I have covered presidents over the last forty years seven presidents and today. My last ride reports. What describe what it's like to ride on Air Force One if not them. -- -- -- -- -- World open -- for. What I was on the this big 740 seven's -- the president and -- was George Herbert Walker Bush who proudly. His -- an up front for the feds make that's the so this may happen to -- he showed me. There -- nice kind of hotel bathroom with twin -- things at the ball walk. When in the back for the -- at twelve mark. Nice first black -- From the power -- I'm bulkhead wall. We actually. I've never been frightened on Air Force One not in bad weather -- Trying -- and from stances but on September 11 we knew we already own. There was a jet fighter and FC. Right off the -- outside my. And most of the people have been propped up there -- just a handful of us left on board and I think I ever felt. It was the idea that the president -- I was afraid for my own self but I once. Worry. Sometimes -- they end up. Tired. They want to go home but the president would invite herself. We sit around. We give a talk about that. And related deaths. President Clinton's advisor Bruce Lindsey came back to the press section late at night said. President wants to see -- he took me up. The president United States -- sitting at a table with John best albums -- say they wanted to play. I've -- a couple of hours apart with the president. Jokes and told stories the whole. I've lost count of how many rides on Air Force One -- -- each and every one it's the air force crew. -- the crewmembers who have made it comfortable and safe course of course the pilot and co pilots and navigators. It's been quite a -- Ann --

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{"id":25227504,"title":"Air Force One: Flying With the President as Press","duration":"2:57","description":"ABC News' Ann Compton recalls her travels aboard the iconic presidential jetliner.","url":"/Politics/video/air-force-flying-president-press-25227504","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}