Congressional candidate responds to ad calling him a 'security risk'

California congressional candidate Ammar Campa-Najjar responds to negative opponent attack ad which called him a "security risk."
6:06 | 10/17/18

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Transcript for Congressional candidate responds to ad calling him a 'security risk'
As we mentioned things are getting nasty out there they're the ads is is anyone that's in in a local television market knows they are flat they are flying fast. They are some of them are for particularly vicious is one that caught our eye that we want to show UN and talk about this one is in the San Diego area. Congressman Duncan Hunter. Has run this ad against his democratic opponents it'll take a look. I'm mark company jar is working to infiltrate congress he's used three different names to hide his family's ties to terrorism. His grandfather who masterminded the Munich Olympic massacre his father said he deserved to die. Mexican millennial Democrats came down large cap on the jar doesn't get his support from the people of San Diego. I supported by here. This is. Orchestrated plan mom my company just a risk we can't ignore him on Duncan Hunter and I approve this message. And the man who was targeted ad joins us now all mark companies are the democratic candidate. For congress in the fiftieth congressional district of cats of California and we appreciate you joining us and I just your first reaction when you saw sadness with what it. I'd love to hear what went through your mind and as you saw this ad I'm sure it's gotten a lot of buzz in San Diego among friends and neighbors what did you think when you heard. This ad and then you've heard the end up in honor approves this message. You know the first other cancer might only be completely honest with you I've never sure the slavery before. Is that Republican John McCain would be rolling in his grave today if he saw this you'll remember an LA. He stood up fiercely and proudly and courageously and in a dignified fashion against somebody who is attacking his opponent the time Obama. On racial grounds calling him. Something that he wasn't. So I Harken back the Republican party of McCain and even Ronald Reagan who was standing in front of statue of liberty when he became president announced. And he said the immigrants make America great. So I've been talking to Republicans independents Democrats in my district. They are ready for new leadership and a new day we have three poles have a statistically tied but more than any poll Rick. That bad shows you that I'm not a threat to national security by sure as heck I'm a threat to Duncan undersea. You might have cause show you that clause that pulls that we see in still have Hannah had. What makes you think you could eke this out the end. Keep talking to people on the ground near the only poll that matters in the end is that they Election Day poll people going out there voting. And we're mobilizing and organizing people there are people coming down the press is coming to our district. And they literally cannot find. Voters who are saying they're gonna vote for Doug and country they hear people say in the wanna stay home. After the here the allegations about hunter being indicted for embezzling a quarter million dollars. Paying back 60000 dollars which is the proof you need to know he's actually guilty and then him blaming his wife blaming the DOJ and them blaming mean. Duncan Hunter. There's a dereliction of duty with him there and people array to put country over party not there wife under a bus and that's what we're hearing on the ground. District do you consider the attack on your family lineage on on your grandfather's involvement in the Munich terror plot which now is not disputed to my knowledge. Do you consider that to be a fair attack I know you. You were born after your grandfather. Pass away C a and actually know him but you could you think that's a fair thing for a candidate to point out to talk about family relationships like that. I don't know bus fare but when you run for office your subject to all the scrutiny in the world and that is what the the gig requires but I will tell your listeners and voters across the country. Because I'll be voting for them even if they can't vote for mean it's a federal C. The FBI and this upon it last so much talk about this because I got played days to go get votes. But the FBI fully vetted mean and gave me clearance twice to work at the White House and the administration and 2016. And they fully vetted mean my Sally relationships and all my connections in the indeed me fit to serve they determined that I had a full allegiance to the United States of America. And where the security agent this secret security agents gave me this look help them. That 'cause they're Signet this singing on and he said to me know what sun. You're just as American as I am just as Patrick as I am and no one can take that away from you you're an American through and through. You've earned or security clearance now go serve in the White House I'm gonna earn everyone's vote Rick. I'm gonna serve in congress that's what's gonna happen 26 this this year November 6. The other attack as we've seen Republicans across the country lot of until it fancy clothes Steve whether you went support current you've got to congress and Democrats did take. The majority and also about health care we've heard the president continue to say and the Democrats are pushing. What he called the sort of socialist agenda on the issue of Gary can you can respond to both would you Baghdad Nancy Pelosi and what are your thoughts on health. That all this that this political red mean I've been running for congress should point two months I will have served as the run as long as I've served in the first year the first term. Here's what I'm gonna say to you. Whoever wants to be speaker of the house passed a earned my vote like I'm trying to earn everybody else's vote whoever wants to be speaker. House to present to mean. How they're going to not be the opposition writes a trump I'm fed up with that I want somebody who's in the lead the opportunity party for the people in our district and yes. That means fighting for health care. Fighting to protect people trees a thing conditions fighting to lower the costs of health care. Helping people who are pinching their pennies and pinching their pills literally splitting their pills in my district because they can't full of fort full prescription. That's an American. And the richest country on earth people should not have to languish and die because they're too poor to live sauce side of the political spectrum. I don't look at this race as a true answers verses resisters showdown. As night about those left and the right you know what it's about you talked about it the swamp. Those on the inside of the Washington machine and those of us outside of the Washington machine who want to be the insiders now to change things up in Washington Duncan Hunter and his father. Have helped the seat for forty years Rick. And after half a century people want the seat back that's what this raises about. Amare companies are the democratic candidate for the fiftieth congressional district fountain and San Diego Southern California thanks for being a really appreciate you dialing and good luck these next when he is. Thanks for having erect.

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{"duration":"6:06","description":"California congressional candidate Ammar Campa-Najjar responds to negative opponent attack ad which called him a \"security risk.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"58568905","title":"Congressional candidate responds to ad calling him a 'security risk'","url":"/Politics/video/congressional-candidate-responds-ad-calling-security-risk-58568905"}