Dr. Ben Carson says public housing shouldn't be too 'comfortable'

"The View" co-hosts discuss his comments and public housing policy.
7:33 | 05/04/17

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Transcript for Dr. Ben Carson says public housing shouldn't be too 'comfortable'
L why hasn't way with words quite like our new housing secretary doctor banned cars let. You recently tour in the housing facilities for the poor and Ohio. And send that you can't make these places too comfortable country and people wanna say I had to stay he beyond take it and me. This feels then. Why did kind of blaming poor peoples are. Opinion poll are. You think more people want to stay in the housing because. I gotta tell you all active think was have to get the hell added. And Lyndon fairly good housing that is still they have been out of that up in the middle of Manhattan you know everybody is aspiration of people are trying to get out why you. Why you make an at hardest. You know what interests me about this particular type of policy it's like what they're saying is it give you help poor people will develop dependency. That's what that they sadly citing language they used it was for people who are on welfare forgetting that nobody wants to stay on welfare nobody ever wanted to stay out while the idea is that. You give something and people become dependent on nobody but but it does not ever apply to rich people such as Donald Trott who got I believe fourteen million dollars from his father. You don't haven't said yeah. How dependent is loves you I'm not because because it not let it. It actually isn't because he got up from his father the point that they are always trying to make that is sunny everybody. Barely been awful you Aaron Daniel hi Diana autumn view and this is not live that they've perpetuated. With the young women who were getting pregnant when they were getting Britain. People on welfare you know what people do want to work they blacks went but perhaps if you stop slashing jobs are ways to get jobs may be that would help what may be if you didn't make people feel like. They weren't. They had put anything in in the past because people who work you know you put money and so the government you put money. Pay your taxes and that's what it therefore. They there are peak. All that are gonna always be in public housing in some of these groups of people like mentally ill who we close state run mental hospitals no way to talk about me. I. Don't have a place to go we have short term facilities we don't have long term there are people here that you're taking for granted when he makes statements like that and Nate always depend on east east quickly. And so what was upsetting to me is that he is supposed to be you know the Hud secretaries of he's someone that is supposed to have done his research. And what he should know in your day aiming at least I'm assuming that it and what he should know is that 31% of the people that are in public housing are our elderly. That rely on that another significant. I think there's a significant where our children. And so you're back when he's at an aerobatics so what he's saying is that the elderly shouldn't be put in places that are too comfortable won't. I was so sick isn't up to you mean I had sex act and I would we love. I think you have to explain though because Republicans oftentimes jump and and they separate them mentally ill they separate the elderly as you don't know we're talking about able bodied people and I. You know I'm here informant are also. Able bodied people who've been dealt a rough lot life and they too. We need public assistance now if Republicans were Smart why not come in and say acknowledged that there are people that need is let's pare it we if opportunity programs to get those people out there where they have internship opportunities but they have job I didn't feel my administration did. That's likely you know what that yeah. And not. It's something I can support because that's that's giving people a sense of self and saying you know what I can do this and turning the knob into that workforce when they're gonna have an opportunity no public talk. About basically is investing in people and that Republican Party right now is not interested in investing in people. That they seem to wanna start the pork and may start the blues and everybody. Else sounds well not all Republican not all conservatives want to meddle what Republicans can't quite understand about the policies of the Republican Party at the moment in. Let me be specific a tank. And I think that that's what they are. Hats at the very top. And no concern for people at the bottom and others aren't nice people out well I think there's a disconnect I think that many Republicans are interested in job growth and aren't interested in keeping those taxes low at the top because they want those job creators also. Flood that money back into the economy and hire people. And all of our and that's fun aren't they holding you why I went yeah you can have bad argument. And you can also say. OK but when missing the whole bunch of people over here as well who need assistance and also need that incentive and need help to get out there and become members of this society I think. Where you can really hard didn't Wear these warm hearted Republican. I don't want my man. Pops yeah. They say they are probably well detect and I'm it is yeah Angel and it polarity reform party conservatives have what do what I've got bit while some somehow. I've woken up my cup none of them. Well. Listen not enough of anybody who spoke to help let's say and Jack. Every action at one of the reasons that nobody says anything out on the other side is if they actually solve this problem they have nothing to bitch about. Yeah I. And they said well this topic is an and is on both sides of the I'll. And then they dread apt Senator McCain he's the only watt who speaks against the parliament -- it is I would say those who call women and those so I don't hear from placing an outstanding Harvard I don't I what they are there and so they are got to do with support the ones that actually are doing something and forced the people who we know who should be supporting upset. And we got your back pocket because your right foot that doesn't exist act that's. I'm run out of Washington dammit let's just don't think I have tried to change that the HCA. By making it even. Posh Shaq for poor people. That was the freedom clubs so called freedom I'm talking about freedom Toby into I can't be all this topic tomorrow actually. As the bill to repeal and replace Obama again. That is up for a vote in just a couple of house for a half and what I think. We're going to say it's folks as warm warm you. You to watch and hold your local represented is responsible. For whatever ballot they cast today because you know what. Everybody is not as well off as we are everybody doesn't live. In a city where we have a lot of protections let the places that they're not protected. Where they should be protected we have to make sure that they're getting what they're supposed to get regardless of what they found they borrowed. Kim going to rock has spent all. You now a gentleman said yes let you know well. There are plenty of places of emergency rooms will take children they would talk about Jimmy Campbell's name out. And visible emergency rooms have to take children and I thought to myself but that was then this and that's why we word putting together with something that would allow people not have to take up all that time and the Americans were asked her pregnant iiroc you know me at that time winner it is that went right so we need to keep an eye on this because this really does affect every box it really doesn't Ukraine not needed today. What you may needed in a year from now if you don't have to do Bobby edits them.

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{"duration":"7:33","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss his comments and public housing policy. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"47208695","title":"Dr. Ben Carson says public housing shouldn't be too 'comfortable'","url":"/Politics/video/dr-ben-carson-public-housing-comfortable-47208695"}