Attorney General William Barr: No widespread fraud

The attorney general says he found no evidence of election wrongdoing while President Donald Trump is reportedly considering pardons for family members.
5:51 | 12/02/20

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Transcript for Attorney General William Barr: No widespread fraud
Attorney general William Barr is now the high. Highest ranking drug administration official to publicly break with the president on his claims of voter shore bar tells the Associated Press. The Department of Justice has not found fraud on a scale that could overturn the election results. For more on this let's bring in our Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas peer. I remember that attorney general Barr had. And given permission. 40 US attorneys to look at all claims of voter fraud a little while ago. What was the scale that investigation and now that he's gone to the White House was he called on the carpet about this. Well Terry it was a shift in policy and a lot of my sources who were. Not particularly. Alarmed by of the shipped on there was some Justice Department internal career people who were action because basically what is allowed. The prosecutors do and the FBI did you use to launch you know election. Voter fraud investigations. Prior to certification. In the past they wanted to do an after certification. The presidential race it was not to appear to be affecting the election whatsoever. But if you look at the language that was in. Oh lead guidelines ships it's said a pretty high standards for. Whether you could launch such an investigation couldn't be based on series and couldn't be based on constrict conspiracies it had to be based on some actual evidence and what we've seen is that the Justice Department has. I've been open and available sure that evidence and they haven't found. And attorney general Barr was at the White House yesterday. Was president trump expressing his displeasure at the statement that there was no election fraud. Well what we can tell you is that and he was there. Are we have not gotten clear guidance on whether she spoke directly. With the president. About it. What is unusual an anonymous sources are talking resin to president of the United States has not commented directly directly about what bar had to say at all. It has been more than 24 hours since has story broke. We have heard from our sources it did he do not believe the president was happy. About the good the statement by mr. bar and the timing of it. And we're waiting to see what mr. trump has to say directly to mr. Barr he has not done and you know the president is on Daschle and we wait to see how. A mr. Barr would react should two presidents. And say something about it but I can tell you that it Dave felt very strongly that. Bar itself that he should let people know what the evidence Wallace. And it's it's devastating for the present we talked a lot about the real world in and implications what the president saying is false claims on election fraud including. And threats of violence against election officials are of the emotional plea from the secretary of State's office in Georgia let's listen again real quick. Stop inspiring people to commit potential acts of violence that someone didn't get hurt him. Someone should get shocked so was any get killed. She's law enforcement taking these are serious repair. Very seriously. Look at CNN today rhetoric. And I've been covering armed force along our. They hate to hear people talk about things like. Enemies of the state. You know that you know somehow something nefarious was Doug. And look at what we've seen in and insists in the last several days you had. The former head of the common security cyber security division. A former US attorney. Described him needing to be shocked you had in recent weeks. A former White House advisor talking about doctor Nancy stout C. And the FBI director needing to be harmed. The secretary of state in Arizona. As you know complain about. Threats herself. And we don't know about governor Whitmore in the situation related to Culver. Cove in nineteen so this is not just talk. And win. You have these kind of conversations. Law enforcement people will tell you need reminding me over and over. Those words wash over the same in the insane the good and the. Inflammatory for sure and switch gears now and I'll calling your expertise on unknown pardon process since the end of presidential term which. And that's one of the big things that happens ABC news and cherish the president tribes considering preemptive pardons for members of his inner circle including his family maybe even himself. Serious is that possibility and and what's the status of the Justice Department's doing and whether the president can actually pardon himself. Well Terry here's the interest sings actor we know the president in the partisan he's done so far has largely done them without consulting Justice Department. Our breaking. Cut in the protocols that we see in the past which is not unusual for this presents a break protocols and much what we know is that on its Clinton. Our pardon for example we were told it to exit the White House did not consult us apartment. In the final stretches of that pardon and that they learned about it on the day out like we did. And so the question whether the president can pardon himself or his family. A lot of legal scholars. Have been debating whether that can actually be done. And you know when his Everett you know really seriously considered doing such a thing will be without crimes actually being charged against one's family members. And so. Right now I can I can't tell you but I've heard anything about the Justice Department seeks researching this because again on. The traditional pardons the president hasn't really been consulted. Are well they may we all may learn what the boundaries are there Pierre Thomas thanks for that.

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{"duration":"5:51","description":"The attorney general says he found no evidence of election wrongdoing while President Donald Trump is reportedly considering pardons for family members.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74513677","title":"Attorney General William Barr: No widespread fraud","url":"/Politics/video/attorney-general-william-barr-widespread-fraud-74513677"}